Richard Sherman: Earl Thomas for defensive player of the year


If Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had a vote, the NFL’s defensive player of the year would be Seahawks safety Earl Thomas.

I would have to give it to Earl,” Sherman told “I think Earl is having a fantastic year. He’s flying around, tackling everywhere, forcing fumbles, getting interceptions. I don’t think there’s anybody out there playing better defense and I think our defense is No. 1 in the league. So usually the best quarterback with the best receivers isn’t punished for that, so don’t punish one of the best players on the best defense. So I think he should get it.”

Some would say Sherman himself should be defensive player of the year, an idea that Sherman does not oppose.

“If there’s anywhere the defensive player of the year should be it should be in Seattle,” Sherman said. “Whether it’s myself or Earl.”

In a year when the defensive player award seems to be wide open (Robert Mathis, Robert Quinn, Luke Kuechly, Vontaze Burfict and J.J. Watt will also get consideration), Sherman and Thomas are both strong candidates who may end up taking votes away from each other. Seattle is fortunate to have two defensive player of the year candidates playing together in the same secondary.

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  1. ” So usually the best quarterback with the best receivers isn’t punished for that, so don’t punish one of the best players on the best defense”

    That’s a good point. Aaron Rodgers still won MVP in 2011 even though Matt Flynn came in and balled to the tune of 6 TDs in one game. Doesn’t make sense to exclude Thomas or Sherman just because they’re doing their jobs at an elite level.

  2. Seattle ranks No. 1 in passing yards allowed AND in interceptions, a feat that has been accomplished only 3 times in NFL history. 2 of those teams won championships that season (2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1963 Chicago Bears), while the third (1982 Miami Dolphins) lost in the Super Bowl.

  3. Robert quinn is unblockable, and probably should outright win it (if the season ended today)

    * Quinn’s overall grade for the season is a plus 66.5, which ranks No. 1 at his position. The next best 4-3 defensive end, Miami’s Cameron Wake, grades out at 26.4. Yes, that is correct: Quinn’s season grade is more than two times better than the second guy in the rankings.

    * Quinn’s pass-rush grade (plus 52.5) is No. 1 at the position and is more than two times better than the second player in the rankings.

    * Quinn leads all 4-3 defensive ends in pass-rush production, pressures (83), sacks (15), QB hits (20), hurries (48) and forced fumbles (7.)

    * Among all players (any position) Quinn leads the NFL in forced fumbles, is second in sacks and is building a large lead among all players in total QB pressures.

    * Here’s the bonus: Quinn ranks fourth in the NFL in effective run defense among 4-3 defensive ends.

  4. Luke Kuechly should definitely win, partly because he’s allowed grab and hit defenseless receivers helmet to helmet in the end zone so…. you know that helps his cause.

  5. The arrogance just drips off that team. They have backed it up so far. Give them that. We shall see what happens.

  6. Earl Thomas deserves it hands down. Seattle has had the best defense two years in a row.

    #1 pass defense, #1 in interceptions, #1 in scoring defense, top 10 in rush defense.

    Earl’s ability to cover the whole field allows Seattle to do what other teams simply cannot do. He makes the whole defense work. If he doesn’t win Defensive Player of the Year, the whole thing is a fraud.

    The next closest would be Sherman but he doesn’t make or break a defense. Then on my list would be Quinn. That guy is a beast. But his team isn’t currently holding 3-2 odds to win the superbowl, Thomas’ is, and that puts him over the top.

  7. The Defensive Player of the Year should elevate the play of the rest of the defensive players around him. Quinn is an outstanding individual player but has he elevated the play of the rest of his team? No. Only Earl Thomas does that. He makes everyone else better. Quinn is excellent but he doesn’t make his team great. Thomas makes the Seahawks number one in nearly every category.

  8. OMG!! This whole “Seahawks D are all on PEDs” garbage is getting old. Please name ONE player currently on/suspended for PEDs. How is it arrogance to say your team has the best defense in the league when it is statistically true?! There’s no arguing the Hawks are the best team right now, so keep coming up with whatever ridiculous blows you can think of to tell yourselves otherwise.

  9. If you listen to what Jon Gruden said on Monday night football when they shutdown the Saints prolific offense. You would have to agree. The reason Sherman plays so well and the Seahawks have been able to plug in their 3rd and 4th string corners in and have success is because of Earl Thomas. The guy plays center field in our cover 3 and our corners scratch and claw in bump and run. This causes the QB to either throw a contested short pass or try and throw over our large corners and get it in there before Earl runs it down. It’s a very simple concept but hard to beat. I think if the Seahawks are smart and they are. Earl Thomas will be the priority when they have to start paying all the low payed studs they’ve drafted in the last 3 years. More proof that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been the best coach and GM in the last 3 years. They built their team like your supposed to. It’s a QB league but you have to have a team around them. The Seahawks got ripped for starting Tavaris Jackson. Well guess what, they built there team for 2 years while Jackson was starting and then plugged in Russell Wilson and are now Super Bowl contenders. Maybe the Redskins should have been the one’s getting ripped. They got there QB first and now they’re scrambling to put a team around him. Glad I’m a Seahawks an.

  10. Lavonte David should win DPOY. But he will be overlooked for lesser players with bigger mouths. No member of the legion of PED should be anywhere near this award.

  11. I have a feeling Luke Kuechly will have his fair share of Player of the Year of awards in his career. (he is only 22 years old)… but not this year.

    Robert Quinn should get it. That guy has been unstoppable this year.

  12. I can remember when the Eagles front office screwed up when they traded up in the draft to pass on Earl Thomas and took Brandon Graham.

  13. As long as the votes get split, it won’t happen for either of them, but I hope it doesn’t matter due to the SB Championship I hope they achieve.

  14. There is no question he should win it. All of the players listed above are fantastic and anyone would love to have them on their team. But Earl Thomas stands out above the others.

  15. I think if you look at Luke Kuechly, he’s changed that defense to a playoff defense. The Seahawks have enough depth to replace someone like Earl Thomas, if you take Luke Kuechly out, I highly doubt that defense can play the same…

  16. Yeah there are people that should be in consideration but for 2 years in a row Seattle has been the top ranked defense. It is hands down either ET or Richard Sherman both are playing at the highest level of their position by a large margin.

    Someone pointed at Lavonte David and I looked at his numbers the other week when looking at linebackers stats and couldn’t believe it. But same as JJ Watt, there is no way you can win the award being an a bottom 3rd of the NFL team. Seattle’s secondary is crazy because Kam Chancellor had his best game last week and may just be the best SS in football. 3/4 spots – Legion of Boom is no joke.

  17. i really don’t think you can go wrong with any of those guys named. i doubt he will win it but i think that robert quinn deserves it. he’s starting to look as dominant as his year at north carolina.

  18. Luke Kuechly hands down with Quinn not too far behind. Facts from a fan with no dog in this race. Although as a Dolphins Fan, Brent Grimes is on the list, but certainly not near the top. More like Comeback Player of the Year.

  19. Earl Thomas has earned dpoy award. He’s the best safety in the nfl, period. He has the stats to back it, has game changing plays and is a good in the community. Besides , Ed and Troy are just too old and injured now.

  20. As a Hawk fan, I’d be happy of course for Sherm or Earl to get DPOY, but Robert Quinn was an absolute monster for our OL to play against. He frankly ate our backup left tackle alive in the first game against the Rams.

  21. Richard Sherman is probably the NFL player I love to hate more than any other. He’s obviously biased because he plays with Earl Thomas, but you have to give him (E.T) strong consideration regardless.

    I don’t think Sherman will (or should) win, but I would have no problem with Earl Thomas winning, nor Kuechly or Quinn.

    What Robert Mathis has done in Indy, and what David has done in Tampa are both impressive feats, considering the teams they’re on. But I think it comes down to Earl, Luke, and Robert Quinn.

    I can’t stand Sherman’s personality, but I’d still take him in a heartbeat on my team as a player.

  22. Sherman has toned it down quite a bit over the season.
    I have to laugh at all the trolls talking about PED usage.
    Irvin is the only player that has been suspended for PED use this season. He was suspended before he ever played a down for Seattle.
    Trolls will be trolls though, if it makes them feel superior I have no problem with it.
    Eventually reality will settle in.
    Seahawks have a great team and it should last a few seasons.
    Go Hawks!

  23. Earl Thomas at one point was in a conversation of DPOY, until Frank “The Inconvenient Truth” Gore juked and ran past him. To make it worse, he couldn’t catch Gore and make the tackle. Hahaha

  24. I am not a Seahawk fan. But I respect their defensive greatness. I thought that Sherman or Thomas would win DPOY hands down. If Sherman says Thomas should win it then good enough for me. Respect for both of them. Since my team is out of contention I would not mind seeing the Hawks win it all. They definitely are worthy- great defense and a great leader with Wilson passing to an ordinary and beat up receiving group. Lynch in beast mode. Shoving it up Washington DC teams arse for missing out on Wilson would just be a bonus.

    Pete Carroll for Coach Of Year! It should not even be close.

  25. earl thomas is a beast, sherman takes peds to stay light. if he gained an additional 5-10 pounds from not taking adderal he’d be too slow to play corner. that guy will never get my respect because he’s a cheater

  26. Robert Quinn should take it easily if it really goes to who was DPOY but Earl had one helluva year. He should definitely get consideration, but if Quinn doesn’t actually win it’s a sham vote

  27. Berry 3.5 sacks
    Thomas 0
    Berry 60 tackles
    Thomas 70
    Berry 4 INTS
    Thomas 5
    Berry 2 TD’s
    Thomas 0

    Now that you have the stats you can see Berry is better. Especially at game changing plays, that some of you Seattle fans seem to hang your hat on.

  28. Smack talkin’ and taking cheap shots don’t make you the DPOY. Frank a Gore clowned him pretty good. Yap away Seattle but, Quinn is the obvious choice for DPOY. Bar none,the best Defensive player in the NFL.

  29. As a 49er fan living in Austin, I’ve followed ET since his days at Texas and was bummed when he wound up in Seattle due to the rivalry. That being said, can’t say I argue Sherman’s words (this time).

  30. Earl Thomas is having a great year, no question about that. Earl Thomas “may not” use illegal drugs or PED’s, however, there’s just too much of it being used in Seattle that if Thomas is indeed clean, he becomes dirty by association and as such I don’t see him winning any award. Perhaps if Sherman and everyone else would’ve accepted responsibility for their use of PED’s etc. it might bode well for Thomas having a chance to win the award but voters are not going to forget and he won’t have to look far to place blame.

  31. Those of you shocked about Sherman, I also feel bad for. You have NO IDEA how awesome of a teammate that dude is, how good he is with kids, the press etc. He is a Stanford grad with a draft snub chip on his shoulder. He is from Compton and made it, he is a great person.

  32. To say ET is replaceable in Seattle’s D is the biggest lie ever no other safety in the NFL has the range and versatility ET provides. He is the reason seattle can play big press CBs.

  33. I sure wouldn’t give it to the “shut down@ corner slash big mouthed Sherman who got burned by our 5th string receiver Jarious Wright….big mouth goon that guy is…

  34. Earl Thomas’ Candlestick memory: getting faked out of his jock by 30 yo Frank Gore with two bad knees, who then runs 50 yards to set up the game winning score.

  35. How can you not mention LaVonte David?
    I understand Seattle has a great defense but Earl Thomas is not their entire defense.
    Luke K has shown he sucks in coverage.
    JJ has not had a good season.
    Meanwhile LaVonte David playing WILL lB is fourth in tackles, 4th in picks, calling plays, shutting down TEs, and getting sacks is gettin no consideration? What a joke! Give him the panthers front four, Seattle’s back four, and I bet he would be leading the Bucs into the playoffs and be the front runner.
    Should be what it is, an individual award and not a team one.

  36. They are a very good defense. But…
    “Legion of Boom” might be the dumbest nickname ever. Sorry, not *might,* it IS the dumbest nickname ever.

    Greatest Show on Turf
    Purple People Eaters
    Monsters of the Midway

    Legion of Boom is truly awful.

  37. Anquan Boldin “glorified owned” Richard Sherman in his so called “glorified practice” game. Hahaha. He was holding and scratching Anquan like a beootch, and Anquan still caught the ball. Hahaha

  38. Love seeing the SF fans grasping at straws. “Gore ran a big run haha”!!! It’s nice to see you guys holding on to that one play. I used to do the same when the old hawks squeaked by a rival. Now we just brush off those losses and proceed to win divisions, etc.

    For those of you comparing stats: Earl’s effect on this defense goes beyond the stat sheet. It’s nice to see Eric Berry with 3.5 sacks but the Hawks don’t need to use Earl to sack the quarterback. That’s what the d line and backers are for.

  39. Jbaxt
    Actually earl Thomas has 93 tackles to berry’s 66
    Thomas has 5 int to Eric berry’s 3
    Thomas is also a human highlight real this season with diving interceptions and stuff of that caliber making it almost impossible to run them back but please check the stats so it can be a real debate.

  40. That gore play shouldn’t have even got to earl, backup LB Malcolm smith overpersued, as did bobby Wagner. I don’t expect you haters to actually watch the play though, just look at the end result. Oh and no hawks have tested positive for PED’s this season, Irvin’s failed test was last year, thus was suspended first 4 this year. Your team has as many weed smokers as the hawks, since 75% of the league smokes it, according to quite a few ex players accounts.

  41. Sherman is a great guy and a natural born promoter. His big mouth attracts attention to the Hawks while shy guys like Earl Thomas do the dirty work. ET deserves it. They both do. Playing in the Northwest they just do not get the media attention. Even now, as good as they are, we continue to see news stories about the Jets, Patriots or Redskins when all of the attention should be on the Hawks.

  42. Dec 21, 2013 10:07 AM

    Anquan Boldin “glorified owned” Richard Sherman in his so called “glorified practice” game. Hahaha. He was holding and scratching Anquan like a beootch, and Anquan still caught the ball. Hahaha

    Hey rico….how did Boldin look in week 2 in Seattle?

  43. The ped jokes are getting stale, every article about the Seahawks is littered with poor puns, cheap shots, and to satisfy the rule of three, unfunny quips. The truth is generally every players is using performance enhancers to sustain and endure the level play required to stay in the NFL not just the Seahawks.

  44. Sick of hearing this guy talk.
    Go away Sherman.

    Maybe someone can stuff his mouth with a pile of PEDs to keep him quiet?

  45. bwaahh hah ha ha, listen to all the haders, the entire Seahawks defense should get it, Brady Quinn? that’s LAUGHABLE, um who does he play and why isn’t he in the mix playing crappy teams?

    Hawks have played the best of em and picked em off so yak all ya want, just makes you sound like the bitter twatt you are..

    you think Seattle’s D is a joke? on PED’s whatever (only a moron would think adderoll is a PED)

    all I can say to that is…. tested daily… GIT SUM!!

  46. So Hawks use PED’s? I guess they should murder people and have assault and domestic violence stuff going on like 49er players. Gore is tired… Niners are tired… Get used to being disappointed because you have many years of that coming with Harbarf and Colon Krappernoob!
    Lmao – enjoy the Seattle brick in your new stadium —
    😂 GO HAWKS!!!

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