Kamerion Wimbley fined $10,000 for hit on Carson Palmer


A low hit on Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was costly for Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley.

The NFL has fined Wimbley $10,000 for roughing the passer, saying that Wimbley illegally struck Palmer in the knee area.

The hit was costly for the Titans on the field, as the personal foul penalty set the Cardinals up with first-and-goal. They scored a touchdown on the next play.

Palmer hurt his ankle on the hit and is listed as questionable this week but is expected to play on Sunday at Seattle.

11 responses to “Kamerion Wimbley fined $10,000 for hit on Carson Palmer

  1. I Couldn’t believe that hit when I saw it. It was a blatant obvious intentional Illegal Knee Shot that was just about as dirty as they come. I believe they were intentionally trying to hurt Palmer n knock him out of the game with the hit, to force back-up QB Drew Stanton ( Who is actually a good QB running Arians offense) into the game thinking that is the only way they could win, and had they won their playoffs chances n hopes would still be alive. The hit was so obviously intentional though , it was almost laughable. No place in the game for dirty hits on franchise Quarterbacks knee’s , with how teams are built around their QB these days. This punk biotch deserves every bit of the 25000$ Dollar fine!!!

  2. Don’t hut em high, don’t hit em low ….

    I dislike Bradshaw, but when they came out with the “In the Grasp Rule” he said something that still applies

    “They need to just put a dress on the quarterback”

  3. Yeah I mean if you can’t hit them in the head or the knee there is NO other place to hit them. Why is it we just don’t allow any hit.

    I am sure there is no one in the NFL that would ever hunt a head or knee.

    Give me a break, in no other business do you get to destroy the product.

  4. Addendum to BillaDick-

    Palmer being a franchise QB is like saying Billy Bob Thorton is an Oscar type actor!

    Pretty hilarious!

  5. kwjsb says:

    …. “They need to just put a dress on the quarterback”


    it is a ton better for the game and the watchability of it when key players that don’t have a deep bench like QBs and kickers get some more protection.

    That way we don’t end up with a couple of hours of a BS game or guys that have no idea how to punt giving up silly fumbles or a completely handicapped team for half a season because some 22 year old wants to dirty hit a QB.

    Bountygate proved there needs to be some serious curbs on whacking key players. If NFL defensive players suddenly get a conscience, then we can take the dress off…. until then, we’ve gotta have it

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