Wade Phillips: Peyton Manning is having the best QB season ever

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is having an MVP season and may break the records for passing yards and passing touchdowns this season. But Texans coach Wade Phillips says Manning is having more than just a great season. He’s having the greatest season.

Just the best year ever of any quarterback,’’ Phillips told ESPN.com.

Asked what he’s seen from Manning this season, Phillips said, “What haven’t you seen? Guy is going to set every record that’s ever been in the books as far as touchdown passes, yards, four touchdown games, it goes on and on.’’

Calling this the best season ever is a bold statement, but it may be true. With two more good games, Manning’s stats from this year will compare favorably with the stats from other great quarterback seasons, like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers in 2011, Tom Brady in 2007 and Manning himself in 2004. Of course, in today’s NFL, it feels like every other year a quarterback is putting up numbers that put him in contention for the greatest ever.

Dan Marino’s 1984 season is the gold standard because he re-wrote the record book at a time when the NFL rules weren’t designed to allow quarterbacks to re-write the record books. Marino threw for 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns that season; only one passer that year came within 1,000 yards of him, and no one came within 15 touchdowns. (Six quarterbacks are within 1,000 yards and one is within 15 touchdowns of Manning this year.)

Steve Young’s great 1994 season deserves mention, as does Joe Montana in 1989 and Kurt Warner in 1999. Going further back, Johnny Unitas in 1959 and Y.A. Tittle in 1963 are in the discussion.

But you can certainly make a case that Manning’s 2013 season is better than any other quarterback has ever had. As he studies Manning’s tape to prepare for their meeting on Sunday, that’s Phillips’s conclusion.

28 responses to “Wade Phillips: Peyton Manning is having the best QB season ever

  1. It’s all about meaningless records when it comes to Peyton Manning.

    No one throw anywhere near as many 1 yard TD passes.

  2. The best QB season was Rodgers’ in 2011 (46 tds, 6 ints, 68.3%, 4,643 yds, 122.5 rating). That was the highest QB rating in a season ever. With Manning you are talking about an additional 4 or so touchdowns, but also 4 or more interceptions.

  3. How quickly people forget Brady’s 2007 season. What Peyton is doing is great, but it isn’t close to Brady. And I’m a Steeler fan, but respect greatness when I see it.

  4. Peyton’s record numbers are “cotton candy”, that don’t mean squat when it comes to playoff football.

    It doesn’t matter how many one yard TD passes he gets or how many yards after the catch his receivers get. Prior to the season, Denver had the easiest schedule, thus the easiest path to the post season.

    If the Broncos do make it to NY, they better hope Seattle doesn’t. They will get smashed and all the numbers won’t help at all.

  5. I agree with the level of impressiveness of Marino in ’84 given the era, but let’s not forget how much the rules have been tweaked even in the past 2-3 years. Brady in 2007 was done when the rules were sort of in between then and now. And Brady also went 16-0 with that team, adding to just how good he was that season.

  6. Yep…Peyton is the greatest regular season qb. Then he wilts into Steve Deberg when it counts.

  7. How good was Steve Young and the 49er offense in ’94? Good enough to be 19.5 point favorites in the Super Bowl. Think about how absurd that is. You never see a line like that in the regular season, much less against the opposing conference champion. They’d already beaten San Diego by 26 in the regular season.. and they won the SB by the exact same margin, easily covering the monster spread. Incredible year.

  8. Best “regular” season should be the headline. People forget manning played in a dome most of his career. Rodgers and Brady play in some of the worst weather every year. Manning has the most loaded team this year and will still lose in the playoffs. He can’t keep that same level of play in the cold, it’s been his Achilles heel his entire career.

  9. Peytons bootleg TD run this year was without doubt my favourite moment of the season, I actually laughed out loud watching it, the way the cameraman was fooled so badly then you hear the commentator shout “wait a minute PEYTON STILL HAS THE BALL!!!” only to look up and see the most wooden scamper ever into the endzone….priceless

  10. Dont get me wrong Steve Young was a great QB but he was the starting QB of one of the best teams in the league and delivered just one Superbowl. That year the Cowboys screwed up the first half against the Niners in the NFC Championship game which helped.

    How many Superbowls did Young go to and win ? Just one.

    Mannings been to two and won one and still people give the poor guy hassle. Some of his playoff losses you cant blame Manning, the defense has stunk (Jets) (Dolphins – Lamar Smith 200 yards), a crazy fumble, a missed FG etc.

    Lets just appreciate one of the best QB’s of all time, despite his amazing year people are still moaning about him. Ridiculous

  11. If you consider throwing a bunch of TD passes from the 1 yard line an accomplishment, then yeah…

  12. Anytime we talk about Manning, we should always add “regular season” when we talk about his accomplishments. The best QB season ever would be one in which the QB has an outstanding post season and carries his team to a championship.

  13. Some fans complain about TD from 1 yard line.
    Most times it means, they can’t run and get that 1 yard. Also field gets much restricted at 1 yard line than from 20 (say!). So in no way 1 yard TD inferior to a 65 yard Bomb! in most cases later one is a blown coverage & wide open taking to house!

    Enjoy Greatness when it is there! May not last forever!

  14. Right. And all QBs these days wear dresses and might as well play flag football. All the WR’s are divas and are looking for a PI call on every play. Trust me all these “records” and “stats” are facts yea, but they are subjective for sure.

  15. There seems to be a lot of hate on here about Manning throwing a lot of 1-yard TDs. I don’t even know if that’s true or not, but what the heck difference does it make? He still threw the TD pass, and he still did a lot of the work to get them to the 1-yard line. Right? And if it was so easy to score a TD from the 1-yard line, there wouldn’t be quite so much attention paid to red zone efficiency, right?

    I agree that Seattle is the team to beat this year, but guess what, the Broncos won’t have to meet them until the Super Bowl.

  16. My Chargers proved that the Broncos wheels are getting a bit shaky as their train proceeds toward the playoffs.

    The most fearsome teams in recent Super Bowl history, such as the not too distant Patriots, Steelers and Giants champion teams, if anything, got more serious and more difficult to beat at this stage of the playoffs, especially with playoff seeding on the line.

    I think Peyton has already shown that he’s ready and willing to fold in the playoffs at the first possible moment.

  17. Translation : Do me a solid on Sunday. Take it easy on me I’m trying to nail down this coaching job.

  18. all i read are comments about his postseason record. its stupid. don’t get me wrong, some of those losses (both NE, 02 jets) are on him. however, is it his fault that his D let jacoby just run for 70 yards untouched with 30 seconds left after he gave them the lead? then we have the 08 game vs the chargers where the defense felt it wasn’t important to tackle darren sproles at all.

  19. When you truly have a “greatest season” you got to lead the triple crown of passing statistics.


    In Manning’s situation, he’s gonna break 2 out of 3 so yea its a big deal.

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