Darrelle Revis: Repaired knee still isn’t 100 percent


Darrelle Revis isn’t necessarily playing poorly, but he said Thursday his surgically repaired knee still wasn’t completely healthy.

That makes him perhaps the most expensive scratch-and-dent in history at $16 million a year, but he vowed to be 100 percent by next year.

“It still bothers me here and there,” Revis said, via Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com.

Revis said he thinks he needs another offseason to fully recover from his torn ACL last year.

“I’m trying not to think about it,” Revis said. “I’m not trying to complain. I’m trying to go out and play. I’ve been cleared to play since Week 1. It’s been an up-and-down year for this team and me individually. . . .

“Trust me, I’ll be fine. When this season is over, I’ll get back to work and get out there with my trainer. I’ll be ready to go next year.”

That must be comforting to the Buccaneers, knowing they traded a pair of picks including last year’s first-rounder to the Jets for a guy who would eventually get well enough to play like the player he was in New York.

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  1. This sounds like a player who knows he is vastly overpaid and knows a new negotiation will soon ensue. In other words, pay me like the shutdown corner I used to be and will again be next season……NOT.

  2. Not 100% and still graded out better than 80% of the DB’s in the league! Not everybody recovers in the same amount of time, so it was not a fail to get Revis. He will get better after another off season. Ask the Jets how that Dee Miliner experiment is workin out, you know the Revis Replacement.

  3. I am sorry but some of those grades at PFF are just flat out wrong, many people cite them when talking about players. Last year they had Champ Bailey rated highly too and yet when I watched games, the eye ball test doesn’t show you a top 3 CB and that showed to close the season.

    Watching Tampa play, I wouldn’t say Revis is playing bad by any means but I can name 7 or 8 guys playing the position better.

  4. Mevis: 21 INTs in 93 games.
    Sherman: 18 INTs in 46 games.

    Everyone says Sherman should shush and let his play do the talking, it’s speaking for itself pretty loud and clear.

  5. get ready Tampa he will want a new contract for playing even though he was not completely healthy this year

  6. Refreshing to hear a players honest and objective view of his recovery instead of all in for week one BS. You can work with that.

  7. flmike says:
    Dec 19, 2013 3:20 PM
    He was still the best player picked in the first round of the 2013 draft…

    Not relative to salary. And really, in a salary-cap league like the NFL, that’s what matters.

    In other words, it’s not simply about whether Revis was worth the picks. It’s whether Revis was worth the picks AND $16M of cap space.

    When the Jets traded Revis, they didn’t get “just” Sheldon Richardson and a third-round pick. They also got $16M of cap space with which they’re going to get two very good players this offseason.

  8. Good work Beavis, way to go on blast in week 16 of the year and say you haven’t been healthy all the way this year yet. How convenient of you to make that statement now. Hmmmm…..
    My guess is that you have been 100%, but you have started to realize your 100% isn’t quite what it used to be. You were never the best corner in football, and any chance of that happening in the future would be reliant upon 8-10 guys getting hurt and having to miss their entire seasons. Now, Richard Sherman, that is an example of a shutdown corner. He truly is the best CB in the NFL, and he’s proving it by eclipsing your INT mark in about half the time. Perhaps you should have just kept your mouth shut when he was talking about ya, cuz clearly, he’s doing what you could only dream of.

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