Security will be enhanced for final game at Metrodome

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Lions fans who assume their 7-7 team easily will beat the non-contending Giants and Vikings to end the season are overlooking two important factors:  (1) the Lions typically don’t fare well at the Metrodome; and (2) next Sunday’s game will be the last one ever played at the Metrodome.

According to the Associated Press, the powers-that-be plan to increase security for the December 29 Metrodome finale, given that the last “last game ever” at a Twin Cities football stadium got out of hand.

“There will obviously be a great deal of attention for inside security, just monitoring so that fans can celebrate, but do so safely and responsibly,” Minneapolis police inspector Medaria Arradondo told the AP.

When the Vikings closed out Metropolitan Stadium in 1981, fans stormed the field, tore down goal posts, and otherwise stole anything that wasn’t nailed down — and presumably some things that were.  This time, that supposedly won’t be happening.

“Nobody’s leaving with anything,” Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Chair Michele Kelm-Helgen told the AP.  “We’re putting that rule in place, and we’re going to stick to it from the beginning of the game to the end.”

While that could be easier said than done, the game will feature twice the number of security personnel used for a normal game.

“All told, we’re looking at close to 700 security representatives within the building,” Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson told the Associated Press.  “We don’t expect any issues, but we want this to be a memorable game for our fans, and we want to do it in a safe and respectful way.”

It sounds like a good plan, but that plan could change dramatically if/when the crowd collectively decides that it’s going to do whatever it wants to do.

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  1. As a Viking fan…our team never even made the Super Bowl while playing in the metrodome. Not to mention choking the 98 championship game there (still can’t believe it). Why in the hell would I want to steal something from there??? I’ll gladly pull the switch to blow it up though!

  2. Just let the fans tear that place down – hell, it would be the most exciting thing ever to happen in the Metrodome.

  3. The Metrodump signaled the end of toughness for the Vikings. Moving indoors was a huge mistake and in 2016, they’re going to repeat it. Chicago and GB will always be the top tier in the NFCN because of that.

  4. They said nobody was leaving with anything during the last days of Tiger Stadium too. But I got out of there with a nice Tiger patterned armrest. They shouldn’t have encouraged me with the challenge and told me what I can’t do, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it. I only wanted it because they were so sure it was impossible for me to get it. Turns out I was right and they were wrong. A good winning season also would have deterred me to leave it alone, but they couldn’t do that either.

  5. Just wait for a snowstorm. That’ll end it.I really would like some if those Hefty Bag decorations. As Bette Davis once said “what a Dump!”

  6. I went to games at the dome for over fifteen years. Stopped going two years ago.

    I always liked the dumpy feel of it, but will not miss the congestion, or the terrible speaker system they had in there.

    Vikings made a mistake not making their new stadium outdoors. They went to four super bowls while at the met because they were a tough team. Indoor teams are soft. Vikings still are horrendous on the road outdoors, and it’s been that way since they left the met.

    Oh, and good luck at TCF stadium next year, where the lines to bathrooms and concourse congestion is about as bad as the dome. If you went to the gopher badger game a month ago, you know what I’m talking about.

  7. everyone can say all kinds of terrible things about the metrodome but a good portion of my favorite memories took place there. yeah its a dump but i would love to walk away with a piece of it and don’t see why the commission is being so stringent about disallowing that…they are probably going to try to take it apart and sell everything.

  8. One thing being overlooked is that the metrodome hosted much more than the Vikings. NCAA march madness, Timberwolves, concerts, and the Twins. The Twins won 2 world series there, and there have been many memorable moments there. Kirby Puckett game 6, Jack Morris game 7, and much more

  9. I’m old enough to remember the results of “Disco Night” The White Sox “hosted.” I wouldn’t have wanted to be any part of security THAT night! I surely hope nothing along THOSE lines replays its ugly presence!

  10. What security are the Vikings adding 4 more hotdog vendors?…….The putz owner is probably hunting the area for homeless people to fill the stands……Two years from now watch these fans cry because it’s to cold outside for them……Go pack

  11. The taxpayers caved in to a billionaire’s threats and paid for this stadium; they ought to be able to take some souvenirs.

  12. The huge gas bag known as the Metrodome is a perfect metaphor for the Minnesota Vikings and most of their fans.

    The Vikings are physically soft and mentally weak. They’ll be dying to get into their nice warm new stadium, but in the meantime they’ll have to endure two seasons of pure misery playing in the cold, wintry outdoors. That’s something the Green Bay Packers have been doing on a yearly basis for 90+ years, and is one of many reasons why the Packers (and their fans) are infinitely superior to anything coming out of Minnesota.

  13. Huge mistake going indoors. They had such an advantage in the snowy breezy frigid temps. All fields should be outdoors with real grass

  14. yet again another fan of “wisconsin’s” one profitable company claiming that “wisconsin” is superior to the Great State of Minnesota.. Mathematical facts, say otherwise, the only thing “wisconsin” can claim is beer sales on sunday, better deer hunting, and more contestants to appear on the biggest loser.. thats it…. Pretty soon The Great State of Minnesota will be able to claim the entire “state” of “wisconsin” as a tax right off, due to charitable giving….

  15. So, I can’t bring a crow-bar to take home 3 seats for my garage? Wtf.

    The only thing infinitely superior in terms of Sconnies and Minnesotans is the average of a Sconnies waist size and their penchant for binge drinking. You guys are far superior in that regard. Oh, and fake championships.

  16. Regarding the first sentence of this article, I doubt that many of us Lions fans expect to end the season with two easy wins. A couple of reasons for this are 1) the Lions don’t always beat teams they should beat and 2) even when they do, it’s not always especially easy.

  17. I was at the final game at the met in 1981 you could have had a security force of 5000 and it would not have stopped the crowd from going on the field. it was a great moment for me to just stand on the field where alan page and fran tarkenton played. and yes I do have a seat from the met in my basement. I will keep a good thought for the safety of the security people because controlling a crowd of 60,000 people will be tough.

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