Mariota asked for his draft grade, but he says he’s staying


Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota says he is staying in school, and not entering the 2014 NFL draft. But he’d like to know where NFL talent evaluators think he would be drafted if he were to enter the draft.

Craig Pintens, an Oregon spokesman, confirmed on Twitter that Mariota requested his draft evaluation on November 30, the day after Oregon completed its regular season with a win over Oregon State. However, Pintens says Mariota’s decision to stay in school is made, regardless of what the NFL’s draft advisory board tells him.

Still, if Mariota hears that he’s likely to be a high first-round draft pick, his decision may not be set in stone. Mariota would not be the first college player to first say he’s staying in school, then change his mind after more time to think about it.

Many draft analysts view Mariota as the best quarterback who could enter this year’s draft, at the top of a list that also includes Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Central Florida’s Blake Bortles, Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, Fresno State’s Derek Carr and UCLA’s Brett Hundley.

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  1. It seems like he’s just doing his due diligence to see what the NFL scouts see in him and wants to know what facets of the game he should improve in over the next year. Nothing more to read into.

  2. He has a rushing threat element to his game, something that is very special to have at the NFL level. I think there is going to be a larger quantity of highly rated QBs next year in the draft with a rushing threat presence, and to me that’s the big issue to analyze for purposes of deciding if he should change his mind and come out now. I’m just guessing the hadn’t thought about that too much when he made his announcement and now he’s looking ahead to see names like Braxton Miller and Nick Marshall etc. Jordan Lynch is the top QB rusher this year, but he’s not being talked about as in the mix of the top group of QBs. Also I think he deserved to win the Heisman but whatever.

  3. There’s an insane amount of scrutiny that goes on between now and the draft… So it’s impossible to say where he’d go right now…

    But I’d say he’s top 10 as a worst case scenario. Personally I think he’d have a higher ceiling than anyone in this class, and I think there’d be a good chance of going #1 overall.

  4. He’s waiting to see if Bridgewater actually somehow goes back to school. If Teddy does, Mariota will retract his stay in school and will come out because then he’s almost certainly the 1st QB taken.

  5. ibreathefootball says:
    Dec 19, 2013 12:24 PM
    I would take him over all the other QB’s, this guy can play. A more accurate Kaepernick.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Accuracy is not Kaepernick’s problem.

  6. He should jump for the draft.

    He will be a top 10 pick if he goes because next year’s crop could include the following:

    Jameis Winston (#1 overall pick in 2015 NFL Draft)
    Bryce Petty
    Blake Bortles (if he stays in school)
    Teddy Bridgewater (if he stays in school)

    Also, why take the risk of being the next
    Zach Mettenberger or Aaron Murray???

  7. If he wants to still play in college, good for him. But I don’t see him getting a lot better with an extra year. He already doesn’t throw a lot of INTS, but could work on the fumbling.

  8. I’ve never really thought it was a bad idea to stay in school for these guys, but the way some players have killed their draft status over the past few years (see Landry Jones, Matt Barkley etc), you have to strike while the iron is hot. Why risk costing yourself millions with a bad year? I’m all for the college experience, but come on. You can always get your degree in the off-season if you want to work at that.

  9. I don’t watch college ball, so no idea who this kid is… Bit people are calling him a “mobile quarterback”, so if it were my team, I would avoid him like the plague.

    Mobile quarterbacks are always flash-in-the-pan. Give me a pocket passer (elusive or not) with 15 years of shelf life any day.

  10. So many Bridgewater haters without ever seeing him play. I’m sorry but I’m going to take a guy who is tougher than nails, steps into his throws, takes hits in the pocket, improvises well under pressure, is really the only reason his team is above .500, has gone through much more adversity in his life than most should have to, intelligent, makes calls at the line of scrimmage, clutch, people still doubt him, a respectable person, and is a born leader of men.

    Mariota? Product of the system, uses his legs too often, and great if you want a guy on sportscenter top 10.

    Obviously time will tell and by no means are my opinion concrete facts, but on draft day I’m calling Teddy’s name over this guy all day.

  11. thats a bummer. i was hoping he would go and somehow drop to the Vikes…although now that we are inexplicably winning games that probably wouldn’t happen anyway.

  12. The draft advisory board will advise that Mariota, like 35 others, will be a top 10 pick.

  13. Don’t be the next Jake Locker. Locker was going to be the 1st overall pick in the draft. He played another year and his draft position fell like a rock and he lost tens of millions from the poor decision to not act on the opportunity that was at hand.

  14. Lots of guys ask for draft grades to get an idea of what they need to work on according to the committee that handles the draft grades.

    It’s a good time to get a professional opinion from people that might actually (or have actually) make the decision to draft or not to draft him.

  15. He would be smart to come out this year, because it’s a QB heavy draft and he’ll be viewed as inexperienced. It would be his best chance of slipping into the 20s and getting reunited with Chip Kelly.

  16. I hope he elects for the draft. More QBs at the top gives my team a better chance to slide in and swipe the Clown Man.

  17. buffalosaint says: Dec 19, 2013 3:38 PM

    If you’re Chip Kelly do you draft the guy if he falls to you in the first?
    Kelly might do that, but he’d never fall that far.

  18. He must be excited about the prospect of being a top 5 pick. Then he saw the teams that may pick him. Houston is probably the better place to end up. They’re mediocre, but at least they’re not Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Oakland.

  19. It’s simple dude:

    Stay in school and risk the Barkley mistake
    get drafted by the dregs of the league.

    Too bad teams like Jax and Houston are not like Indy with their one time bad season. They stay like that forever and so will your career.

  20. Why do people think he needs to strike when the iron is hot? I understand injury concerns and what not, but the rookie pay scale is set in stone these days. It’s not 2009 anymore. I’m an Oregon fan and it’s obvious he’ll be the 2nd QB taken in either draft. Bridgewater will easily take the #1 spot after the combine and Winston has it on lock next year. I’m sick of this “strike while it’s hot” talk. Locker and Barkley did screw themselves, but I’m sorry they deserve it, because neither appear to be starters anyways. In today’s NFL you make the most money by actually being good and prepared, not by cheesing the system like the old days.

  21. I think weall forget what it’s like being 20/21 he may not feel ready for the nfl. We don’t know how easily he picks up the offense and new wrinkles. Maybe he has to work really hard at that aspect of his game and knows he’d benefit from more seasoning.

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