Texans have already interviewed Lovie Smith


Texans owner Bob McNair said immediately after firing Gary Kubiak that former Bears head coach Lovie Smith would be a candidate to become Houston’s next coach, and McNair has acted quickly in talking to Smith.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Smith interviewed with the Texans this week.

Smith would make a lot of sense in Houston: McNair has said he wants an experienced NFL head coach, and Smith had success in Chicago, winning the NFC North three times and reaching the Super Bowl once. Smith was fired at the end of last season and has spent this year out of coaching.

By acting quickly to interview Smith, McNair may have given his team a leg up on other teams that will consider Smith for head-coaching vacancies in the offseason. The interview also means the Texans have complied with the Rooney Rule, which requires every team to interview at least one minority for any head-coaching vacancy.

Other candidates for the Texans job include their current interim head coach, Wade Phillips, as well as Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien and Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

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  1. Big fan of Lovie, but if you don’t pair him with a talented offensive coordinator he will only do so much for you. For years he had to suffer with offensive masterminds the likes of Ron Turner and Mike Tice, which just isn’t fair. It’s a passing league, and Lovie has never had much of an impact on that side of the ball.

  2. This was not just a Rooney Rule interview. Lovie Smith got screwed over by Angelo’s poor drafting in Chicago and was by all accounts an exceptional coach to win with no talent on the offensive side of the ball. Emery was able to fix their offensive line by bringing in FOUR new starters in the offseason, but Lovie was fired before he could see the full benefit of the offensive overhaul. Lovie Smith is a player’s coach and has shown he can do a lot with a little. It would also be pretty exciting to see what Cushing and Watt could do in a 4-3.

  3. It’s insulting to say that a coach who made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman for a quarterback is only being interviewed because of the Rooney Rule.

  4. he will be a good coach for the texans and fans will not have to worry about pick 6’s from their qb’s. hard to that when they are running on every play. angelo was a big part of the bears lack of offense but Lovie has no clue about that side of the ball. he had 5 coordinators during his time there and 3 during Cutler’s time time and people wonder why he never lead the Bears to a championship.

  5. Lovie’s defense with JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney on the ends with Brian cushing at linebacker is scary. I bet he brings in Charles Tillman as well as I don’t expect him to be back with the Bears. If you pair him up with a solid running game and a young quarterback he will bring a super bowl to Houston.

    From a Bears fan

  6. It’s insulting to act as if Smith was just a Rooney Rule interview. He’s an experienced, relatively young head coach who’s had success in the past. He got fired after finishing 10-6 in a strong division, a record that would take the division this year, in fact.

  7. Why would you hire a Tampa 2 coach if the best defender in football is on your team and isn’t a great fit for it?

  8. First thought: “That would be a very good hire.”
    Later thought: “Oh yeah, the Rooney Rule.”

    Stop bringing it up and it that type of thinking will eventually go away.

  9. I’m not a fan of the Texans or anything, but this would be a great move for Houston if paired with the right OC. The Texans already have way more talent than their record indicates. If they played with confidence on both sides of the ball they’d already be playoff-caliber. If Schaub stays healthy and (again) plays confidently, he’ll be a great mentor for the franchise qb they draft with the #1 pick.

  10. I LOL’d at the “he’s an exceptional head coach” comment. Clearly, whoever wrote that is not a Bears fan. I am, and I saw basically every game this guy ever coached in Chicago. He is mediocre.

    And as far as him not knowing anything about offense, his defenses would go to crap too every time Urlacher was out with an injury.

  11. Hate to break it to you Houston Fans, but this isnt just a Rooney Rule formality. This was a legit potential candidate interview, esp since Gruden, Cower and Dungy have all publicly stated they are not returning to football, so you can cross them all of your Christmas list. Gonna be slim pickens for any team that fires their coach this year. Course, you can always interview Shanarat once he’s canned/quits.

  12. wrossi81 says:
    Dec 19, 2013 12:45 PM
    It’s insulting to say that a coach who made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman for a quarterback is only being interviewed because of the Rooney Rule.
    That is exactly what’s wrong with the Rooney Rule and Affirmative Action in general.

    It diminishes the accomplishments of minority candidates who are actually worthy of the job they’re applying for. In the back of people’s minds, there will always be the question of whether they were hired because of their ability, or to promote a politically correct agenda.

  13. All those saying Lovie is only a Rooney Rule interview would do well to remember, the Bears need to win out just to equal the record he was fired for last year.

    Please tell me again what a genius the new guy is in Chicago…

    Maybe Trestman was actually the affirmative action hire… Kinda like Allen, Munchak, Garrett, Schwartz, Turner, Phillips… guys like Chan Gailey, son of Bum, Turner have failed everywhere but get another shot over and over and over…

  14. You could obviously make a worse hire than Smith, but I don’t think he’s the kind of coach who will ever win a championship. His Chicago teams were generally good, but never great.

  15. Ah the Rooney rule…treats black coaches as though they’re inferior. So sad…but a product of the “compassionate” left

  16. I could hear it now – at his inaugural press conference – the first thing Lovie will say is:

    “Our number one goal….the number one goal we’ll have…..is to beat the Indianapolis Colts.”

  17. It’s insulting to say that a coach who made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman for a quarterback is only being interviewed because of the Rooney Rule.

    The Rooney Rule itself is insulting. If it was really anything more than a PR move by the NFL, it would extend to all coaching positions, not just the 32 at the apex of that profession.

    If you want more qualified minority HC candidates, doesn’t it stand to reason that the NFL would encourage teams to hired them at the lowest coaching levels, have their talents fostered, and continue to encourage them to move up as they become better coaches?

    The fact that it only applies to the highest profile hires shows that there is very little intent to actually change anything.

  18. I’m not the biggest Lovie Smith fan. He’s still a fine coach who had some real success in Chicago. As for the Rooney Rule, it’s stupid. If I were an NFL owner, I’d interview/hire whomever I pleased and tell the league (and Rooney) to go pound sand.

  19. Lovie Smith couldn’t develop a QB his entire tenure in Chicago. His defensive scheme is also a gimmick that would neutralize the best talent on the roster. I don’t think Smith is a terrible coach, but he’s a bad fit for the roster and a downgrade from Kubiak.

  20. Lovey Smith is the real deal. He has his offensive warts, but he brings good defense and a lot of credibility to a Head Coach position.

    I was glad to see him leave the NFC North Division as a Lions fan (not that they can take advantage of his leaving, but hey.)

  21. The Bucs are gonna miss out on this guy while the Glazers hold on to the pipe dream that Schiano is the coach to lead the Bucs, or just as bad, they will screw around too long, fire Schiano, and end up having to hire another college goober that will only prolong the pain we have endured in Tampa the last few years. #fireschiano #wakeupglazers

  22. Tennessee should have already fired munch and interviewed this guy, now he may land in the division and become a real problem for Indy and co for the next year or 2.

  23. Formality. Don’t much care where the Texans go for their next coach, but the best fit for Lovie would be as DC for the Lions. Although as a Bears fan, it would be much better for me if the Motor City’s craptastic franchise made him their HC. I can just hear it now… “Matt Stafford is awur quoterback.” (southern drawl, of course)

  24. Kubiak is far better than Lovie anyway you look at it.

    Lovie is a perfect example of hiring above the skill level. He is not HC coach material until he starts learning about offense.

  25. Lovie had no fire or emotion the entire time in Chicago and the press hated him. In the end, the fans did, too. Are you sure they didn’t interview a cardboard cutout? If hired, the Texans should get used to mediocrity and “we didn’t make enough plays” excuses for years to come.

  26. Rooney rule lol. A joke.

    Texans job will be in high demand. Easiest way to win now. Wisenhunt, Horton, Zimmer, jay Gruden should all get looks before it’s done.

  27. Hopefully, he doesn’t say something stupid like, “I’m here to beat Green Bay”.

    NFC title game: Packers 21, Bears 14

    Um, no … you’re not.

  28. This is a big reason as to why I believe the Rooney rule is asinine.

    Lovie Smith is one of the best coaches currently on the market. The fact that he is black has nothing to do with his ability.

    His ability to run a defense and motivate players is why he was interviewed as well as his experience.

    I hope that the Texans don’t hire him, so that my Redskins get a shot at him. He would make any team, especially one as dysfunctional as the Redskins better.

  29. Long time Bears fan here. Don’t hire Lovie Houston.

    With the talent the Bears had all those yrs on defense, they should have been better overall.

    Yes, their offense was weak but still the Ravens won a SB with Trent Dilfer.

    Beyond that, the Bears were NOT consistent even with the great D.

    In his 9 yrs with the Bears, ONLY once did the Bears finish over .500 two yrs in a row.

    That team went from 13 wins in 2006 down to 7 wins in 2007. Then to 9 wins, then down to 7 wins, then up to 11 wins, then down to 8 wins.

    Too much up and down and a lack of consistency.

    He is NOT a bad coach at all, but he is NOT a great coach either.

    It’s my opinion that with the talent he had on the Bears, they underachieved overall (some bright spots, but too many down times too.

    I would have liked to see more than two consecutive yrs above .500 out of 9 yrs with the talent they had.

  30. For all those bringing up Lovie Smith’s poor offense clearly no nothing about coaching. Lovie is a defensive coach. He had control over the entire team but as far as offense of installation, play calling etc… thats the offensive coordinator. Its the same for every team… Andy Reid isn’t in their installing the defense, no he hired Sutton. Lovie did a poor job of choosing an offensive coordinator who could put together a staff and players to match their defense. He is a quality consideration for any openings this season and if he is able to find the right offensive staff he can be a really good hire.

  31. This would be a good hire with a good OC, since Lovie Smith is a defense guy. For what he was given in Chicago, he did pretty well. I mean, he made a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman at QB. Being saddled with Grossman, a terrible and then Cutler getting hurt every season really screwed over their offense. Jerry Angelo couldn’t draft offensive linemen, QBs, or wide receivers to save his life. Lovie was given the dregs at the skill positions except for Cutler and Forte.

    For the record, I like Trestman and think he is doing a great job in Chicago. The Browns made a mistake in hiring Chudzinski over him, since Trestman is an absolute magician with QBs and offense. This guy turned Rich Gannon, a career journeyman into an MVP and made Josh McCown, who was a bust, a part-time receiver (look it up) and backup QB before being out of football for awhile, into a very good QB.

    But Lovie Smith was fired for going 10-6. The Bears are 8-6 right now and can’t tackle anybody. If he gets hired in Houston with its talent on defense, with a good OC and a talented young QB like Bridgewater or Bortles, watch out. They might contend again rather quickly, like the 2013 Chiefs.

  32. Lovie would be a great choice. i am sure he learned a lot from his first go around as a head coach and will bring in the right offensive people to make the Texans a winner. They don’t lack talent so they could make a quick turn around

  33. Careful what you wish for, Texan fans.

    Lovie is a good guy, his plays love him and he is well respected. But if you’re hoping he is going to lead you to the promised land you’re in for disappointment.

    Don’t let others fool you. Lovie had a hand in the drafts in Chicago. They drafted safties for years and couldn’t fix their problems after Mike Brown. Bobby Gray? Mike Green? Al Alfalfa? Craig Steltz? Revolving door.

    They had a top-10 back in Thomas Jones and the 4th overall pick… they drafted Benson.
    The guy cannot identify talent. His best players were on the team before he took over. 2 exceptions- Briggs & Forte.

    Poorly timed challenge flags. Burning timeouts unnecessarily. Saying NOTHING ever in a press conference.

    That is my memory of Lovie

  34. “But Lovie Smith was fired for going 10-6.”

    He was fired after the team experienced a second straight mid-season collapse. Lovie’s a good coach and I like him a lot but it’s not surprising why they decided to go in a different direction after he was unable to steer the ship straight.

    2011 Bears: 7-3 though Week 11, then 1-5 to finish at 8-8 and out of playoffs
    2012 Bears: 8-3 through Week 12, then 2-3 to finish at 10-6 and out of playoffs

  35. “Other candidates for the Texans job include their current interim head coach, Wade Phillips, as well as Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien and Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.”

    I hope O’Brien stays at Penn State. The sanctions he is under make no sense. The NCAA said to the Penn Stat players, “hey, kids, your school committed despicable acts when you were 6 years old. So, you cannot ever play in a postseason game.” But Penn State has had 2 winning seasons anyway. I’d like to see O’Brien finish the job of restoring the program.

  36. 2011 Bears: 7-3 though Week 11, then 1-5 to finish at 8-8 and out of playoffs
    2012 Bears: 8-3 through Week 12, then 2-3 to finish at 10-6 and out of playoffs

    The common denominator behind both collapses was Jay Cutler getting injured. Was Lovie Smith responsible for the Caleb Hanie disaster or signing terrible offensive linemen?

  37. LOL lovie “rooney rule” smith is the poster boy for this stupid rule. funny to see him continually falling for it and interviewing for these teams that have no intention of hiring him. i wonder if these teams are paying him money on the side to be the rooney rule sucker and go to these interviews. i wouldnt be surprised

  38. Go ahead. Us in the NFCN miss Lovie. He had no clue about his offense in CHI, why would anybody hire this guy? Oh yeah, the Rooney rule. Maybe Lovie can take over Detriot, that should end the threat of Megatron.

  39. wrossi81 says: Dec 19, 2013 12:45 PM

    It’s insulting to say that a coach who made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman for a quarterback is only being interviewed because of the Rooney Rule.

    Lovie Smith is a great coach.

    I think some of the people mentioning the Rooney rule are doing so as an expose of its ludicrous exploitation by the very people who “endorsed” it at their meetings when it was adopted. At least, that’s the light in which I see some of those comments.

  40. With the defensive talent that the Texans have, paired with Lovie Smith could be a force. Look at what happened to the Bears defense after Lovie left, they did lose Urlacher as well, but the wheels fell off of that defense. They’ll just need to get a solid o coordinator and they’ll be in business.

  41. Hey, a very strong candidate with talent and experience, and he satisfies the Rooney Rule. That’s two birds with one stone.

  42. It’s my opinion that with the talent he had on the Bears, they underachieved overall (some bright spots, but too many down times too.

    Can you say that about Ditka and the talent he had should have been a little better

  43. Lovie Smith is overrated. I couldn’t be happier that he is out of chicago.

    He had 3 attempts at hiring a decent offensive coordinator and he failed miserably.

    Not to mention his terrible in-game strategy or lack thereof and horrific clock management.

  44. mutantman87: The common denominator behind both collapses was Jay Cutler getting injured. Was Lovie Smith responsible for the Caleb Hanie disaster or signing terrible offensive linemen?

    The common denominator is that Jay Cutler’s mobility and overall talents masked what was a pathetically deficient offense that Lovie ignored for years and years. I remember that Giants game in ’10 where Cutler was being turned into hamburger meat and he eventually got knocked out of the game. Lovie then said he would have left Cutler in for the whole game if he could.

    I’m a Chicago fan, I saw first hand how he operated. Oh and Texans fans, if he does become the head coach, enjoy his total wiffs on using challenge flags as he will hire his son to work the review team upstairs.

  45. The Bears had many problems during Lovie’s tenure. Lovie might not have been the cause of most of the issues, he did little to help the issues. While I’ll pin most of the recent problems over his tenure on Jerry Angelo, Lovie never made offense a priority. This is an offense-minded NFL today. Defense alone usually can’t win you a SB anymore. I not saying it can’t happen, but look at the last SB. The Ravens and the 9er’s defenses were the best 2 in the league. The score was 34-31. Hardly a defensive showdown. Don’t get me wrong, a defensive is needed to get you there, but an offensive is also needed to seal the deal. If I was a Texan fan, I would hope he doesn’t become your next coach. The Texans’ problem is offense, you need an offense-minded head coach. Lovie is spectacular on D, he would make your already good defense better. But that’s the rub. The Bears defense was so good at scoring points on defense and creating turnovers, it won many games for the Bears. Because the D was so good, there was no urgency to improve the offensive, it wasn’t as important. That’s fine during the regular season, not in the playoffs. In the Bears last SB, that problem reared it’s ugly head. Manning was better at scheming O than Lovie was at scheming D, and he didn’t have an offense to pick up the slack. The Texans would be doomed to the same fate with Lovie.

    I don’t think Lovie would be a good fit as HC of most teams, even college teams. I think the only way he could coach an all-around successful teams is A) with a QB Like P Manning, Rodgers, Brady or Brees, whom control their O’s on the field and make there OC’s look better than they are or B) the team has an established, quality O with a quality OC that stays upon Lovie’s arrivial. Lovie is already hands-off when it comes to O, so he would also need a quality GM to put and keep the right offense coaching and personal in place.

    He would be an amazing DC acquisition for almost any team in the NFL. He might get one more shot at HC somewhere, but I think DC is in his near future. Look at what Elway has done in Den. Put two good HCs together with Fox and Del Rio to create quite the dynamic force (Peyton Manning doesn’t hurt either). Lovie as DC could make many NFL teams major Super Bowl contenders in a season or two. Dallas, Green Bay, San Diego, and Detroit come to mind, off my head. I’m a Packers fan and would love to have Lovie on as DC (kinda hoping it could happen during the offseason). So if you’re a team that’s looking for a HC and your O is not up to par, don’t touch Lovie with a 100 yard stick (for HC). Cheers!

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