Candlestick farewell could get raucous

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Yes, the 49ers will bid farewell to Candlestick Park on Monday night.  (It has provided a great marketing gimmick for ESPN, given that the Falcons are the opponent.)

On Friday, the 49ers issued a media release proclaiming that the 49ers will host the Falcons in the “last regular-season game ever” at the iconic but woefully outdated venue.

It will be a celebration, to be sure.  Eddie DeBartolo will serve as the honorary captain.  Former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark will commemorate “The Catch,” judged the No. 1 moment in Candlestick history.  All gates and parking lots will open an hour early.

While there’s a chance — albeit very slim — that the 49ers will host a postseason game at Candlestick Park, Monday night’s game will be, for all practical purposes, the last game ever played there.  Which means that things could get a little out of hand.

The team already has announced that seats from Candlestick Park can be purchased.  There’s a pretty good chance that plenty of fans will try to physically remove plenty of seats at the last game.

There’s also a pretty good chance that the place also could be otherwise trashed, to the point where it would be a Herculean effort to get the ‘Stick ready for one last playoff game, such as an unprecedented contest between the No. 5 seed and the No. 6 seed.

25 responses to “Candlestick farewell could get raucous

  1. The greatest moment ever at Candlestick was Matt Bahr kicking the field goal that ended the “threepeat.” Parcells called it a “big league kick.”

    One of the greatest playoff games in NFL history.

  2. “Could”… Playing games in San Francisco is like playing a game in front of Gen Pop at San Quentin, though that may be a tad rough on the inmates there.

  3. Opening a whole hour early? wow! I was at the last games played at Connie Mack stadium and The Vet in Philly. People brought prybars to Shibe, by the time The Vet closed the capatalists had an army of security waiting for any thefts.

  4. Love or hate the 49ers, that’s a pretty iconic football stadium, in a sport where stadiums aren’t nearly as revered as they are in baseball.

    The new stadiums are all nice and “tricked out”, but lack true character in my opinion.

  5. The Niners will be offering a commemorative, limited edition switchblade, emblazoned with the 49ers logo, to the first 5,000 attendees.

  6. Grew up watching the Niners here..Great memories but the place is a dive but were gonna lose that blue collar true fan feel..The new joint in Santa Clara is gonna be sick but most of the seats are gonna be owned by google and microsoft etc…gonna lose all the true fans to corp seats..Goodbye Candlestick!

  7. whoknowsnothing says:
    Dec 20, 2013 3:23 PM

    Only way the 49ers host a playoff game is if its against the Cardinals!!!
    They’ll move into 5th place if they beat ATL Monday. A home playoff game could conceiveably be against NO or CAR since they play this week and one of them will wind up with their 5th loss. The only road game I’d fear for the 9ers in the playoffs would, of course, be Seattle. None of the other potential candidates they’d play as a 5 seed on the road scare me. As a 5 seed, they’d play the worst remaining division winner. Dallas or Philly in the East or Chicago, GB or Detroit in the North.

  8. I was sitting in the same end zone where Jerry Rice caught his record breaking 101st TD reception on a rainy day against Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins back in the early 90’s at the ‘stick. I’ll never forget it…

  9. Great memories iconic moments Im gonna miss the stick! @12thmangohawks it’s idiots like you that are going to make the celebration that much sweeter when the Seahawks lose in January!

  10. Been going as long as I can remember my dad taking me. Gonna miss the stick for sure. Seahawks fans hating on here are just jealous that we have 10 moments to count down, and their biggest moment was a gift wrapped hail Mary.

  11. I’ve always been a Raider fan, but lived just a few miles from Sierra college and hung out there quite a bit when the Niners held training camp there in the 80s. My old man even took us to a couple of games at the Stick when they were hosting a team he hated, like the Chiefs. I wouldn’t attend a game there now, but it was fun back then.

  12. I too have been going to Giants and 49er games for years. Great memories of Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Juan Merichel when I was a kid. As well as John Brodi, Gene Washington and team.

    TO catching the TD to beat the Packers in the Playoffs was amazing. But sad to say one of the amazing moments was 50 yard line seats watching Barry Sanders play for the last time at the stick on a brutally rainy Monday night game. He ran like a gazelle and stopped on a dime. He left way too early in his career.

    Go Niners. See ya Stick!

  13. Candlestick is a dump and the 49ers are a top 5 team, AT&T in Dallas is state of the art and the Cowboys are a bottom 5 team. Jerry are you listening?

  14. 49erfan44 says:
    Dec 20, 2013 7:10 PM
    Been going as long as I can remember my dad taking me. Gonna miss the stick for sure. Seahawks fans hating on here are just jealous that we have 10 moments to count down, and their biggest moment was a gift wrapped hail Mary.

    And their amplified crowd noise. They should aim higher..

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