Reggie Bush: Lions are undisciplined, but it isn’t Schwartz’s fault

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On Wednesday, we heard Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh throw his support behind coach Jim Schwartz as chatter continues that there will be a coaching change in Detroit if the Lions don’t advance to the playoffs.

Running back Reggie Bush didn’t discuss Schwartz’s job security, but he did address one of the chief criticisms of Schwartz from outside the organization. Many have pointed to the slew of penalties and turnovers from the Lions as signs that the team is undisciplined and that Schwartz is to blame for that. Bush agrees about the lack of discipline, but not about Schwartz’s culpability.

“Just in our play. It could be from penalties or it could be from turnovers or it could be from how we finished the games in fourth quarters. It’s not one specific play or moment in a game. It’s the total game. It’s how we play,” Bush said, via the Detroit Free Press. “It’s not a coaches’ thing. It’s a players’ thing. We can do a better job all across the board.”

Bush said he thought Schwartz was a disciplinarian, although he did offer a contrast to the way things were when he played for Sean Payton in New Orleans. Payton would announce to the team when a player was being fined for breaking a team rule, something that Bush said made players want to avoid having their name on Payton’s list.

“Well, hell, yeah, because you don’t want to get your name announced for getting fined,” Bush said. “I’m not going to say that’s the reason we won the Super Bowl or the reason why we were successful. But it was just the environment that he kind of created for the team, and I’m sure he still does it.”

Schwartz said he doesn’t think discipline “is an issue for us,” but that’s a hard case to make. Undisciplined play, be it turnovers or penalties or lack of focus, has factored into too many Lions losses to say it hasn’t been an issue. Another loss or two before the end of the regular season and it may be time for someone else to try to instill some in Detroit.

19 responses to “Reggie Bush: Lions are undisciplined, but it isn’t Schwartz’s fault

  1. That’s like Saying the Raiders offense was undisciplined and sloppy under Greg knapp last year but it’s not the Coach’s fault…. Despite the fact his offenses has been sloppy and undisciplined everywhere he’s been.

  2. The players are just trying to find creative ways to protect the coaches and the GM. Bush is in a much more secure position himself, so he’s just trying to alleviate the pressure and take the heat off of others.

    If not, then I’d like to hear him expound upon his theory that the GM and coaches are perfect or just fine, and why that should give us confidence that all the same players with the same scheme next year would do something much different. Is he trying to suggest that all of the players on the team who haven’t played well can just mentally turn on a switch and now they are going to play well? And if so, why didn’t they turn on that switch in Week 1? He shouldn’t be talking like this unless he’s prepared to elaborate further until it makes actual sense.

  3. I gotta agree. It’s not just one thing. It’s something/someone different every week. Stafford’s been throwing the picks regularly, but Bell fumbled in the Eagles game, CJ fumbled on last play of Tampa, Bush fumbled away another game, CJ had his drops this week, huge bad call here or there, no benefit of doubt on bad calls against Suh/Fairly, Akers missing FG’s, Martin kicking out of bounds uncharacteristically or shanking punt. Man, it’s just always something.

    Plenty is coachable. The secondary issues are terrible. The D line isn’t getting enough pressure and takeaways. It’s a mess.

  4. At some point grown men have to be held responsible. I can’t imagine Schwartz sees Fairley jump offsides and says, “hey big fella, no big deal!” or sees Reggie fumble and says, “don’t change anything, don’t try to prevent fumbles bud!”.

    If it comes down to schemes, play calling, etc. then I blame the coach (and Linehan deserves blame for our offense). But I refuse to let grown men off the hook. If I mess up at work I can’t fall back on my boss not coaching me enough.

  5. Everyone outside of Detroit has commented about Schwartz and his lack of discipline for just a few years now. In NE Ridley is the best RB but when he fumbles, Belichek benches him and doesn’t start him for a game or two but in Detroit they make excuses for Bush fumbling or Megatron dropping passes. In Dallas they enable Dez Bryant to leave the field early but in NO a starting OL is benched for a rookie becuz he gave up a sack of Brees and a long time kicker is cut for missing a chip shot field goal. Schwartz enables his players to be undisciplined and now the players (Suh and Bush) enable Schwartz to continue to be soft on them by saying the blame is on the players and not the coach. It’s not surprising at all that the players “want to take the blame”, becuz when you have no discipline why would you want things to change with a new tough coach .

  6. Hahaha good one Reggie. Penalties have been a huge issue since Schwartz has been there. Plus with all the injuries that plagued the NFC North this year the Lions should have run away with this division… Now they might not even get in.

    There is just too much talent on this team to be going through mental breakdowns every other week.

  7. If players are coming out saying there’s a discipline issue, then there’s a problem. And discipline starts with the coach. Period.

  8. Someone needs to set Reggie Bush straight. All of the problems that the Lions have encountered this season has been due to poor coaching. The penalties, personal fouls, fumbles, and lack of focus can be laid at Schwartz’s feet. The Lions are one of the poorest coached teams in the NFL. Say what you will about The Buccaneers but Schiano seems to have finally gotten thru to his team. Can’t say that about Schwartz. No accountability anywhere; just attaboys, pats on the back, & more encouragement to keep up the BS. The whole team ends up looking like damn, bumbling fools!!!

  9. I wanted to be a Schwartz apologist, but that ship has sailed. As soon as they are eliminated from the playoffs will seal his off-season firing.

  10. So, the Lions coach says, “If you players want to be disciplined, you’ll have to figure out how to do that on your own. It’s not my job to show you how.” Really? There’s a reason why Sean Payton gets better results from his players.

  11. It is Schwartz fault when his team under achieves each year, and his fault for not benching guys for throwing interceptions, or getting senseless penalties. There has to be a reason the Lions don’t win many games in the second half of seasons also. His coordinators do the same thing every week and teams are on to them, yet they won’t change anything. That’s the head coaches job.

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