Bengals run away from Vikings, clinch playoff spot


The Bengals are headed to the playoffs for the third consecutive season.

In a performance highlighted by strong play by the Bengals’ offense and defense, Cincinnati defeated Minnesota 42-14 on Sunday afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals’ win, coupled with the Dolphins’ loss to Buffalo, puts Cincinnati in the postseason. The Dolphins’ defeat also clinched the AFC East for New England.

Cincinnati (10-5) would win the AFC North with a Baltimore loss to New England later this afternoon.

In victory, quarterback Andy Dalton threw for 366 yards and four touchdowns, with a pair of scoring passes going to star wideout A.J. Green (seven catches, 97 yards). The Bengals outgained the Vikings 429-209 and possessed the ball for nearly two-thirds of regulation.

The Vikings, who had played well recently, struggled throughout. Quarterback Matt Cassel completed just 13-of-27 passes for 114 yards with one TD and three picks. He also lost a fumble. Star tailback Adrian Peterson had a quiet day, rushing for 45 yards on 11 carries.

Bengals linebacker Vincent Rey had a big game, forcing the Cassel fumble to set up a first-quarter Cincinnati touchdown and intercepting Cassel for a score in the second quarter.

The Bengals came out of the win with some injuries, with outside linebacker Vontaze Burfict (head), right tackle Andre Smith (ankle) and tight end Tyler Eifert (stinger) all hurt.

37 responses to “Bengals run away from Vikings, clinch playoff spot

  1. And the Bengals recover from all the dirty stealers play to go to yet another playoff game. Hey stealers fans bet you wish you’re team was as good as this one. Welcome to 3rd place in our division ….. suck it losers! Who Dey!

  2. Yay. Ponder will come back. Because their coaching staff is stupid. If they are somewhat intelligent, they put in freeman. Just confirm he sucks too, so all three of them will cut get. If they don’t play freeman, it will go down as one of the biggest and dumbest wastes of money ever.

  3. Where are all the Steelers fans still celebrating the SuperBowl win from last weeks game at ? Who- Dey 3rd straight playoff year . Dalton 2 td passes away from passing Palmer for the franchise record. History making team here

  4. Congrats to the Bengals on securing a playoff spot and also handing the Minnysoda vikqueens their 10th lose of the season giving them their 3rd double digit lose season in the past 4.

  5. Jeff Tripplet, gifting Cincy with a touchdown, “big Mo” after a great goal line stand by the Colts at the end of the first half a couple of weeks ago and perhaps the tie beaker vs. Colts, is being shown as affecting the playoff seeding! And he still has a job!

  6. Minnesota Vikings only team in the NFL with zero (0) road wins…………………………brutal………………… gm, new coach, new qb…………..simple…………………..

  7. Unfortunately…. triplette’s “gift” didn’t make any difference since the Bengals beat the Colts by 14 points and the Colts final touchdown happened while the Bengals playing PREVENT DEFENSE in the final minutes of the game (with a 21 point lead).

  8. Signature win for the Bengals. BTW that WR Patterson for the Purple guys is a real stud. Glad we don’t see the Vikings very often just so we don’t need to face #84.

  9. This is the guy they want to mentor our new 1st round draft QB? I don’t think so. Ponder, Cassell, Freeman, Frazier, Spielman and everybody beneath them except for the trainers and equipment staff – Gone. Gone 60 seconds after the end of the season.

  10. Jekyl and Hyde when you compare this team on the road to at home. Cinci could quite possibly face the Ravens in their building two weeks in a row. But I think they can still get the bye. A win next week coupled with a NE loss to Buffalo would give them such. While a Buffalo win over NE is implausible, its not impossible. Buffalo gave all NE it could handle week one and has the defense to take Tom out of his game. They are also due for a win there- I believe they havent won in NE since Gillette Stadium opened its doors 11 years ago?

    Either way, shaping up to be an astonishingly interesting playoffs, one I cannot wait to see.

    Go Bengals!

  11. Congrats on beating a Vikings team playing horribly right now with no incentive to win and out of the playoffs with nothing to play for.

    The Steelers humiliated you last week, the game was more lopsided than the final score thanks to your meaningless last score.

    Enjoy being one and done in the playoffs. Same old Bungals.

  12. I am savoring a dominating win, followed by a crushing defeat of the Ravens! I dedicate this one to every Ravens troll who guaranteed us that they would win the ACFN. Enjoy playing the Bengals’ backups in a meaningless game next week!

  13. cincinasty87 says:
    Where are all the Steelers fans still celebrating the SuperBowl win from last weeks game at ? Who- Dey 3rd straight playoff year.
    3rd straight one and done. No doubt Marvin will play his backups next week and tank the game, for the sole purpose of keeping the Steelers out. Watch.

  14. Bengals get their playoff win this year. I don’t know how many but just one will show that they’re going in the right direction. This is a young team (especially on offense) without any weaknesses in terms of talent. Don’t listen to the media hype trying to build them up as superbowl contenders, they can’t wait to tear them down for not making it. We just need a playoff win this year and the future looks limitless. Go Bengals!

  15. “This is a young team (especially on offense) without any weaknesses in terms of talent”
    I would say that having a QB with no arm strength is a considerable weakness in talent.

  16. Dalton and the Bengals made that look like a 7 on 7 passing scrimmage… Or the Bengals just playing against a pop warner team.

    Zygmunt… Have you called Donald Trump yet to ask how to say … “Your Fired”???? If you need, I could come to winter park and say it for you!

  17. I’m begging you with every fiber to go out and at least win one playoff game to eliminate this embarrassing streak from the afcn. Oh forget it, it’s useless.

  18. The Steelers are a complete non-factor in whether or not the Bengals play their starters next week. Much as they are a non-factor in the AFCN. Congrats on the repeat performance as the third place team. Best wishes on not botching the draft yet again.

  19. Dalton was accomplished as an underdog in College, taking a lower tier school to a Rose bowl win and ultimately the Big 12 and he’s doing the same in the NFL. As his 2011 rookie season began, the Bengals were on the bottom of every power ranking. They have made the playoffs that year and every year since.

  20. People used to complain about Manning’s arm strength. Stafford has the biggest arm and best receiver in the league, how many playoffs has he made? Brady has made a HOF career out of spreading the ball around quickly with good timing in the short-intermediate range. Dalton has done the same since college. I’m not about complain about the QB of a team that routinely puts up 40+ points.

  21. wow…..another win against a 4-10 team. Who-Dey? Yep who-dey think the bungles are going to win a playoff game this year…huh?…..Anybody?

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