Flacco practiced on Wednesday, in limited fashion

Getty Images

It’s been a strange week for Joe Flacco, and for those trying to keep up with his status.

It started on Monday night, when Flacco took a helmet from Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy to the lower leg.  After the game, Flacco said his knee felt “strong.”  (Or possibly “quite strong.”)

Then, ESPN reported that he wouldn’t need an MRI.  Then, we reported that Flacco would take it easy for a few days.

Then, the team announced that Flacco had been fitted with a knee brace, and that he’d be limited in practice.  Then, the team said on its online injury report that Flacco didn’t practice.  Then, ESPN reported that Flacco had an MRI after all, and that he has a mild MCL sprain.

The Ravens advise PFT that Flacco did indeed practice on Wednesday, on a limited basis.  According to the team, its website inadvertently listed Flacco as not practicing.

More importantly, there’s no reason to believe Flacco won’t play.  He’ll apparently play with a brace, and he should consider himself lucky to not have a more serious knee injury.  But Flacco most likely will play against the Patriots, which will help the Ravens as they attempt to extend their current winning streak to five after a 4-6 start.