Darnell Dockett: You remember losing 58-0

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When asked if he would be showing his team any tape from last year’s 58-0 drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said that he wouldn’t because it was a new coaching staff, offense and defense so “who gives a [expletive]” what happened last year.

His players don’t quite agree. Guard Daryn Colledge said that being on the receiving end of a beating like that left the Cardinals with a “reality check” about what they needed to do to compete in the NFC West, a lesson that they seem to have taken to heart while building a 9-5 record this season. Defensive end Darnell Dockett says the Seahawks are “beatable” and used similar language to his coach to explain that the memory of last year’s game is a reminder of how prepared the Cardinals need to be.

“It lingers in the back of your head,” Dockett said, via the team’s website. “I don’t give a [expletive] what you think about, you remember 58-0. And the biggest thing is you remember how it got to 58-0. You are thinking, missed tackles, poor execution, couldn’t move the ball on offense, couldn’t stop anybody on defense, special teams turnovers. It was an ass-kicking in every phase of the game. When you sit back and deeply think about that, it makes you realize you are going to have to bring your best foot forward.”

The Cardinals are in a much better place than they were heading into last year’s game, so they should be able to remain within eight touchdowns this time even with the Seahawks setting the pace for the rest of the league. If that loss last year is part of the reason why they’re moving in the right direction, than Colledge and Dockett are right to continue using it as a point of motivation for themselves and their teammates.

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  1. having a decent qb makes the difference. bruce arians is also a good coach. watch out seattle, it wont be a walk in the park.

  2. AZ is playing for their playoff lives in this one. They’ll be bringing everything they got. I’m expecting a much better showing than last year’s effort. Hawks could have their hands full.

  3. This one has trap game written all over it.

    As good as Seattle is at home, there is a reason they play the games on Sunday still.

  4. Excited for this game Sunday! Two teams playing playoff football, and we get to see that a few weeks before the playoffs.

    How fun is this NFC West going to be to watch the next few years, wow.

  5. Arizona is a completely different team this year! I don’t know if they have enough to win but they will certainly cover the spread. This time around it will come right down to the wire.

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cardinals pull out a win. Sure, the Seahawks are at home, but that streak is going to end sooner or later. The Cardinals are playing for their lives and the Seahawks have been playing ultra conservative since locking up a playoff spot a few weeks ago.

    As a Seahawk fan, I always hate it when the Seahawks lose, but this week I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cardinals win for a couple reasons. First, if the Cards could somehow sneak into the playoffs and bump the 49ers, that would be hilarious. Second, it will give the Seahawks a reason to show up and play hard next week instead of treating it like it a day off. Even a first round bye scares me because of the rust that can build up. Add another week to that and that’s a lot of rust to shake off for a playoff game.

  7. The next two games, against the Rams and Cardinals, will be more difficult than any of the playoff matchups. The Rams and Cards always bring their A game against Seattle and like someone else said, that streak is bound to end at some point.

    I want to see the Seahawks win this one, but can see the Cardinals keeping it close. In the end, Seattle just has better balance on both sides of the ball. While the Cards have an outstanding defense, Carson Palmer is like bloody meat for the sharks in our secondary. Expect Seattle to get a couple turnovers, and win by 3-6 points.

  8. AZ should play this game tough.

    The good news – next year the front office, coaching staff, roster, offense and defense will already be settled in from week one. No waiting 8 games for them to get comfortable.

    It will also be like having 2 drafts since they had so many rookies injured this year.

  9. When the Cards and Hawks locked up at the beginning of the season it was a pretty damn good game for AZ. The D had Wilson running but Seattle was the better team. The Cards offense is finally clicking so I’m sure this one will be great! Plus I would love to see the 49 er’s get bumped!! GO CARDS!

  10. Alright folks , lets come back down to reality for a bit ; with all due respect to a decent Cardinals team , this will not be close . The Seahawks are playing at home where they haven’t lost since 2011 . The Cards are playing in front of the loudest fans in the NFL , against the #1 defense in the league . Palmer has a bad wheel ( who’s their backup again ? ) & Fitz is nursing a concussion as well . The Hawks are going to win the NFC West & the #1 seed in the playoffs with homefield throughout with a victory Sunday ; they will see this as a Championship game and play accordingly .

    Me thinks they might be keeping the champagne ready in the lockerroom .. GO HAWKS !!

  11. Those of you saying Arizona is a different team than last year. You realize the hawks played them at their place THIS year right? Also, they are “playing for something” umm, the hawks are playing for 1 seed overall, so yeah, that’s something too. Hawks are favored by 10.5 in Vegas for a reason.

  12. “juliusanonymous says:
    While the Cards have an outstanding defense, Carson Palmer is like bloody meat for the sharks in our secondary.”

    You obviously haven’t been keeping up on current events as far as Palmer’s concerned.

  13. It’s funny that the 12th man wants Arizona to win this Sunday to keep Seahawks focused in the playoff. The thing is if they lose back to back and 49ers win out their last 2 games, guess who wins NFC West and home field advantage? LOL

  14. Next season, the NFC West might have the very top three or four teams in the NFC, if not the NFL.

    Also next season, the Niners will be decent, but they will be the fourth best team in the NFC West.

  15. Arizona absolutely had the ability to go into SEA and win this game. I hope SEA isn’t overlooking the Cardinals, they are 9-5 by accident. The Cardinals offense is far superior compared to the where they were at in their development when the two team’s met earlier in the year. Carson Palmer completion percentage over the last 7 weeks/games is second behind in the NFL with a 69.4% completion percentage, Only Drew Bree’s 69.8% is better over the last 7 games. Palmer is really thriving in Bruce Arians offense, which is one of the most complex offenses in the NFL. He has looked excellent over the past 2 months since Palmer & his receivers all finally developed in Arians offense playing at a much higher level. Over the past 7 weeks/games, Palmer has been one of the best, most productive/effective QBs in the NFL, Ranking in the top 5 with a 69.4 Completion Percentage, 278.4 passing yards per-game, averaging 8.44 yards per pass attempt, 13 Touchdowns to 4 interceptions, & a 105.9 passer rating. Palmer is on pace to throw for over 4200+ yards n 25+TDs & ranks in the top 10 QBs in many statistical categories with a 64.8% completion percentage & he ranks 8th in passing yards with 3,689 passing yards. Palmer has really benefitted from working with two of the offensive minds & play callers in the NFL in father time Tom Moore & Bruce Arians. Tom Moore was P. Manning’s OC for 13 years in Indy & Peyton credits Moore for being a key figure in developing Manning to the QB he is today. Manning’s offense that he has ran his entire career & took with him to Denver, is the same offense Palmer is thriving in under Moore/Arians. Next year with Arizona almost guaranteed to take a LT in the 1st round, as well as getting their 2013 1st rd 7th over-all pick back healthy for next season, who was regarded as the best & most athletic LG to come out of College in the last 20+ years, Palmer is going to be even better with a top notch , excellent pass protecting O-Line.

    Carson Palmer not only has great coaching in Arizona , but Palmer is surrounded by top tier caliber weapons. Palmer has one of the premiere top WR Duo’s in the league in Fitzgerald n Floyd. 2012 1st round pick M. Floyd is having a excellent breakout year with 58 receptions, for 920 yards, a 15.9yd AVG n 5TDs. Fitzgerald with 10TDs, 73 catchs for 825 receiving yards, is finally healthy now although he was playing with 2 torn hamstrings the first half of the year. RB Andre Ellington who is blazing fast with sub 4.3 speed, is a top caliber receiver as well as a RB who can line up in the slot, out-wide, or out of the backfield. He is lethal in the screen game. Ellington leads all rookie RB/WRs in 1st downs with 45, yards from scrimmage with 910 yds, w/558 rushing yards on 94 carries earning a 5.9 YPC AVG which leads the NFL with 4TDs & 351 receiving yards , for a 11.3yd avg, n 1TD. #3 WR Andre Roberts is a very solid, good #3 WR working primarily out of the slot. Rookie speedster sub 4.4 40 receivers Jaron Brown, B. Golden, and T. Williams all have louds of potential and round out a very good group of receivers. TE Rob Housler is a mismatch nightmare for defenses at 6″5 255 w/ elite sub 4.5 40 speed. Housler is excellent working the seam, middle of the field, and sidelines. He is a wide-out playing TE basically. With missing the first 2 games, he struggled to start the year but starting with the last time Arizona faced SEA on 10/17, Housler has really shined. Even with sitting out last week, He has 28 reception’s since then for 308 yards, AVG 11.67 yards per catch, with 2 TDs. TE Jake Ballard was signed during the week 9 bye week, so he had to learn the offense first, but he has been a very solid receiving TE as well & is starting to be utilized more and more, with a TD reception last week. He has speed as well running a 4.6-4.7 40 so along with TE Jim Dray who is a average receiver, Arizona use’s a pretty dangerous 3 TE set fairly often. Rashard Mendenhall was playing injured from week 3 to 11 so going by his numbers has had a bit of a down year. However now that he is finally healthy he looks like a completely new man/RB on the field, look revitalized. Since the Jax game, he has been playing at a very high level, 65-70 yds n 15 or so carries a game. Mendenhall ripped a few beautiful runs last week of 15+-20+ yards, ripping off a 16 yard run on his final run to put Arizona in position for to kick the winning FG in OT. He has his speed and burst back now, with the ability to rocket out of holes , with his power between the tackles has really helped him. On the year he has 698 yards from scrimmage n 8 rushing TDs. Im not sure if Arizona brings him back, or if they promote rookie power RB Stephan Taylor out of Stanford, sign a free agent back like RB Ben Tate, or draft another big, power between the tackles RB to compliment Andre Ellington, but I would not mind if Mendenhall came back he is a great RB now that he’s healthy. Arizona still has 2011 2nd rd pick Ryan Williams on the roster as well, so with Taylor , Ellington, and Mendenhall , Arizona has a stable of good RBs. With Arizona’s elite defense ranked 5th overall, with the NFLs #1 rushing defense, its laughable to me SEA fans think this is a easy game for the Hawk’s , or that Arizona has no chance. Arian’s is a master game planner, who can scheme it up like no other as well as Moore can. With a good game-plan , with how good Arizona’s defense is , Arizona definitely has the talent n potential to beat the Seahawks!!!!

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