NFL’s Super Bowl weather plan includes rescheduling game


As the prospect of a cold-weather Super Bowl becomes less abstract and more real, the league could find itself in a real bind if a major winter storm hits New York/New Jersey in early February.

And if on February 2 Parsippany Phil can’t see his shadow because he can’t get out of his burrow because it’s buried under two feet of snow, the league has a plan in place.

According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, the NFL is prepared to reschedule the game.

“[I]f it’s necessary due to matters of public safety or there are impracticalities, then rescheduling scenarios have to be considered,” executive V.P. of events Frank Supovitz said Wednesday.  “Saturday would be as early as we would consider at this point.  We have contingencies that take us into Monday and Tuesday.”

As a worst-case, last-ditch plan, the game would be shifted to the following weekend, which also happens to be the first weekend of the Olympics.

“There are postponement scenarios or rescheduling scenarios for 256 regular-season games each year. Same thing for Super Bowls since the beginning of Super Bowls. We’ve had those in place,” Supovitz said, via Myers.  “The fact is we’ve been in cold weather cities before, we’ve been in situations where snow has fallen ahead of the Super Bowl.”

He’s right, but the Super Bowl always has been played in a dome when the Super Bowl has been played in cold-weather cities.  For Super Bowl XLVIII, there’s a chance the same kind of storm that prompted the NFL in December 2010 to move a game between the Vikings and Eagles from Sunday night to Tuesday night, prompting former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell to declare that America has become a “nation of wusses.”

That development prompted yours truly to ask the NFL if the blizzard from three years ago would prompt any second-guessing of the decision to play a Super Bowl in the elements in early 2014.

“No,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said at the time.  “We are the ultimate reality show.”

Aiello said Thursday via email that the NFL will make any necessary decisions regarding Super Bowl XLVIII based on the circumstances that may arise.

Still, with hotel prices jacked up and ticket prices already exorbitant, delaying the date of a Super Bowl creates all sorts of inconveniences and expenses for folks who plan to attend.  While a certain amount of “buyer beware” applies to anyone who buys tickets to any open-air event in a place where “four seasons” means something other than a musical group fronted by a small Italian man with a piercing falsetto, attending a Super Bowl entails an extreme investment of financial resources.

The mere possibility that weather could compel a rescheduling of the game suggests that maybe the game shouldn’t have been scheduled for a place where it may need to be rescheduled.

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  1. Outside of a full fledged blizzard and travel nightmare; it would be a travesty to reschedule the game due to snow.

    Could be the biggest draw in some time, to see something completley different and have teams adapt to the circumstances. Thats what a Champion does.

    ~ The Logical Sports Fan

  2. Nice work Goodell… What a moron! Play the game in the south where people can enjoy the weather.. New Orleans, Tampa, San Diego, Miami etc…

  3. OK – we all know New York is THE market area of the world, but tell me once more please, why the sublime idiots that scheduled THE game there in the first place were ever listened to and followed. Just wonderin’. Thanx!

  4. I am hoping for a driving rain with wind and 35 degree temperatures throughout the weekend. Because I want the experience to be so miserable that the NFL will never again consider such a stupid move.

    Super Bowls shoul be held in pleasant warm weather settings.

  5. OK, so let me get this right… Miami can’t get another Super Bowl until they get a roof, because it may sprinkle during the game? So this is the alternative. Got it!

  6. If there is a big snow storm and the game gets pushed back, it will not be because the NFL is concerned about public saftey.

    It will be because the on-field product for the biggest game of the year will be crap. The NFL cannot openly admit this though, as it would pretty much be an admission that they screwed up by scheduling the game in an outdoor venue in a cold-weather city.

  7. File this under who cares. So what – there’s a contingency plan. Suppose we have a 9-11 situation the day before. Suppose there’s another sort of national emergency situation. Weather is not the only variable out there – it makes sense to have contingency plans.

  8. Another great decision from dictator Goodell. Can we please get rid of this guy before he completely destroys the NFL.

  9. The NFL would benefit from a game played in the snow. Fans that don’t typically watch football would get to see what REAL football is. Also, it might finally get ticket prices, for future Super Bowls, that may also be outdoors in cold weather ities, down to a respectable price.

  10. Seriously. this was a stupid idea, really stupid.

    It’s hard to believe an organization the size of the NFL could make such a boneheaded decision like this.

  11. I love watching snow football. I’m not going to be there. The logistics and all that are irrelevant to me. As long as the game is played on time (or saturday…seriously Goodell, super saturday. Think about it!) I’m good…let it snow!!

  12. There have already been some great games in the snow. I don’t want to see a blizzard in New Jersey, but if a few inches fell during the game, it would make it that much better.

  13. I’m hoping that it ends up 30 degrees, with light flurries and not much in the way of wind. That way we could pretend that football is still a game played by men.

  14. I’m sick of Florida/California/dome weather every year. I want to see a blizzard. Why is the idea of a snowy Super Bowl so scary? It’s not like never snows in regular season or playoff games.

  15. All cold weather games should be rescheduled. It fits with the new NFL. If you hit a player, flag and fine. They should be postponed for rain and wind too.

    Maybe even start postponing if one of the teams wants to put a defense on the field. That will hold down scoring opportunities and someone on offense could get hurt.

  16. What happens if it’s more than one day of inclement weather? Somehow, Super Bowl Tuesday Evening doesn’t have the same ring.

    Maybe they could move it to London.

  17. I “won” the fan drawing for the opportunity to buy this years Super Bowl tickets. $1025.00 for two tickets to possibly freeze my arse off. No thanks-I will watch from home and pray I get the “opportunity” to buy tickets for a warm weather site.

  18. Irresponsible of the NFL to even consider this location to begin with. I hope the game is snowed out so the NFL can run around like its head’s cutoff trying to figure out what to do.

  19. I’m sure if the game were to be postponed for a day or two due to the weather, the fans traveling to watch the game wouldn’t have any issue with altering their travel plans at all.


  20. Did we as kids play football when it was bright and sunny? Sometimes, but we mostly played baseball. Did we as kids play football every single time it snowed outside? You’re dang right we did. It’s the way it should be played. It’s the game at its purest. Wanna be called a “gladiator,” then get out there and show up when the elements aren’t perfect.

  21. Great contingency plan.

    I’m sure all the travelers and people attending the game won’t have any problems with that — nor the planes, trains, automobiles, hotels, events and event planners, people who uselessly squandered their vacation time, employers who lost employee performance for no good reason, etc., etc., etc.

    Goodell reacts to issues in a way that would be dreadful if he were making decisions in the military – where human lives were at stake. With Goodell’s NFL, it’s always some myopic, absurdly short-sighted corruption of crisis management. Always. Everywhere. It’s the same old story. Time and time again. With no end in sight.

    The idea is to anticipate the problems BEFORE they happen at a time when it could do some good, and to plan accordingly.

  22. The football gods will unleash a week-long blizzard on New Jersey and I will laugh and laugh. There will be no cold-weather outdoor Super Bowls again.

  23. Bad weather would absolutely RUIN a game between two passing teams, such as New Orleans and Denver.

    It would be a waste of time watching this game if the QB’s can’t throw and the WR can’t feel their fingers.

    It may look pretty on TV, but the quality of the game would be insufferable…

    The entire idea is horrible.

  24. I hope it snows like crazy and they play in it. Guess I’m the only person that thinks that would be awesome. Football is an all-weather sport; its championship game should be no different. Conference Championships are played in any weather, why not the Super Bowl?

  25. Breaking news……Dana White to replace Goodell in running the NFL.
    “Well, I heard they were making the men of the NFL a little more feminine, so I came right over. Since most of our women in the UFC could beat up most men in the NFL, I knew they needed my help!
    I’ll be making this a viable area and sport for the strong again!” Goodell could not be reached for comment as he was unavailable tanning on the beach in San Diego.

  26. the whole point of having the game there OUTSIDE in NJ was to play in the elements. Now backing out of it? Like a bunch of wussies?

    Get it together NFL…

  27. I don’t get why they keeping talking snow snow snow. As a person who lives in NJ I can tell you a lot of times in Feb if it’s bad weather it’s cold wet rain not snow.

  28. If there is a blizzard/ice storm on SB Sunday, getting to the stadium is going to be an absolute nightmare. There are only so many ways to get to Met Life Stadium from Manhattan, and all of them, including mass transit, are severely effected by bad weather.

    This isn’t Detroit, or Indy, or Minny, where you can walk to a conveniently located downtown stadium. This is an isolated stadium across a river. And if there is a bad storm, that stadium could very possible be half full or less at kick off.

  29. SNOW OR NOT, PLAY THE GAME! Football is an outdoor game played in the winter. Deal with it. If it snows, this Super Bowl will immediately become one of the most memorable. If the game is good, then it becomes the most memorable Super Bowl, period.

    BTW, all previous SB’s have been played in nice warm climates and most of them have been boring because the score was so lopsided. It’s not the weather but the teams involved that determine whether or not the game is good.

  30. I want to see a Super Bowl in Green Bay. The trophy named after the guy in the building he built. And it would be triple sweet if someone in the Packers Divison won the game.

  31. “if it’s necessary due to matters of public safety or there are impracticalities, then rescheduling scenarios have to be considered,” will always be the case, no matter what city the game is played…relax

  32. I have Always wondered why doing they do the Superbowl on Saturday? that why the winning team fans can Celebrate a little more and it would be alot for fun work wise.

  33. A snow storm in New Jersey would be typical late regular season weather in Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Green Bay.

    Man up, fans. And after New York’s Super Bowl in New Jersey, bring the big game to the five cities listed above. And play it outside. In the cold. In the snow. The NHL plays the Winter Classic outdoors (the next one is in Ann Arbor on New Years Day). You mean NFL players and fans aren’t as tough as hockey players and fans?

  34. When I saw the picture used in this post, my mind went blank and wondered what that white stuff was. It took me a second to remember what “snow” is.

    We don’t see any of that stuff in San Diego. We may not win championships, but we already won at life.

  35. Superbowl in JERSEY = STUPID!
    who’s gonna pay $5+ GRAND, for game tickets, plane tickets, accomodations, etc.. to see a game in 5-20 degree weather!?!??!?!? Idiots, that’s who~!

    Good Job Roger GODell!

  36. Once again Roger Goodell proves that he is the worst commissioner in the history of the NFL!

  37. If MegaHead makes it there, the NFL will reschedule the game until spring…just so their little darling doesn’t have to play in the cold and snow.

  38. Play in the elements.

    By the way, doesn’t New York contribute a few $$$ to the NFL via Super Bowl advertising?

    Or make a permanent home in Hawaii. The players go all out in the Pro Bowl, don’t they?

    I assume most of the whining is coming from the media, who get to gather for a week at company expense and write, talk, email and tweet the same story.

  39. 1996 I watched Doug Flutie in a blizzard march his team down field to win the CFL Grey Cup. Football in malls are for wussies.

  40. I am a Philly fan and watched and enjoyed the game against Detroit on 12/8. It is fun to have a regular season game like that. Although I enjoyed the game, I do not want the Super Bowl to be played in those conditions. It should either be played in a warm city outdoor stadium or, dare I say it, in a dome. I want to see the best 2 teams in the NFL battle it out under optimum playing conditions, so the game is decided by the players, not the weather.

  41. OK…HOLD THE FORT (or igloo as the case may be)

    “There are postponement scenarios or rescheduling scenarios for 256 regular-season games each year. Same thing for Super Bowls since the beginning of Super Bowls. We’ve had those in place,” Supovitz said, via Myers

    If they already have these scenarios in place for ALL 256 regular season games, they why is it so impossible to flex out a crappy Monday Night game?

  42. Let me ask this question. Back in the day, didn’t the NFL play all of their games outdoors and in cold weather? I know they didn’t play in February, but how many of the old NFL Championship games were played in bad/cold weather? No complaints back then. Just sayin!

  43. Open air stadium in New York/Jersey in February? duh the weather is going to be an issue. If the chance of inclement weather is not an issue to have a Superbowl there, then Seattle should be able to host a game. February is wet, but usually not too cold.

    I hope Goodell & Co learn their lesson and this is a one-time deal. On the other hand, I am in total agreement with all other posters about a Saturday Superbowl. I don’t even drink and I think it would be a great move.

  44. How stupid is the NFL to schedule the Super Bowl outside in NJ in the winter? LOL!!!!!! So lame…. It’s FOOTBALL, fer Cris’s sake. LET THEM PLAY IN BAD WEATHER… YOU PICKED THE DAMN SITE, NFL! Duh.

  45. Nobody in NFL headquarters cares where we want the game played since only about 1% of us will ever be able to afford the tickets. But it is really stupid that the game is played on a Sunday night. We gotta go to work the next day and that ruins watching it. I am so tired by the time kickoff happens and struggle to stay awake to the end of the game on the East Coast. So either make Saint Superbowl Day on a Saturday or Roger Goodell pay some politicians to make it an actual National Holiday. That would raise some public opinion polls for our “wonderful elected officials.”

    I love the Superbowl better than All the other holidays and I don’t want to go to work the day after. Also spare us the endless All Day junk pre-game coverage and kick off mid-afternoon.

  46. Everyone saying, “Man up… just play in the bad weather” is forgetting something. Football in bad weather is great to play in, fun even, but it’s horrible for a fan watching from the stands or on TV. If every NFL game was a 7 – 6 yawner played in the snow or rain, no one would watch or buy tickets.

  47. it will be very cold but dry.

    metlife got the SB for 4 reasons:

    1. reward to teams and region for getting a new stadium
    2. the mara family’s cache within nfl
    3. fact that nfl is also hq’ed in nyc
    4. fact that many “nfl executives” were nyg fans and season ticket holders before they became nfl execs. the league office is a buncha closet jints fans.

  48. “Stupid decision. How could the NFL make such a stupid decision?!?”

    Mouthbreathing alcoholic fan who always argues that the NFL is getting soft

  49. Simply ludicrous to schedule the Super Bowl in a cold weather city without a dome. This wreaks of nothing more than power and greedy money.
    Some will say it’s football weather. I say it’s not. Football in my opinion was not intended to be played in the dangerous temperatures that can occur in the “dead” of winter. Extreme cold and precipitation can be dangerous for both the players and the fans.

  50. That’s because it was a real STUPID idea in the first place. You would screw up airline/hotel reservations just for openers. Yeah sounds like a good idea and if you could get a garantee from Ole Man Winter that he’ll co-operate with the weather but you cannot.
    And let’s not mention the income loss the NFL is gonna face anyway even if the game goes as scheduled…..but they are just gonna have to figure it out the hard way.

  51. That might explain the curious weather delays we’ve seen this year during the regular season. Preparing the masses for a delayed game?

    Think about it…if it does happen nobody is going to say, “See, I told you a SB in a cold weather city was foolish. Now we have to postpone the game.” The precedent has already been set.

  52. I live near enough that I could get to the game quickly so I’m hoping for a tuesday game -tickets would be easy to get as all the non-fan corporate guys head out of town Sunday night…so that works for me.

  53. The Seahawk’s could care less about the weather, they’re an all-weather team. That will only make our SB48 sweeter.


  54. There is a cold weather team with a cold weather QB and a cold weather fan base nearby that can just load up the four wheel drive trucks and snow plows, and drive to the game and back, same day, and will scoop up all the extra tickets. The NFL won’t have to worry about an empty stadium.

  55. Oh my God! What a bunch of babies, whining about the weather! Your team can’t make it in harsh elements? That will separate the fair weather players from the real football stars. And I don’t want to hear the complaining about the cost of the tickets, hotel, etc. The only ones that can afford it are the media and corporate heads that aren’t even real fans. They only want to party, be seen at a Super Bowl, and play golf. Get outta town, you guys! Leave the football games for the true fans!

  56. I still think the NFL should build a neutral site stadium in Vegas or Disney World and have the super bowl there every year. The tourism rich cities will recover the stadium costs and pay for itself within the first 5 years.

  57. We have a group of about 10 friends that go to Vegas every year for the Super Bowl. This isn’t something that you plan at the last minute. If we go and the Super Bowl is cancelled, our trip is a wash. Rescheduling doesn’t just affect the people going to the game at the stadium. Did these morons really not think this one through when they decided to do this?

  58. Some one explain to me why someone, anyone would pay extortion prices to watch a football game? 3k for airfare to and from, hotel rooms, 2k for the game tickets if you could find one,,,,why?
    The Super Bowl is just another football game, which includes RBs gaining 2 yds a carry,,,how boring is that? A WR might make a good catch and you know the ground will cause an incomplete pass but can’t cause a fumble,,,,A player may crack back the punter which is worth watching, but do it at home where the Bud light is two steps away,, and it don’t cost 20 bucks.

  59. Postpone the Super Bowl for a day or two? Great! I have to leave for a conference the next day. Brilliant idea.
    The NFL should be more concerned about who is going to show up for this game. Everyone knows few real fans get to go to the Super Bowl, especially in New York. All those golf loving corporate executives will go for a quarter or 2, then head somewhere warm and beat the traffic. The place will be empty by half time. This could be the biggest NFL debacle ever!

  60. god I hope a blizzard hits mid game.I hope it looks like Phily did a couple weeks ago and I hope it’s two warm weather or dome teams playing in it.

  61. If the game is postponed because of the weather, the NFL will deserve to have egg on its face for scheduling the most prominent game of the year in an northen outdoor stadium smack in the middle of winter.

    Decisions like this one illustrate why Roger Goodell is the wrong person to have in the commissioner’s office.

    Common sense would tell any average NFL fan not to hold the Super Bowl in an open air stadium in New York City in February. But common sense wasn’t good enough for Goodell and the league. Well, I hope they end up having to learn a lesson from this.

  62. First of all, the transportation to and from the stadium will be almost entirely mass transit. There are few parking permits and no drop off options…so this whole “there’s no tailgating” thing is ridiculous…there hasn’t been tailgating allowed at a superbowl since 9/11. Secondly, the best weekend of football and arguably the best games played thus far this year just took place last week in inclement weather. If the superbowl comes off like that it will be the best game played in years. And lastly, if the suits and the swells that normally make up a fair weather superbowl crowd decide to skip it and there’s more room for locals and team fans, then I’m all for it.

  63. Why is everyone hating on cold weather? I’d ideally like the Super Bowl champion to be considered the best team in the league, and in my opinion, the best team in the league is the team that can win in any environment.

    One guy whose name implied he lived in Ohio said he didn’t want to go sit in the cold for the Super Bowl. Are you crazy?

    I’m a Bills fan and have been to probably 15 December games in Orchard Park over the last 14 years, none of which had any meaning because we’ve been so bad. Can people really not handle 4 hours outside? If so, how do teams in Buffalo, Chicago, Green Bay, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, etc sell any tickets?

    Man up! I hope it does snow. If you require warm weather to enjoy attending the Super Bowl then I don’t think you deserve your ticket.

  64. I love when it snows a ton during a game and think about the high likelihood that there’s at least a couple rookies on the other team that grew up in Texas or Florida, played in the SEC, and are seeing snow for the first time in their lives.

    I wonder what portion of players hate playing in bad weather compared to how many love it. I’d bet there are a lot of both.

  65. hope it does snow. remember watching the ice bowl in 67. it was a great game that came down to the last play of the game

  66. Every viable NFL stadium should be listed for a SB game. But, the “Real” people w/money wont show in a snow city [not named NY] or a city w/out a dome. And Please stop the Goodell whines!! He doesn’t mastermind these things, nor does he earn money from fines or make the rules or call the fines….and the money from fines goes to charities!! Saying the name makes him seem more powerful than he really is.

  67. So wait a sec…… What makes the Super Bowl any more different then any playoff, or regular season game in adverse weather? Last time I checked a game is a game and only suspended if a lightening storm arises. The Super Bowl is no different. Yes there have been some ugly games in snow, but there have been some great ones too. Look at the Eagles game from last week. Good weather or not, games are games and should be played in most conditions. Btw, I am seen some pretty horrible games in great weather too.

  68. Imagine if they had postponed the Ice Bowl (1967 NFL Championship Game). What is regarded by some (not me) as the greatest NFL Championship Game of all time likely never would have happened, if it were held today.

    Football has traditionally played games in inclement weather, especially snow. So I have two suggestions:

    1) As they have repeatedly done, the NFL should either schedule the Super Bowl in a domed stadium or in a warm weather open stadium

    2) “Man up” and play the game as scheduled in any weather that is not literally declared a national disaster.

    If I spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for tickets (obscene anyway), thousands to travel to the venue and to stay in a hotel, plus meals, transportation, etc., and was told I would have to wait an extra day or two (or, theoretically, more), incurring thousands of dollars in expenses while waiting for the weather to “cooperate”, I would have a very bitter taste in my mouth towards the NFL, which is in dire need of improved leadership.

    The NFL on TV, as much as I love football, has been rendered almost unwatchable by the officials, who seemingly throw a flag on every play, disrupting the flow and integrity of the game, resulting in a “choppy” game that could be decided on a bogus penalty, which makes the prior 3 1/2 hours a waste of time, if the team that deserves to win, doesn’t.

    So, back to the Super Bowl – if it is not played on the date scheduled, the outcry will be deafening, blizzard or not.

  69. Snowstorm or no, rescheduling or no, the NFL will almost certainly come back to New York for a future Super Bowl. Not for the sake of staging it in cold weather, but for the sake of staging it in the Undisputed King Of All Media Markets.

    Rest assured, Cleveland will see the Browns win a Super Bowl long before their stadium is ever picked to host one. Same goes for Chicago, Philly and Foxboro. And the Packers will win MANY more Super Bowls before one is ever played at Lambeau. Why? Because none of those places are New York. (Or New Jersey.)

  70. A few years ago the SB was played in a shiny new stadium in Texas. The owner of this stadium got a little greedy and sold some tickets he shouldn’t have. He had to refund quite a bit of money to the unfortunate fans who purchased those tickets. Now IF the NFL for whatever reason chooses to postpone the SB I wonder who is going to get their money back.

  71. Weather for NJ this coming Sunday is rain and temperatures in the 60’s. One never knows what you are going to get these days. Everyone predicting disaster? Cold is likely. Snow really isn’t. Possible, of course, but it doesn’t snow here a whole lot.

  72. themiamidolphins says:
    Dec 19, 2013 11:31 AM

    Why did they even book the game in New Jersey in the first place?

    The same reason the refs constantly screw over the Patriots, because Roger Goodell is a former Jet.

  73. If the NFL is worried about the cold weather why not change the schedule to where the Super Bowl is played in October and see which sport is the true American past time? Football has always been a child weather sport!!! Why do we always try and wussify the United States? First thing the NFL should do is get a new commissioner that actually has a SET!!! This game has way to many touch penalties I want to puke!

  74. This is why the Super Bowl should be held in the Southern states or maybe Hawaii a game shouldnt be determined by the weather it should be about the Teams plus who wants to spend 10 grand to sit in 10 below what a joke whoever thought to put the game in jersey is a fool oh well Seahwks 17 Denver 10

  75. Still, with hotel prices jacked up and ticket prices already exorbitant, delaying the date of a Super Bowl creates all sorts of inconveniences and expenses for folks who plan to attend. While a certain amount of “buyer beware” applies to anyone who buys tickets to any open-air event in a place where “four seasons” means something other than a musical group fronted by a small Italian man with a piercing falsetto, attending a Super Bowl entails an extreme investment of financial resources.

    The mere possibility that weather could compel a rescheduling of the game suggests that maybe the game shouldn’t have been scheduled for a place where it may need to be rescheduled.

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