Larry Fitzgerald: I’ve never missed a division game and don’t plan to start


Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was listed as limited in his return to practice after suffering a concussion last Sunday, but the wideout told reporters that he participated fully in the team’s practice session.

That’s a pretty good sign that Fitzgerald will be able to get on the field in Seattle for Sunday’s NFC West clash. Fitzgerald said Thursday that he has never missed a division game and that he doesn’t plan to change that this weekend, even though he’s well aware of the potential risks that come with returning to action after suffering concussions.

“It is a concern, but I’m like anybody else — I just want to go do my job, have a good time and play and win and enjoy it while I have the opportunity,” Fitzgerald said, via the Arizona Republic. “There’s no telling how long I’ll be able to play this game or how long anybody will be able to play this game — or live life — but I have an opportunity to do something I truly love doing, playing ball, and that’s kind of how I think about it. I obviously understand the ramifications and seeing the studies and seeing the guys that have dealt with issues in the past. I’m aware of all that.”

Fitzgerald still needs to get the final green light from an independent neurologist before he’ll be officially good to go for Sunday and sounds confident that it will come in time for him to help his team avoid another 58-point loss to the Seahawks.

9 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald: I’ve never missed a division game and don’t plan to start

  1. Walter Payton is always my answer when asked who my favorite all-time non-Seahawk player is, but Fitz is right there with him. Class act on and off the field.

  2. real nice backhanded disrespect slap at the cards with 58 to 0 loss statement like we are still the same team. must be a seahawk shill

  3. Forgot about 58-0! Damn, that was the third worst beating in the HISTORY OF PRO FOOTBALL! This one will be closer though…more like 35-10. The Hawks pass rush destroyed Palmer in AZ, so I can’t imagine that will change in the noise factory up in Seattle. It’s going to be ugly while Wilson and company wrap up home field for the playoffs at the Cards expense. Sorry Cards fans.

  4. this isn’t gonna turn out well, seeing how back to back concussions are incredibly unhealthy. oh, and I’m referring to the fact he’ll probably get another one this sunday playing the legion of BOOM!!

  5. I like Fitz, he’s a standup player and I hope he gets healthy.
    Even Sherm has big respect for him! This will be a great game either way!!! GO HAWKS!

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