With plenty of coaches on the hot seat, one only vote of confidence


Black Monday approaches.  It’s the inevitable day on which multiple owners fire multiple coaches, all in the hopes of turning a bad team into a good team.

The ability of Andy Reid to transform the Chiefs from a bad team into a good team in only one season won’t make owners any more patient this year.

And so with Week 17 approaching and the flames of a firing flashing at the fannies of more than a few coaches, it’s odd that only one owner has provided the dreaded vote of confidence.  Beyond Cowboys owner/G.M. Jerry Jones, no other owner has said his head coach will return in 2014.

Of course, the dreaded vote of confidence is called the dreaded vote of confidence for a reason.  But for several coaches the lingering silence is becoming deafening.

For coaches with one year left on their contracts after the current season, there’s an easy way to make a convincing dreaded vote of confidence.  Give the current coach an extension.

Instead, all other owners of all other coaches who are believed to be on the hot seat have fallen silent.  For teams whose playoff fates already have been decided (e.g., the Jets, Giants, Vikings, and Raiders), that could be a very bad sign.

We’ll know a lot more on Monday, December 30.  If not earlier.  Until then, we can merely speculate about who’s on the hot seat.  For this week’s organized speculation from PFT Live, click the little box thing below.

35 responses to “With plenty of coaches on the hot seat, one only vote of confidence

  1. When you think of what Andy Reid did in KC this year, just think of what he could have done in Detroit. Schwartz is way in over his head, just like Frazier….2 pretty darn good teams with terrible coaches holding them back.

  2. Owners are declining comment about their current coaching staff. But they crossed themselves, rolled their eyes and pointed skywards, made slashing motions across their throat, choked themselves briefly, and mimiced digging in the earth with a spade.

  3. Ford has been very consistent and repetitive in saying his GM has done a great job and that Schwartz is a very good coach. So it doesn’t make any logical sense for him to not extend both. He loves them and believes in them so he should keep them. Why replace them if you already have something guaranteed that is very good, especially when they have more contracted time and pay already agreed to?

  4. I think if Schwartz stays I may start rooting for another team. It could even be a terrible team like the Jags, so at least then i won’t be let down when they lose. We have the best WR on Earth, above average QB, dominant O line & dline, an underated LB core and a deadly RB tandem. Yet we’re on the cusp of missing yhe olayoffs – again.

    BYE JIM SCHWARTZ. Hello anyone with a functioning brain!

  5. Incorrect. Most media had Philbin all but fired, then Ross praised him and said he was the right coach for the Dolphins

  6. The Chiefs, just like the Vikings last year, will slide next year. Not saying to the bottom, like said Vikings, because Oakland is still in the division and they will be there a few more years.

  7. florio, i hate to rain on your obsession with the cowboys, but you are incorrect when you say only jerra has commited to a coach next year. aruthr blank has come out and said mike smith has, “earned the right” to fix things in atlanta.

  8. There are a total of 13 coaches who were hired in 2010 or later, who have coached for at least one season and who are still employed.

    Of these 13, only three coaches have a worse record than Mike Shanahan (hired in 2010, .387):

    – Leslie Frazier (hired in midseason 2010, .380)
    – Greg Schiano (hired in 2012, .379)
    – Dennis Allen (hired in 2012, .267)

    Coaches with better records who took over struggling teams since 2010 and who have fared better than Shanny include Jim Harbaugh (.686), Chuck Pagano (.655), Pete Carroll (.597), Ron Rivera (.500), Joe Philbin (.500), Jeff Fischer (.500), and Mike Munchak (.435).

    Any way you cut it, Shanahan’s teams have consistently underachieved relative to his peers and no amount of blaming of the owner (who gave him total authority in 2010) or the quarterback (who came to town in 2012) will excuse this mess. The fans deserve better.

  9. If you would jump ship to support another team because you don’t like the coach or owner or GM or the receptionist or the punter, you are exactly the type of fan I wouldn’t want associated with the team I support. Good riddance.

  10. Did Florio not read the interview with Mark Davis where he stressed he understands things take time and patience. With the bloodletting the Raiders had to do to cut most of any talent they had, along with playing with 2/3’s of the cap that the rest of the teams had, there is absolutely no way that Allen and McKenzie don’t get another year. And anyone thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

  11. Schwartz reminds me of this neighbor I used to have. One time he insisted on starting my grill. It had an automatic starter so all he had to do was hit a button and stand there with a smirk, but instead he tried to do it by hand and somehow ended up taking off his eyebrows and setting half the place settings on fire. In hindsight, maybe that really was Jim Schwartz.

  12. Sometimes I think the Lions get kickbacks from the entire health industry. It cannot be good mentally or physically to get your hopes up each year only to have them slammed. Seriously it is like there are 32 women on the planet and I have been married to the same one for so long that when she cheats on me I just take her back because it would be even more difficult to get to know and start a long distance relationship with another team.

  13. How can one organization whiff on so many key positions/decisions like the Vikings have? Think about it. They’ve totally blown it on the following:

    Head Coach
    QB (multiple)
    3 first round draft busts in 2013

    Enjoy the basement for a while Vikings. Hopefully it’s insulated.

  14. Coughlin deserves the opportunity to fix the giants and retire a giant. Some ungrateful giant fans out there. How quickly you forget what Tom and Eli mean to the franchise.

  15. bwisnasky says: Dec 19, 2013 5:29 PM

    Did Florio not read the interview with Mark Davis where he stressed he understands things take time and patience. With the bloodletting the Raiders had to do to cut most of any talent they had, along with playing with 2/3′s of the cap that the rest of the teams had, there is absolutely no way that Allen and McKenzie don’t get another year. And anyone thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.
    McKenzie is getting another year for sure. Allen might not, but probably should. He doesn’t have a QB, or a pass rush that doesn’t include blitzing. And his contract is guaranteed. Might as well keep him around for the continuity, and see what he can do with better players.

  16. Dennis Allen will be back and deservedly so. Just read Mark Davis’ quotes a couple months ago. Changing coaches every half a second gets you no where. Rome wasnt built in a day. Its a cliche I know, but please be patient fellow Raider Fans. Reggie will probably draft a QB and Allen will develop him for the long term. They both deserve another year. Plus its not like our division is ripe for the taking right now, lets be honest. Also, lets not forget that $70 mil in cap space we will have thanks to Reggie’s salary moves last off season, getting rid of dead weight like Big Mouth Mitchell, Seymour, Kelley, Bush, Palmer, Heyward-Bey, etc. Buncha bums…

  17. “3 first round draft busts in 2013” ??

    You must not watch any Vikings games. Cordarrelle Patterson is leading the world in return stats and is a dark-horse candidate for Rookie of the Year. Xavier Rhodes has developed over the last month or so until a solid starting CB. Sharrif Floyd…well, the jury is still out on him.

    Although the Vikings are lousy, to say their3 first round picks have been busts is a complete joke.

  18. Leslie Frazier’s job is in Matty Cassel’s hands. If they continue to play like they did against a decent Eagles team, he stays. If they don’t, he’s out of there. I kinda miss Chilly and his Kikassoffense. By the way, I think I saw him at the Duluth Grill, unclogging the bathroom sink…

  19. Andy Reid didn’t turn the Chiefs around in 1 season, he turned them around in 1 off-season, a matter of a few months..Which is why he’s hands down the Coach of the Year!

  20. Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t KC have like the second most pro-bowlers last year? How is it so great to turn around a very good team to make them play the way they should have been playing all along?

  21. If Tom Coughlin is fired he will be hired by Ziggy Wilf. Assuming Frazier is fired, which I hope not for the sake of the man and my monicor.

    Did someone actually call Cordarrelle Patterson a bust???? Thats funny. Xavier Rhodes is looking pretty good too, but I’m understanding why Sharrif Floyd slid so far in the draft.

    Johhny Manziel, C.J. Mosley or Derek Carr could fall right to the Vikings at #8.

    We’re keeping the cellar of the North warm for you for next year Detroit!

  22. But i thought THIS was the year all the Vikings fans were chanting “Super Bowl!”..oh yea they do that every year..smh.

  23. staffordsyear says
    ..oh yea they do that every year..smh.

    Come back and say that on December 30, after the Vikings crush your playoff dreams!

  24. I honestly could care less if they lose that game, Green Bay and Chicago need to lose at least one game for us to have a chance anyway (which is very possible this weekend). They don’t deserve the playoffs and Schwartz needs to be fired..as a fan of another inept team you know the sayin..

    Maybe next year!

  25. staffordsyear, you know nothing and I too hate the Lions losing in the second half of the each season, but these are the Fords we’re talking about here and unlike Millen we didn’t go 0-16 this year, so I can see Schwartz coming back next year, but they may make him change a coordinator or two.

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