Dick LeBeau compares Aaron Rodgers’ release to Dan Marino’s

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On Thursday, Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was asked whether Aaron Rodgers’ edge in mobility was what most differentiated him from backup Matt Flynn.

In LeBeau’s view, Rodgers’ right arm, not his feet, is the differentiating factor.

“He’s like Dan Marino the way he gets rid of the ball,” said LeBeau, noting Rodgers’ quick release.

LeBeau, whose remarks came from a transcript from the club, described Flynn and Rodgers as “both fairly mobile guys.”

Said LeBeau: “Rodgers is very athletic, but I think probably his overall field acumen, he just knows where everybody is, and he’s so quick with the ball it’s hard to get him.”

LeBeau also observed that a quarterback inexperienced in a particular system can be apt to hold onto the ball “a little bit longer,” but he noted that Flynn was “pretty quick with it, too, really.”

Rodgers was limited in practice on Thursday with the collarbone injury that’s kept him out the last six games. If Rodgers cannot play, Flynn will start his fourth consecutive game for Green Bay, which is a half-game out of first place in the NFC North.