Chargers-Raiders won’t be blacked out


The Chargers have one home blackout on their ledger already this season, but they won’t add a second against the Raiders this weekend.

Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego reports that the blackout has been lifted a day after the Chargers received a 24-hour extension to sell enough seats to allow the game to be televised locally. Such a development was expected, as it is any time a team is granted an extension by the league, because teams usually have secured a commitment to move any remaining seats for 34 cents on the dollar.

The Chargers may not be able to avoid a blackout next weekend, however. Gehlken reports that nearly 5,000 seats remain unsold for next weekend’s regular season finale against the Chiefs.

Hopes of selling those seats would improve if the Chargers have a chance to make the playoffs. That would require a San Diego win and losses by Baltimore and Miami, so this may be the final Chargers home game on San Diego television this season.

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  1. I’ve never lived in a city were an NFL game has been blacked out. God that would suck. This seems to be a reoccuring theme in San Diego and Buffalo. Maybe, just maybe, they should consider lowering ticket prices. It’s crazy, i know. But it just might work.

  2. I get that San Diego has many distractions – the beaches and the people and seemingly endless good weather, but if they can’t fill a stadium for the premiere American sport all of eight times a year, someone should think about moving the franchise to a city where enough people care to attend.

  3. Even though the game won’t be blacked out, no one in the home market will watch it anyway. San Diego has grown tired of this team and their ownership.

  4. And that is why San Diego deserves to lose this team.

    A halfway decent team (to say the least) getting no attendance that it deserves and yet the Spanos family just won’t quit the market and embrace its unwillingness to help them get a new stadium???

    The Spanos ownership looks mindless as we see this report.

    Their unwillingness to make this a money maker by moving the Chargers to Los Angeles will make them victims of themselves down the road.

    Trust me. It will happen.

  5. Hopefully the Chargers will destroy the pitiful Raiders and Mckenzie will be fired for incompetence. So the organization can be rebuilt by a high quality Coach and GM .

  6. I love seeing the dumpy chargers struggle and the fair weather fans run it in case you forgot raiders beat you once fools and the raiders are in an embarrassing stretch but the whole history of the dolts is embarrassing besides Seau he was so great he shined above that trash organization

  7. The Chargers have great fans but many are fed up with ownership by the cheap Spanos’. There are distractions living hear as mentioned, weather, beaches, etc.. Oh well someone has to live hear. Ha Ha. Have a Merry Christmas , from inside your freezing homes. Gonna be in the 70’s here. HO Ho Ho!

  8. Like it or not, Joetoronto is correct. A mass of Raiders fans have ascended on San Diego this weekend for the game as they always do. The place is known as Oakland South by The Nation for a reason. There will be nearly as many Raiders fans at the game as there are Chargers fans. Thumb me down all you want, but it’s the truth. The Raiders have some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in all of sports.

  9. Chargers have never had a loyal fan base..They should have moved the team to LA ages ago..As far as this game being Blacked out or not, who really cares in a battle between two sucky teams?

  10. Lived in SD for 13 years and it’s the only place I’ve seen that consistently struggles with potential blackouts. What’s the real problem?

  11. I’m glad you Raider fans are letting people know what’s going on. Stay off the I-5 northbound Sunday evening everyone. There will be an abundance of idiots driving cars with rims worth more than the car. Angry their team just got beat 37-12.

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