Stafford: There are throws I wish I could have back


Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has thrown 10 interceptions in Detroit’s last five games, a five-game stretch during which the Lions have gone 1-4 and fallen out of first place. Stafford acknowledges that’s a problem.

“There are definitely throws that I wish I had back,” Stafford said Friday. “I feel like I’ve made some good plays, but bottom line is winning and losing games. They make a field goal at the end of the game to win it. We have a chance to come back. We don’t get it done with 30-something seconds left. That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

At the same time, Stafford told reporters that criticism from the media doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t pay attention to the media.

“I don’t want to hurt y’alls feelings, but I don’t really listen to it or read it honestly or hear about it,” he said. “It’s actually been pretty stress free for me. Obviously, I want to play good. Not for you guys, but for my teammates and for the coaches in the locker room. They put a ton of hard work in. We are all doing everything we can to play as good as we possibly can. I’m not different.”

Stafford has undeniable talent, but the issues with his mechanics and decision making have been apparent throughout his career, with little improvement. Stafford says he wants to play well for his coaches, but the reality is that his poor play down the stretch this year may result in him getting some new coaches — perhaps coaches who can finally make his production match his talent.

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  1. The primary problems are his footwork (he frequently doesn’t set properly), his penchant for throwing the ball too hard on short passes, regularly throwing behind the receivers, and the rushed throws when there’s no real pressure.

    Unfortunately, the Lions have a QB coach whose only apparent experience at the position is playing in a semi-pro summer league for 3 years. No wonder Stafford hasn’t improved. He probably knows more about playing QB than the guy who is coaching him.

    The Lions either need to bring in a real QB coach or find a head coach who will.

  2. He may have some things to improve on, but the Lions receivers drop a lot of passes. Some might say it is the side arm throws, that it’s too hard, etc… but these guys are paid to do one thing – catch a football. I doubt he’d have to try to force plays if they didn’t drop so many passes. Calvin’s drops last week cost them points – we wouldn’t be reading this if they’d beat the Ravens.

  3. When the Lions were winning the media talked about how he can create his own throwing lane with his varying arm angles and quick release. The last five weeks and it’s back to he sucks and his mechanics are terrible. Yes I’ve seen him rush it and miss throws, but I’ve seen A LOT of catchable balls that are drops, int’s that should have been catches or drops (Pettigrew ducking a couple weeks ago for the pick 6 stands out). He also gets the ball out when there is pressure, and a lot of times make a play or give the play a chance. The Lions woes are more due to dropped footballs, whether it’s a pass or a ball being run down the field and fumbled. Stat only QB? Yes, he’s great at driving the ball down the field only to have Bell and Bush fumble it inside the 20. How many int’s of his have hit a reciever in the hands first?

  4. Maybe he should start listening to the media for pointers because the coaching staff does not seem to be helping.

  5. He’s one of those guys that you just need to accept that he will make the occasional bonehead throw. I’m no lions fan but I’d take Stafford over any of the qbs they had before him

  6. I like Stafford. I like watching him play. He really does remind me a lot of Favre. One major difference, when Favre came to the Packers he had great coaches around him. If Schwartz goes, and they bring in a HC with an offensive pedigree…this Lions team could be scary.

  7. His mechanics are fine. A shortstop throws the ball at all angles because he finds himself on different parts of the field having to make throws. When a pitcher is struggling, those who don’t know what the problem likes to say it’s mechanics because it sound smart. Really, most people don’t know what they are talking about. Mechanics are a big issue when you are trying to get 5mph on a fastball, or trying to fine tune control at 60 feet. Mechanical problems also cause early fatigue because of unnecessary additional movement, not different arm angles. Stafford’s arm doesn’t seem to be getting tired, and his release is as quick on all his throws. His problem is his predictability. He’s become reliant on certain throws at certain times, and defenses have adjusted.

    On MNF his first int was tipped. On his second int, three guys ran at the same level cutting off the main route.

  8. Bottom line – it’s not just about talent… it’s about the poise and composure to finish. He hasn’t shown either.

    1) Stafford gets nervous happy feet, then starts slinging.
    2) He’s slow to read the field, which is why MOST throws are behind his receivers… unintentionally.
    3) He’s missed many open receivers in the process of locking in and forcing throws… see last week.

    Time to provide the right kind of assistance and help him keep it cool.

  9. 10 interceptions in the last 5 games, the team has gone 1-4 and fallen out of 1st place in a weak division.

    “Stafford acknowledges that’s a problem.”

    That’s a start.

  10. This guy just chucks the ball up & Megatron bails him out. He’s not accurate. Burleson & Fauria (sp?) can’t bail him out like Megatron.

  11. Stafford thinks he can make every throw and is willing to try…hence a lot of interceptions. that coupled with poor coaching prevent this team from winning more games. Here’s the problems:

    1. Stafford moves little from side to side in the pocket to avoid pressure. Learning to move a little, like Brady! will help give the time he needs. right now, when the pocket gets to his level, he gets happy feet.

    2. Lions receivers tend to attempt catches with their backs to the end zone. this is unlike any other team, and I think it leads to a lot of injuries for the WRs and TEs. why aren’t they receiving balls in stride? Every catch is on a stop motion, pivot, and go.

    3. lions receivers just,plain drop too many balls. Hire away the receivers coaches from GB or NO. their receivers don’t drop anything.

  12. Let’s Not Forget…. the baltimore ravens only beat the Detroit Lions by two after referees “ignored” an obvious sexual assault by a baltimore corner on the Detroit receiver in the endzone that prevented the Lions from getting the ball on the 1 yard line.

    Just another officiating gift to the baltimore ravens.

  13. Lions Head Coaching job?

    Probably the most desirable HC job because of the talent, and non-interference by the Fords.

    Biggest needs?

    OC, Quarterbacks coach.


    Jon Gruden.


  14. No matter how much you want every throw to be perfect, you can’t will yourself to never make a bad throw. It’s nice to recognize mistake throws and want to have them back or prevent them, but he needs to focus on all of the things that he can control that contribute to missed throws. Some of those bad throws come from positioning or footwork issues, or processing reads and decisions that have other choices he can make, and he can eliminate some of those mistake throws not by having them back and making a better throw, but by taking a different approach or making a different decision about something that leads up to those throws. His not being perfectly accurate with every throw is not one of my major concerns for him.

    And he shouldn’t listen to us, because he’s not discussing or analyzing the matter with us, and there’s no way for him to reconcile the criticism on a one-way street. Let the coaches worry about that stuff and let them filter through the criticisms, he doesn’t need those distractions and he just needs to focus on what he can control to be a better Field General out there. The coaches need to make sure he understands that and they need to show him how to develop into that.

  15. Overrated and Overpaid.

    He is an average AT BEST qb who throws jump balls up for one of the greatest receivers to high point and catch.
    Beyond that he is not very good. he doesn’t read defenses very well at all, he has an accuracy problem on anything other then a deep route and now that teblow is out of the league Stafford has the worst mechanics of any starting qb.
    If Luck come into the league on a team with that much talent they would have had the division locked up weeks ago.
    The guy is 24-36 with some EXTREMELY talented teams.

  16. Would love to see a guy like Ken Whisenhunt or even a college coach with the offensive pedigree of a Ken O’Brien or Jimbo Fisher take Stafford to the next level.

    Schwartz and Linehan ain’t gettin it done.

  17. Good thing Chicago is going to lose to Philly and Green Bay is going to lost to Pittsburgh and we’re still going to the playoffs. You heard it here first.

  18. Did he really say it’s been stress free for him? Maybe that’s part of the problem because his crappy play should be causing him some stress.

    I know in the real world whenever a person isn’t performing up to expected standards, no matter what the situation is, stress is certainly present.

    I guess $94 mil eliminates the stress.

  19. The ill advised contract extension guarantees that the Lions and Stafford are conjoined for the time being and it’s still possible that his performance can improve to justify the financial commitment but it’s clearly not going to happen with the present coaching staff. A regime change doesn’t guarantee that Stafford will finally grow up but a retention of the current staff most assuredly means more of the same.

  20. Okay, the lions have talent, no doubt. We run the absolute worst schemes on both sides of the ball. I’ll start with Gunther, of you run stunts 90% of the time you will get timed up and smashed. Never understood his 10 yard cushion scheme with our dB’s allowing the qbs to make quick decisions which doesn’t work in favor with your highly talented defensive line. The only thing that giving the wr that much cushion is your susceptible to the double move, just don’t understand it. And all I need to say about linehan is that I can’t call a complete game, just a drive here or there… Stafford isn’t the problem here

  21. Stafford says “There are definitely throws That I wish I had back”

    Its the bad throws that define greatness – or even the difference between a professional and an amateur.

    I play golf. I hit some great shots every round. If I could take back a select few, Id consistently shoot in the 70’s.

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