Sean Payton: Valid to question our ability to play on the road


The Saints have been impossible to beat at the Superdome this year, running up a 7-0 record in home contests.

Things have not gone nearly as well on the road, where the Saints have gone 3-4 to cost them a chance at home field throughout the playoffs and jeopardize their shot at winning the NFC South. Coach Sean Payton has heard a lot of questions about his team’s failure to impress away from New Orleans and said Thursday that those questions don’t frustrate them because they’re fair.

“No, probably in fairness to that, maybe earlier in the year but those questions certainly are valid ones right now,” Payton said, via the team’s website. “I think over our tenure here in 2006 we have played very well on the road and yet that is insignificant as it pertains to 2013.  No I don’t know that we necessarily embrace it or get frustrated with it, it is really you guys reporting what is accurate.  Maybe three weeks ago after or two months ago after the Jet loss, but it is what it is right now though.”

Payton said he and the other coaches have been looking at everything to figure out how to play better on the road and they made a pair of moves this week — switching kickers and left tackles — in hopes of sparking a better performance. If they can’t, they’ll need to figure something out quick because any chance of advancing in the playoffs will rely on making up the more than two touchdowns a game they’ve lost this season when leaving the friendly confines of their dome.

8 responses to “Sean Payton: Valid to question our ability to play on the road

  1. Does Drew Brees know you’re saying this? He may not like you acknowledging that the Saints have issues on the road.

  2. The road woes are worth mentioning but lets be real…if the Saints win Sunday (their final road game), they’d finish with a 4-4 road record with 3 of those wins coming outdoors (Chicago, Tampa and Carolina–should they win). Many, many, many teams would love to have a 4-4 road record…lets not pretend they’re the only ones who struggle away from home.

    Lets also not forget that since 2006 (past 8 seasons), only 1 team has more road wins than the Saints and that is the Patriots. Since 2009, no team has more road wins than the Saints…fact!

    That said…they aren’t the same away from home this season but really, what team is. Both of the Seahawks losses were away (Colts and SF). It took an overtime miracle for them to beat the Texans in Houston…a team with only 2 wins. My point is…no team plays away like they do at home.

  3. Under SP the Saints are #2 in the NFL relative to their road record (NE is #1 by a few games).

    Fact is, few teams do that well on the road in today’s NFL. Ask Seattle, Den, SF, etc. etc., – same thing only different!

  4. Drew Brees has problems on the road, he is plain horrible sometimes. No way they win a Super Bowl, he wouldn’t be able to handle NEW York in the snow. He couldn’t handle Seattle, he was ugly.

  5. In the playoffs, on the road, you have lost to Grossman (Chicago), Hasselbeck (Seahawks), and Smith (49ers). Not exactly Hall of Famers.

  6. The Aints had a three game lead in the division…go ahead and crown them! Wait….BLEW DAT! Here come the Cardiac Cats and they are going to Keep Pounding lil breezy until he has to Ice Up Son!

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