London Fletcher has some Mr. Miyagi advice for RG3


Redskins linebacker London Fletcher only has a little time left to share his wisdom.

And as he prepares for his pending retirement, he wants to help his highest-profile teammate learn to do something basic — breathe in, then out.

“There are a lot of people that pulls and tugs at him, but I think really this a time for him to just kind of exhale,” Fletcher said of quarterback Robert Griffin III, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “If you look at it at the end of the year, he hurt himself, he didn’t have a chance to really exhale. This is a time for him to exhale, take a step back, re-evaluate different things and say, ‘Hey, what do I need to get to be the player that he knows he can, be the player that everybody knows he can be?’ That would be my advice for him.

“Really just take some time to clear his head and really decompress from everything that’s happened because he’s really been on a whirlwind if you think about it since his senior year at Baylor, or his last year at Baylor.”

Fletcher has occupied the locker next to Griffin’s, and that’s hardly accidental. As one of the most respected players in the league, he’s the kind of voice Griffin needs to be hearing. It seems that Griffin is listening, especially as reports mount from everything to the way Griffin responds to coaching to the role of his family.

“Fletch told me just to  just to exhale and let it all go,” Griffin said. “You have to let the people that know you defend you. You can’t try to defend yourself or your family in the situation. It’s unfortunate. People won’t understand that. But people that know me, know my parents, know my family, know what goes on around here — they have to defend me.”

Applying the lessons Fletcher’s imparting will be important to Griffin when his on-field career continues next year — without the wise neighbor to offer him advice.

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  1. For a wise man who occupied the locker next to RG3, Fletcher is a day late and a dollar short. He sat silent during this entire circus and never showed any inclination to advise Robert of what was evolving. I’m sure he could see it.

    On the other hand, there is no reason to believe Robert would have been anymore receptive of his teammate’s advice, as he was of former QB Donovan McNabb, who openly offered his help.

    Shanahan was wrong, but maybe the benching is just what the doctor ordered for a guy who became so full of himself. Now, maybe he won’t feel obligated to have a press conference whenever and wherever he see’s a mic.

  2. I’m still confused what RG3’s parents/family have anything to do with him being a QB for the Redskins.

    I don’t get it.

  3. I’m with qdog112 on this. For such a beloved/heralded Redskin he’s opening his mouth NOW when the ship has sailed AND crossed the Atlantic???

  4. If you constantly have to defend yourself, the problem is you. Take a look in the mirror RG3(although I’m sure the narcissist looks in the mirror often)

  5. I like London Fletcher.

    Fletch never got into any on-field or off-field trouble and seems to be a family man.

    That Said… I don’t think he’s dumb… but… during his press conference he sounded like he’s had too many concussions.

    I once got thru to a Sunday evening TV sports call-in show… and… while I waited I got nervous about public speaking while watching and listening to the show on 5 second delay… if the show didn’t end and I was forced to speak… I might have sounded like I have had too many concussions, too.

    So…. maybe… he was just nervous… but… 16 years as a starting NFL linebacker…. fourteen less games than Junior Seau.

  6. Expectations were way to high for him coming into this year after that injury. Too many people expected him to pick up where he left off before theinjury. Not at all realistic. The Washington Racial SLurs should have put on the PUP list to start the season to give him back the time he missed working with the team in the off season. He could have been brought back after week 8 and been much more effective. Also need to blame Shanahan for not damping elevated expectations from the very beginning

  7. Just another reason why it was better for the Colts to choose Luck.

    He already understood and got what Fletch is trying to tell Robert MEIII.

    Robert still doesn’t get it and he might not get it for a while yet.

    He is an amazing talent and can do well in this league, but it takes more than just physical talent like good old Vince Young of Texas.

    Thing is, Robert is smart, but there is something missing still.

    Hopefully he figures it out in time. He could easily do better than Luck in their careers, but right now my money has been and still is on Luck.

  8. upperdecker19:

    Kreese never would have ordered the sweep though if the penalty was severe enough to deter him. He was just trying to win no matter what it takes, and he found a loophole in the rules!

  9. Gettin’ Betta – Betta’ all the time

    Irish Setta’ – Settin’ all the time, all the time..

    PT Band

  10. “EXHALE?” His only advice is to EXHALE? Well while Griffin is “letting it all go,” his competition will be studying film and going over game plans and strategies, to say nothing of hitting the gym. Fletcher’s valued council should have begun with telling Griffin to DUMP the STUPID Nike commercial, along with the folks who were in his ear about an advertisement that, ultimately drove his rehab process. Fletch should also have told his “pupil” to pull his butt out of the owner’s office as well as to stop reading newspapers and to ignore blogs and tweets and whatever else is online, because as young QBs in Seattle, Indy and Miami are clearly aware, commercials that PRECEDE victories are hype, and competition is fierce and can come from ANYWHERE, even from a talented QB from your OWN team. “EXHALE” my eye!

  11. AND RGME immediately proves he doesn’t get it when he starts talking about “defending” himself. This kid just doesn’t get it does he? Maybe Bob, just maybe some of the negative things people say about you are true and instead of feeling the need to be defensive or be defended, how about listening and learning you hard head!

  12. Im a Redskin fan for 40 years, Griffin is not the problem, Shanahan and his son and all the rest of those coaches must go

  13. I really hope London Fletcher stays involved with the Redskins organization somehow. Weather it be as a coach or front office. He’s been the real face of this team for the past 7 years. A class act all the way and it’s a shame he was never able to get a ring wherever he played.

  14. Fletcher’s a great LB, criminally underrated his whole career, and a fine human being to boot.

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