Antoine Winfield isn’t coming back to Seahawks


When Walter Thurmond was suspended for four games last month, there was word that the Seahawks had reached out to cornerback Antoine Winfield to gauge his interest in returning to the game.

Winfield was with the Seahawks in training camp and retired before the start of the season in what might have been a twist on quitting before you get fired. He was reportedly open to returning in the right situation, which might have sparked another try now that Brandon Browner’s officially been suspended.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, that’s not going to happen. Winfield has decided to stay retired rather than try to fire things up at this point in the season and the Seahawks really wouldn’t need him as anything more than an insurance policy at this point.

Thurmond’s suspension is up after this week’s game against the Cardinals while Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane have done a good job while both Thurmond and Browner have been out of the lineup. That should make Browner’s absence much easier to swallow and leave the Seahawks in the same strong position heading into the playoffs that they were before the suspension was put in place.

12 responses to “Antoine Winfield isn’t coming back to Seahawks

  1. Lane is playing the best nickel corner I’ve ever seen. Maxwell’s been getting better every week too. I don’t even think Thurmond will see the field when he gets back. The Seahawks depth at corner is insane.

  2. I was kind of hoping he’d join the Hawks to get a shot at a Super Bowl. Well, that and the continued opportunity to make Vikings-west cracks.

  3. bpeterson464 says:
    Dec 19, 2013 11:51 AM
    He wouldn’t start, not even at the nickleback. Why would he come back?


    For a ring.

  4. PED is not the same as substance abuse. Perhaps a vocabulary lesson is needed. PED = Performance Enhancing Drugs. That would help you perform at a higher level than normal. Substance abuse is any substance not allowed by the NFL, like marijuana.

  5. I’d much rather have Lane. He’s younger so he’ll probably get better, you get him for experience because he’ll likely be your starter next year with Browner’s debacle and Thurmond being an FA. Plus Winfield could be rusty/out of game shape.

  6. I think they’ll keep maxwell in and out Thurmond back in for Lane
    I like the way Lane is playing but I think Maxwell made a little bigger impression on field! With all that said, it doesn’t matter, their D is so deep anyway… I love this team!!! GO HAWKS!!!

  7. “flash1283 says: Dec 19, 2013 1:22 PM

    Seattle has 9 PED suspensions since 2010,
    That must be why Pete is so “pumped and jacked”

    You sure about that Flashy?
    Was any of that recreational and/or legal non-PED?
    Such as WEED? Yes, it”s legal get used to it.
    Same as Alcohol.
    As soon as weed companies advertise on NFL games like Budweiser, the testing ends.

    Spell check just made me capitalize Budweiser.

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