Winslow says Browns can’t guard him

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Jets tight end Kellen Winslow has many positive attributes.  Among them is confidence.

His confidence is peaking as he prepares to face the team that drafted him in 2004, the Browns.

“Really, they can’t guard me,” Winslow told Jane McManus of “That’s how I feel, and I can’t be guarded, you know? . . . .

“Who’s going to guard me over there?  Nobody.  That’s how I feel and that’s how I play the game.  That’s how you gotta play the game.  You’ve just got to play the game and that’s all.”

It’s less of a slap at the Browns and more of a reflection of the confidence that Winslow (and many other NFL players) need to have in order to suit up on Sundays and be effective.  For Winslow, his confidence extends to the question of why he hasn’t played more in 2013, his first season with the Jets.

“[W]hen the tape’s turned on, I feel good about what I put on tape,” Winslow said.  “Because nobody cares about practice really, it’s all about the game on what’s on tape.  Dealing with politics, this and that, just the game of the game, it’s all about Sunday and what you put on tape, and that’s what they can go back to.”

He’s right, to an extent.  But practice is where players get comfortable with each other.  Winslow, who continues to find a way to play despite a series of knee injuries dating back to a motorcycle accident in 2005, doesn’t practice much, and so he doesn’t play as much as he’d like.

He’d surely like to play even more when the Browns come to town on Sunday.  The extent to which he does provides one of the only intriguing angles for an otherwise meaningless game.

45 responses to “Winslow says Browns can’t guard him

  1. Im a fan of a team that never had Winslow so speak objectively:

    K2 was an incredible talent. More powerful Antonio Gates. A narcissist who flushed his career down the toilet, but could have been elite.

    He’s like the complete opposite of Hines Ward.

  2. He’s not really taking a shot at the Browns. He is saying that nobody can guard him…on any team, and that’s how you have to play every game. You have to think you’re the best. You have to think nobody can guard you. If you go into a game worried about somebody or something, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. The Browns don’t miss him. He couldn’t get open unless he pushed off, could’t block and had too many penalties for lining up wrong. I am sure they miss his fire and passion, but that doesn’t show up on tape!

  4. Kellen, this is why you never have and never will reach your potential. Your outlook is skewed, and your me first attitude gets you ran out of town everywhere you go. It’s a shame, too much talent to waste. No one cares how you practice? How do you think guys get shots to play on Sunday? I wish I could walk around clueless and continue to get paid…

  5. His ‘soulja’ rant is epic. You can tell all he wanted to do the whole interview was drop an f bomb somewhere do drive a point and he went with whatever gibberish it took for him to do it.

  6. Junior has always had more mouth than brains. For those that don’t recall, his motorcycle accident was him, alone, doing wheelies and bunny hops on a crotch rocket in an empty mall parking lot. He is pure genius, this one. The Browns have their issues, don;t get me wrong, but they have shut down way better tight ends than Junior Winslow this year.
    I know, I know…. He’s a soldier!!

    2 catches – 24 yards.

  7. Someone sounds like they are still upset over losing the national championship to a certain other team from Ohio. At lease he and Willis get to reminisce this weekend about that soul crushing loss.

  8. Hey K2, the Browns have taken two of the leagues best tight ends out for the season. You’re one of the league’s worst tight ends…. see where I’m going with this? I’d keep quiet if I were you. Ohh and did you ever master the art of popping a wheely on your motorcycle? Just wondering ..

  9. Oh Kellen…big talk for a “never was” dude…he sounds like a disgruntled child….I’m pretty sure the Browns (and all others) aren’t that concerned about him…

  10. maybe this is why Winslow has never been on a winning team…in Baltimore you don’t get on the field until you have proved yourself on the practice field…ask the many players who have been in Harbaugh’s dog house over the years…and maybe that is one of the slight differences that puts a team like Baltimore, above the rest on a consistent basis

  11. Yeah I wouldn’t even try to guard him. But I wouldn’t be afraid to try and hit him hard in the ankles and see how fast he comes off that line next time. I can’t hit him any higher, it could draw a flag or a penalty or I could get hurt.

    Also I’m a Punter by contract and I changed my last name to Punter so you can see it on the jersey for no mistake that I am completely defenseless. He better hope he doesn’t get a penalty for throwing a stiff arm at me. That’s dangerous.

  12. OMG…………..that reeks of arrogance not confidence.
    ‘Solja'< Haden

    Hopefully Haden is well enough to play.

  13. I guess that trying to talk a good game somehow makes this clown significant, or relevant? I don’t think so.

    One good shot from D’Qwell will knock you right into retirement, Mr. Winslow.

  14. You can’t really guard someone on the sideline can you?? I guess we could send one of the waterboys over there and have him stop you from getting water?? Just have to make sure they are in fatigues cuz you can’t mess with a soldier……

  15. He might be right. Considering he’s appeared in 10 games this year, and has a whole 27 catches, it’s probably really hard to guard a TE on the bench.

  16. How’re those knees holding up ?

    Winslow is a terrible player at this point. Amazed he’s playing in the nfl and not the cfl or arena ball.

  17. is this that same winslow that has been irrelevant for the past 6 years??

    or a new Winslow that will be irrelevant soon enough.

  18. Wow! Are you kidding me… all you need is a stationary curb and he will be out for the season. Way to go solider!

  19. I wonder if he realizes he’s playing football instead of basketball. When you say ‘nobody can guard me’, that’s usually talking about basketball. Receivers usually say ‘nobody can cover me.’ Maybe he’s had too many hits to the head. However, it’s probably not from football since he’s almost never on the field.

  20. The apple didn’t fall from the tree.

    At least his oldman could play a little, but was always highly overrated.

    His self entitled son needed the attitude adjustment that Sr. didn’t have the sense to give him. Now he’s nothing more than a turd, while his dad was a turd with some talent.

    Both losers.

  21. Was he referring to 1980 to 1983? I think the statement would apply a little better to that time and a different Kellen Winslow. As for this one, yeah, your 27 receptions for 319 yards and 2 TDs are hardly scaring anyone. Put it in perspective, Kellen Winslow Jr had 5 TDs in a single season (his career high). Jamal Charles had that last week alone.

    He’s certainly on the right team though. Is talking out of your rear end and trumping up middling performance mandatory for anyone associated with the Jets?

  22. Oh I don’t know they had a pretty nice day against Gronk (not talking about the hit either, though it may be a bad idea for someone with legendarily bad knees to instigate a defense already shy of hitting high).

    But I guess the rubber meets the parking lot Sunday and we’ll find out.

  23. winslow, even in HS he was like this. he would make a mistake, and look to the sidelines to complain to his father who just happened to get to BE on the sidelines unlike other parents.

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