Bills shut out Dolphins 19-0


The Bills may not be going to the playoffs this season, but they can console themselves with dealing a blow to the Dolphins’ chances of making the playoffs.

Buffalo completely shut down the Miami offense on Sunday afternoon, holding the Dolphins to just 103 yards of total offense in a completely dysfunctional performance at exactly the wrong time. Winning out guaranteed the Dolphins a playoff spot, but now they’ll have to see what happens with the Ravens against the Patriots later on Sunday to see where things stand for them.

If they wind up on the outside looking in, the offensive line that has caused trouble on and off the field all season for Miami will be a leading reason. The Dolphins allowed seven sacks, twice as many hurries and Ryan Tannehill left the game briefly with a knee injury after one of the sacks. The running game didn’t exist, either, and the Dolphins offense laid an egg across the board.

Kyle Williams bullied the Dolphins up the middle for two sacks and Buffalo added three more on blitzes by defensive backs as Miami seemed totally befuddled about how to keep the rushers from collapsing the pocket. It’s not a good look for any team, but it’s especially bad when worn by one with playoff aspirations.

If the Ravens win and the Chargers lose, those aspirations will expire and the first offseason priority in Miami should be an obvious one.

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  1. So much for Miami’s signature win against the depleted Patriots. The idea is to build off of a win like that, not to let your QB get treated like a dog’s chew toy on your way to zero points. Many Dolphins fans were acting like the final two games were just a formality until their playoff run began. Swept for the season by the Thad Lewis led Bills sure looks like the difference of going, or not going to the playoffs.

    Thank you to Buffalo from a Ravens fan. Yes Baltimore also lost to a very scrappy Buffalo team, but the stakes weren’t nearly as high as they were for Miami.

  2. But…but… We are going to challenge NE for the division!’

    And it won’t happen next year either!!

    If they couldn’t do it with NE injuries it’s not happening. Enjoy second place next year too. Sorry a$$ fish!!

  3. Way to step-up Miami! Biggest game of the year and you lay a massive egg. Serious lack of leadership and character on this team.

    Same story every year….

  4. Well, in all fairness, the Phins won their Super Bowl last week, so they have that going for them.

  5. Why is it that the jets and Dolphins talk….SO BIG..after they beat NE???

    Yet, after they get done congratulating themselves…they lay egg after egg?

    Where are all the Dolphin fans who stated ” The the Dolphins had overtaken the Patriots”???

    Where are all the Dolphin fans who declared that Brady was over the hill and the ” mantle passed on to Tannehill”???

    Jeez…didn’t they say the same Fiedler, Beck, Culpepper????

    Bills have much better chance of finishing 2nd in Patriots division NEXT year than Dolphins….Better coached, more talent and depth.

  6. Wow ! no surprise here, last week I said too many sacks and not enough points. I also said some people might think the fins should be rolling the bills and jets over and I also said the dolphins win when nobody expects them too but can’t cross the line when it’s there to be crossed. This game completely sums my dolphins up they huff and they puff but the house isn’t touched.

  7. LOL! Where are all the Dolphins fans from last week who said the Dolphins are legit, and the Pats need to watch out?!? Haha PLEASE!!! Couldn’t handle a second stringer, and that offense was crap.

  8. Well for my Dolphins the phrase “you win as a team, you lose as a team” was never truer than today.

    The entire team and coaching staff didn’t show up today. With everything on the line they didn’t show up.

    Pathetic but typical for too many years.

  9. What a mess of an offensive line this team has.
    If your QB is on his backside most of the game, he’s not going to last very long, whether by injury or an eventual demand for a trade.

    If you think Tennehill is the QB of the future (and I lean toward yes), then keep him upright.

  10. lol Bills. Beat Carolina, Miami twice, and Baltimore but lose to ATL, and Pitt and Tampa in embarrassing fashion. The prototype for the phrase “mediocre at best”.

    PS Thad is a better QB than EJ Manuel.

  11. Can’t wait to hear what the genius offensive play caller has to say about this one. When you look at what the Bengals have done today and what Brady nearly done last week with no weapons it goes to show how far we have to go as an offence. Do we blame everything on the O line and backs on their protection duties, I know it looks that way but in my experience it’s hardly ever as easy as that.

  12. And I told all the Dolphins fans last week when it was reported Lewis would start for Manuel that it wouldn’t matter, the Bills Def would win the game. Can’t tell you how many thumbs down I got on that one. How do you like me now? Shutout too boot!!!

  13. Miami has had a very bad season for a lot of reason, and so its time to clean house, this lose is what it should take to clean house, however with this owner who knows what he will do. Pats are up 14-0 over Baltimore, so there may be hope. Bill

  14. Every weakness Miami has was exploited today. Weak o-line, inexperience at QB, running backs that can’t help protect a QB and a defensive line that could stop any type of run play. Obvious this team is not going anywhere this year. Dolphin fans did have alot of hope and that i’m sure is gone now. With all that said this same team beat New England just one week ago. Now Fins fans have to root for N.E. to win today. Strange days.

  15. Can’t win football games when your quarterback is laying on the ground.

    I think we all saw what they need to fix first and foremost this offseason.

  16. Funny how some teams just match up well with other teams…..even with a back up QB………

  17. The Dolphins need to rebuild the offensive line by both draft and free agency .John Jerry shouldn’t even be in the NFL.

  18. Nice win Bills and their fans. Nothing much to say other than epic failure by the Fins. How, Ryan Tannehill is still alive after 15 games is beyond belief. Go Pats.

  19. Congrats to the Bills. As a huge Dolphins fans it was a humbling day. The up and down play of this team is literally crazy. Bills defense is matchup nightmare for our offensive line but to be shut out and not take advantage of plays when they were there is disappointing. Counting on crazy scenarios to make the playoffs is not the way to get things done. We didn’t finish and may miss out and have no one to blame but ourselves. If and big If miami gets in I don’t know how we can expect to go on road and win with a offensive line like this, no running game and lackluster play calling. Where were the wrinkles today? Reverse? Misdirection or a damn rollout!

  20. Epic fail by Miami but hardly a surprise. Tannehill and Dolphins are over-hyped and over-rated. Bills defense has the makings of dominance in the Ravens/’85 Bears mold with another year and another piece or two.

  21. Fins will make the playoffs! They will beat the jets next week and the ravens will lose to the bengals in cinci. Ravens are getn spanked at half. Book it!!

  22. Same ol same ol
    What a great time to lay and egg
    And you’re right we don’t deserve it but who does Balt, San Diego or Pitt….. I say us
    Go pats!!!!

  23. The Ravens look almost as bad as the dolphins did.
    They are not going to win anything tonight either,
    so don’t get carried away Ravens fans.

  24. Simply a bad game by Miami. Road woes and weather got the best of us. Still a good team. Still playoff potential. Every team needs a few pieces.

  25. bottom line extremely bad time to have our worst game of the year, but you know what out of all the teams remaining for that 6 spot i think miami has the best chance.Miami wins and were in BOOK IT. SD has kc and kc is locked in for the 5 seed. SD wins and were in no matter what balt does. JUST WIN BABY,

  26. The way Miami and Baltimore played today, and even the way San Diego played in an ugly, albeit winning effort today- it’s a shame to think one of those 3 will end up in the playoffs while the Cardinals, barring a disastrous upset by the Falcons, will not be in the postseason with potentially an 11-5 record in the impossibly tough NFC West.

  27. Sorry, the Bills were too busy stumbling to the end of another miserable season to get the memo that Jacksonville was the hottest team in the league, and the ‘phins had two “very winnable” games left to get to the playoffs. They promise to lose to the pats next week, and mean it this time.

    Also, 54,000 fans forgot that since the team is out of the playoffs, they’re not supposed to show up for the game.

    We’ll get it right one of these days.

  28. I know we still have a ways to go, but I believe that we have the right people in place to run things.. will it happen for sure? i dont know but it sure is starting to look pretty good.

    The fact is that we only laid a few eggs this year and were in most games…we are beginning to get things right…

    Miami is very inconsistent. Looks like crap one week but when they are on, they can look very good..

    Not sure what to make of the Jets

    I could def see this being among the most competitive divisions in another year or two

  29. I don’t think Thad Lewis will be anyones practice squad QB anymore. I feel real comfortable with him as a backup QB. He doesn’t have a “deer in the headlights” look, and seems to be in control of what the coaches have him do.

  30. Miami, you don’t deserve a playoff berth.

    You’re probably right, but Pittsburgh doesn’t either. I recommend you see a psychiatrist about the addiction to Wallace leaving your team.

  31. This game put on display what the Bills are capable of defensively. They have a solid core with solid defensive coaching. If they can figure out how to be consistent, they are only a couple of pieces away from being a dominant defense.

    The key to Buffalo’s future will be figuring out how to improve their anemic offense- they have been nothing more than a running only threat for the last decade. McGahee, Travis Henry, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller. There’s been no shortage of good RB’s there. They need to find a real #1 WR and get solid QB play. Despite some of their terribble outings this year I think the Bills are a lot closer to being competitive than most people think. Then again, I’ve said that about them before.

  32. unitasftw says:
    Dec 22, 2013 6:10 PM
    Look on the bright side. You still suck. HA.

    If you’re a Ravens fan, no way you should post this. if you’re an Indy fan, you’re a bandwagoner.
    Chances are you’re 14.

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