Victor Cruz may be done for the season

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Although the Giants have made no official decisions about the status of wide receiver Victor Cruz, it’s looking like he may be done for the 2013 season.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that Cruz “has a knee that will probably prevent him from doing anything” today, and he also has concussion.

There’s already talk in New York that the decision to call up receiver Julian Talley may signal the end for Cruz, and playing it safe with Cruz would make a lot of sense for the Giants. Considering that just five months ago the Giants guaranteed Cruz a total of $15.6 million this year and next, it’s hard to imagine that they would put him on the field for a couple of meaningless games if he’s anything less than 100 percent. It would make a lot more sense for the Giants to get Cruz healthy for next year.

So as bad as the Giants’ passing game has been this season, it may be even worse as they close out the year against Detroit and Washington.

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  1. Jesus, haters and negative nellies i tell you, keep your negativity to yourself and stoop in your own stench smdh.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but this is the first year when i’ve seen so many teams phoning it in and benching their players for the last few games cause they are out of the playoffs. Do you think we watch football just for the playoffs? No. We love the game and love watching our team play. and sometimes we only get 16 games a season to do so. So please, quit punking out on your fans and start playing the game we spend entirely too much money just to watch backups screw up the game. We’d rather watch our starters screw up the game.

  3. Good….more of a chance that we’ll go 5-11 and get a top 7 pick.

    And for the people saying that Cruz was done since he signed, you’re a bunch of dopes. That kid was one of maybe about 5 or so Giants this year who played their hearts out all year. Try actually paying attention before making totally ignorant comments.

  4. unbridled

    When your starters produce the season that the Giants did this year, no, I don’t want to watch them at this point. I want to see the young kids show what they have in these last two totally meaningless games so maybe we can figure out what we might have going into 2014.

    And if your comment refers to Cruz punking out on his team, I think that’s total nonsense. I would take him, will hill, rolle, beason, andre brown, tuck, and Cullen Jenkins on my team anyday. The rest of the team….yeah, they pretty much looked like garbage all year.

  5. kremis says: Dec 18, 2013 12:03 PM

    On a similar note the Steelers are done for the next decade!!!!!! 6-8 hahahahahah

    Wow this actually gets more thumbs up than down, just goes to show no one here actually knows a thing about football.

    The Steelers were a few plays away from sitting in the Wild Card spot this season and if they find a way to rid themselves of more of the old guys on D, they will keep getting better. Ben is entering his prime and is an elite passer, probably still not on the level of Flacco or Eli though. Brown silenced the critics and became a #1 WR, Sanders would be a stud if he knew how to catch. Bell is the back the Steelers have been looking for ever since Bettis left, he’s a perfect fit for the offense, and the D actually looks better with the young guys in like lineup, if only they can find a way to get Troy, Clark, Ike, and Woodley off the team they would be set. Woodley and Polamalu have been stealing money for the past three seasons, and it’s a shame because Woodley is still young but he no longer cares about keeping himself in shape.

  6. Used to be that the blind haters would hate on anything Steelers, Cowboys or Packers related. Ever since we joined that pantheon of 4x+ SB winners, they hate on us too even on injury posts. I guess we’ve arrived. Feels good!

    If you dopes think he was “done” this year anyway, he was on his way to another 1,200 yd season. Sorry your best WR is ringless. Nothing we can do about that.

  7. @arwiv

    Wasn’t really harping on Cruz in particular, the guy is injured, i understand. i was making a comment on what i had noticed this year in general. And yeah, it’s nice to see what the new kids can do, but that is what preseason and practise is for. If the coach has decided that a player isn’t worthy of a starting position i’m going to assume that is for a reason. So now we get to start and end the season with what amounts to pre-season calibur football. Tickets to a game are way too expensive to spend it on a team that has already given up.

  8. Nothing will improve here until Eli Manning inks a new deal with the lords of shadow. Chart his career path and it’s blazingly obvious the periods that he benefitted from the dark powers.


  9. Cruz into the offseason sore loser,quitter! Cowboys swept y’all, remember that. If we don’t make it to the playoffs, that was our super bowl. Moral victory!!! Lol. Had to go there, scandrick wasn’t here to “hold” me back. He’s busy focused on at least having a chance to be in the playoffs. Boom!

  10. Not that it really matters, but he has 998 yards. That close to a 1000 yard season and he gets injured (it happened to Steve Smith a few years ago, who ironically was injured against the Giants, ended the season with 982 yards with 1 game left to play). I guess we will see him next season. It isn’t worth it to risk him getting hurt.

  11. He missed out on 1,000 yards on that play that he got hurt also (which was the first foray into Seattle territory with 7:30 remaining in the GAME). What a pathetic offense. I hope they lose to Detroit and Washington so that Mara forces Reese to actually draft and sign NFL level talent, since we have been sorely lacking it in several key positions in the past 3-4 years.

  12. Funny thing is, I spoke to Talley’s mom back in preseason (her friend is a friend of mine) over the phone and she was thinking he would make the team. I told her that he would be on the practice squad if anything, but my friend was one of the first to alert me that Talley was elevated to replace Vic. Shut him down and make sure he and the other key cogs to the future are ready for next year. Bye Nicks. Bye Dave Diehl. Bye Baas. Please be gone, Beatty. Bye Webster. Thanks for 2007 and 2011 for those who were on both. We have to move on to a new core. Hopefully Talley can at least stick with the team on specials next year.

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