Bengals get extended extension to avoid blackout

The Bengals are a quality team.  The Bengals find themselves in the thick of a playoff race.  The Bengals haven’t lost at home all season.

And the fans don’t care.  Well, not enough of them care.

Roughly 3,500 tickets remain for Sunday’s game against the Vikings.  And the Bengals have obtained an extension though 4:00 p.m. ET Friday — three hours longer than the usual extension — to sell the tickets.

The development comes a day after the FCC formally proposed getting rid of the blackout rule entirely.  Which would prevent teams from creating urgency to buy tickets by extending artificial deadlines to lift blackouts in the hopes that fans faced with the prospect of not getting to see the game on TV will buy tickets to see the game in person.

“We have tickets available on all levels of the stadium,” Bengals ticket sales manager Andrew Brown said in a team-issued release. “We are working hard to close that gap, and if our fan response stays as strong as it has been so far this week, we can have a full house for the Vikings.”

Of course, there’s a good chance the game will be televised even if not enough fans buy up the remaining tickets.  Typically, an extension isn’t granted by the league absent a commitment that, if the tickets aren’t bought at full price by local citizens, the team and/or its sponsors will buy them at 34 cents on the dollar.

So, basically, the sense of urgency teams are creating often is a false one.

Which sort of supports getting rid of the blackout rule.

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  1. All the fans are still busy trying to find case law on how they should be awarded a W for last week’s game because their punter got hurt.

  2. Now this is quite funny. After Sunday night’s Steelers game, many Bengals fans were posting here about how poor the Steelers fans were because of empty seats. Now this comes out.

    The Steelers sold out that game, were barely in the playoff hunt, the weather was horrible, it was a night game and the next day was a work day. So a good many stayed home to watch it, and more left after a big halftime lead. All the tickets were sold however, as has been the case for YEARS. I have been on the season ticket waiting list for well over 10 years.

    There is only one excuse for this important home Bengal game not being sold out a long while ago. Bengals fans are horrible. They don’t care about the team and are hypocritical. The team should be completely upset with that lousy fan base.

    There you go.

  3. I don’t normally knock another fans attendance, because the games are WAY better at home. But dude, aren’t you guys at the top of your division? Aren’t you going to the playoffs? Mike Brown must’ve really hosed you guys 1 too many times… Or is it open air stadiums are just plain dumb and no one wants to go to a cold ass game.

    And now Packer fans will come in and lie about how they don’t care about weather and every seat is filled for every game, etc… Even though I’ve been there when it’s cold and they do not come like they say they do.

  4. There must be things to enjoy, other than football, unlike Green Bay, where the only other things to do are stare at the town’s only traffic light and putting spinners on the double-wide…

  5. In the great history of the Baltimore Ravens, we have never had a game blacked out because of no fan support. Get ready Los Angeles, the Bengals are coming to town in 2014.


  6. If the owners can scrape buy on buying their own tickets for a third of the price, why are fans paying three times as much? Cut ticket prices in half, STILL make a profit, and watch the stadium fill up every time.

    This isn’t rocket science. It isn’t a lack of amenities. It isn’t a lack of on field product. It is that people can’t afford seats at $125 per. Plus parking. And concessions at 500% markup.

    When the majority of money comes from TV deals, why continue gouging the fans for the live product?

  7. As long as the NFL’s worst owner/general manager continues to hire low quality #2 and #3 wide receivers and won’t take the initiative to build a practice bubble (city/county has to cover cost – due to United States worst stadium deal)…. I won’t pay for tickets.

  8. Last week Steelers played at home on Sunday night against a division opponent in a stadium where 40% of the seats were empty.

    And you’re going to smear Bengals fans because 1 seat out of 20 is available to see the 4-9-1 Vikings? C’mon man!

  9. With a seating capacity of almost 66k, this is about 5% of unsold seats. These seats are one here, one there. It is 3 days before Christmas, and until late, we couldn’t even be sure our starters would still be in the game. No one wants to spend HUNDREDS of dollars for a throw away game, especially at Christmas. My husband and i try to get down to a game every year, and it is a costly, timely venture. Plus, you have to spend $300 on Sunday Ticket to get game because the networks carry very few any longer. So, no…. is not about a bad fan base.

  10. anther example of why the nfl should have told modell no way you can move the browns… just think they could have had a solid team in Cleveland for last 15 years with no worries about black outs. but instead they have to giveaway tickets to a team heading into the playoffs. sad

  11. This says more about the Vikings than it does the Bengals. Minnesota has continued to put an unwatchable product on the field year after year. Who can blame the fine folks in Ohio for not wanting to watch the queens of the NFCN cellar?

  12. I’m so glad the Steelers never have to worry about selling out. Just imagine if last week’s game would’ve been blacked out – we would’ve missed the Steelers absolutely huber the Bengals.

  13. C’mon bungles.

    And don’t pull the “40% of the seats were empty in Pittsburgh” card!!!! EVERY SEAT is sold for EVERY GAME in Pittsburgh. This is coming from someone that has been on the season ticket list for 17 long years.

    Same old bungles…


  14. Balto: 100.1%/98.6%
    Clev. : 97.3%/98.5%
    Cinci: 97.3%/92.6%
    Pitt: 88.3%/91.9%

    The above is the ave. attendance for home games/ave. attendance of home and road.

    What is all of this crap about Steeler Nation. Looks as if they have better attendance on the road than at home.

    All four cities have the same problems so to make excuses as Christmas, cost, carries no water.

    The difference is that the Ravens are a class organization!!!

    GO RAVENS!!!!!

  15. Did you watch the game? There were yellow seats EVERYWHERE!

    Here are the numbers as reported by your own newspaper. Ketchup Field sold 52,489 tickets for PIT-CIN game, with 13,000 no-shows. (39,500 butts in 65,050 seats = 60% capacity.) 2013 average attendance is 59,376, the lowest ever at Heinz. Look it up.

  16. thegenoatkinsdiet:
    Did you watch the game? There were yellow seats EVERYWHERE!

    Here are the numbers as reported by your own newspaper. Ketchup Field sold 52,489 tickets for PIT-CIN game, with 13,000 no-shows. (39,500 butts in 65,050 seats = 60% capacity.) 2013 average attendance is 59,376, the lowest ever at Heinz. Look it up.


    You left out the fact that Sunday night’s game was completely sold out before the season even started. All single game tickets were put on sale back in May and sold out in 15 minutes. The Steelers have sold out every home game since 1970. Don’t confuse no-shows with un-sold tickets because the Steelers never have any. There’s at least a 10-year waiting list for season tickets. “Look it up”

    Go ahead and rip ticket holders for staying home all you want, they deserve it. But every ticket was sold.

  17. What is it with the cold that scares Americans? I mean, I’d understand if the majority of citizens going to a Bengal game are from Orlando….but I doubt that’s the case. Compared to canadian winters, people in Ohio have tropical winters.

  18. of course if Brown would’ve taken the 85% deal the league offered it wouldn’t even be a story (snarky or otherwise) –

    and oh yeah Pitt fans – selling out one of the smallest nfl stadiums with ticket prices at the bottom half of the league is really not much of an accomplishment.

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