Bills will be blacked out in Buffalo on Sunday


As the Bills stumble toward the finish line of their ninth consecutive losing season, the local fans are turning away.

The Bills have announced that Sunday’s home finale against the Dolphins is not sold out, and as a result it will not be shown on local television in the Buffalo area. The only way to see the game in Buffalo is to buy a ticket, something not many fans are in the mood to do.

Although the team has the option to buy back any unsold tickets at 34 percent of face value in order to lift the blackout, the Bills have decided not to do that. Bills owner Ralph Wilson has used the tactic twice this season to get local blackouts lifted, but apparently he has decided it’s not worth it this time.

What Wilson really needs is for his team to start winning. The Bills once had one of the NFL’s most rabid fan bases, but it’s tough for any fan base to justify spending money on tickets game after game, when the team misses the playoffs year after year.

25 responses to “Bills will be blacked out in Buffalo on Sunday

  1. When the owner quits on the fans (not buying back tix to lift the blackout, 3 days before Christmas no less)…..the end is near. NOT a good sign for this franchise!

  2. Well, looks like the Bills should install new scoreboards, upgrade their available wi-fi and start offering views of the locker room during half time and before the game in order to attract more fans.

    Something silly like lowering the prices of the tickets to the point where the FANS get to pay 34 cents on the dollar for them, so the can afford a cup of hot cocoa to keep from freezing to their seat would never work.

  3. The people finally speak and they say they have had enough. Why buy tickets to see this crap mediocre team year after year? They should be doing this for all home games until Ralph Wilson gets it.

  4. The days of Jim Kelly and company seem like another lifetime ago. They NEED to find a way to get that excitement back.

  5. 14 years of no playoffs. imagine what it would be like in most NFL cities. The bills are lucky to have 50000 of us showing up for a meaningless game in freezing rain to watch thad lewis play.

  6. The miami fans should talk, all you ever see are empty seats there. Nice support of your team!

  7. Even in the Superbowl years we has trouble selling out December games. Heard a stat on sports radio we sold out December games back then at a rate of 65%.

    Sounds about the same to me now.

  8. It’s been 15 years of no playoffs in Cleveland! Hell, its been 15 years of dull, boring, football! Yet somehow the games get sold out anyway!

    Wait, is that a good thing or gullible fans too stupid to find better things to do on Sundays?

  9. Blacked Out.

    No challenge….

    20 minute drive across the bridge to Canada. Plenty of sports bars, big screen T.V.’s and most important…. Real Beer that actually works.

  10. This isnt a reflection of whether or not the team should move, it isnt a reflection of whether the owner quit- the owner’s 95 he quit involuntarily 10 years ago, it isnt a reflection of support and anything else you want to read into it.

    It’s a reflection of the fact that the Bills are a bad, bad team for the 9th year in a row, and wont be playing in January for the 14th year in a row. Fans of any team would grow weary of a team this bad.

  11. There’s 8 MILLION people in New York City. How can the Bills get blacked out if they’re the “real New York team”??

    I can’t comprehend why New Yorkers wouldn’t travel 400 miles from NYC to Buffalo to support their REAL team and instead of supporting the fake Jersey teams 11 miles away?

    I’m flabbergasted!

  12. people would rather watch real buffaloes roam the meadow than see the Buffalo Bills play.

  13. Bills fans will now get defensive and use their standard fallback: “Even when we don’t sell out, we still get 60,000 fans. That’s as many as most stadiums have when they are full.”

    Wait for it.

  14. That stadium is 30% filled each game due to Canadians living in nearby Ontario and attending. With the season done, no Canadian wants to go there and that’s why you have this blackout. When Ralph goes, it won’t make financial sense to keep the team there. If they move it to Toronto, seasons will be sold out for years just like Leafs seasons are. Billions in corporate dollars is waiting, bring it over!

  15. The Bills have been a doormat for more than a decade.

    Ralph Wilson may have been great for the league in his day, but its been a long time since he understood how to run a modern NFL team. Until he lets his death grip on the team go its going to continue as cellar dwellars.

  16. No one wants to talk reality in Buffalo.

    Take away the Canadian fans and you don’t sell 1 game out, not even ONE.

    This team will move soon to either L.A. or Toronto, it has to.

  17. @Joetoronto- your point is moot. Sure, if they stopped going, youre right, they wouldnt sell out. But as long as the Bills are around, theyre not going to stop going- so what’s the point of even mentioning it, other than to troll? Canadian fans were a plenty on here a couple of weeks ago too saying that they much prefer the game experience in Buffalo due to the tailgating atmosphere and prices, which would both not be allowable in Toronto due to restrictions.

    The bottom line is if the Bills werent a crap team people would be there. If they had won even 2 of those several games they lost this year that they shouldnt have (but they did because they stink for the 14th year in a row, something the fans are tired of, understandably so) they would now be 7-7, and a win over Miami and a Baltimore loss to NE would then give them sole possession over the last wild card spot heading into next week. You honestly think that if that were the case this game wouldnt be sold out? Please. The support for this team is in Buffalo, but when in 14 years you put out 1 9-7 season, 1 8-8 season, and 12 losing ones, and the lack of success seems to be an endless cycle that just started up another round, any fans would get tired.

    Youll probably disagree, but I know what I’m talkng about. Im a Bengals fan whos faced droughts just as deep as this one the bills have, with as little hope, staring in the face of relocation talks. I know a lot fo Bills fans and I will say they are better fans than ours. I think youre just blinded by the bias of wanting an NFL team desperately in your own city.

  18. joetoronto says:
    Dec 20, 2013 4:40 AM
    No one wants to talk reality in Buffalo.

    Take away the Canadian fans and you don’t sell 1 game out, not even ONE
    Lol dude what’s your point? Southern Ontario is part of the Bills market. Thats like saying if people from Akron stopped going to Browns games they wouldnt sell out. Well no kidding but its not gonna happen.

    Im from Canada, and I can tell you that even if a team moved to Toronto in addition to Bills, the Bills would still be my team because they always have been. Its the same reason theres Southern Ontario Sabres fans. It’s a thing called loyalty, its pretty common in sports.

    Not to mention if you took away the Canadians, the Bills would still sell out if they were not terrible AGAIN. You think people from Rochester want to drive an hour to see a team thats this bad for a meaningless December game? Of course not. Cant blame them either.

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