Cardinals upset Seahawks, keep playoff hopes alive


The Seahawks are finally vulnerable at home, and the Cardinals still have a chance.

Arizona came back from a disastrous game by its quarterback, thanks to a suffocating defense for a 17-10 win over the Seahawks. It was Seattle’s first loss at home this year.

By winning their seventh game in their last eight, the Cards improved to 10-5 and have life going into Week 17.

Carson Palmer overcame four interceptions to make the play when it was needed the most, hitting Michael Floyd for a 31-yard touchdown pass with 2:13 left.

Rashard Mendenhall took the two-point conversion to push the lead to 17-10, but then the Cardinals took advantage of a controversial call.

A pass intended for Doug Baldwin popped into the air, and was picked off by Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby. It appeared the ball hit the turf, but after reviewing the play, the call on the field was upheld.

The Cardinals held the Seahawks to 192 yards for the game, a suffocating effort for a group that has overachieved all year.

124 responses to “Cardinals upset Seahawks, keep playoff hopes alive

  1. Replay is worthless. Two separate calls that were obviously wrong that replay failed to correct. Would rather have no delay in the game and get rid of the replay if that it can’t be more accurate in catching the mistakes made by the on field ref/umpires.

  2. Good game cards dabs. Your a good team and we (Seattle) needed this wake up call badly. We are absolutely pathetic on offense. Can’t run, can’t throw, can’t kick a 20 yard fg. Just pathetic. If we can’t win a home Game in a clinching scenario, we don’t DESERVE to play at home in the playoffs. Good game. #GoHawks

  3. Remeber when seachiken fans told packers fans to “suck it up” after that fail mary game? Have a nice big plate of crow hahaha. You get 4 picks at home and LOSE against the cardinals and yet you think the Niners have no chance to beat you at home? I’m just waiting for what shermans excuse is.

  4. Rivers of neon green tears in Seattle tonight. Palmer threw FOUR picks and Seattle still couldn’t get it done AT HOME! That’s 2 losses out of the last 3 down the stretch. This team peaked in November. Giant cracks in the Seattle armor now. Carroll outcoached yet again.

    When you absolutely had to have it, you lost, AT HOME to the Arizona Cardinals with the division and home field on the line. Think about that Seatrolls! You ran your mouths all year long.

    The Niners now Cards have put the blueprint on film. Contain Wilson in the pocket and he CANNOT beat a good defense!

  5. Can the Cardinals take one of the AFC’s playoff slots if they can’t make it in the NFC? It’s just not fair for a team like this to miss the playoffs.

  6. Thanks, refs. Although the way the Cards’ D played all day, odds were against ‘Hawks tying it. Gotta beat Rams next week. And ‘Niners better handle the terrible Falcons tomorrow or they’re missing the playoffs. AZ will beat them in the desert.

  7. I told you. The Seahawks cannot score. I now doubt they make the super bowl. Most likely the panthers or 49ers. Seattle needs Harvin or they will lose at home quickly in the playoffs. Doesn’t matter. Denver is a lock for the Super Bowl championship

  8. 9ers fan here but that was the worst call I’ve seen all season including Brooks penalty on Brees WTF!

  9. The Cardinals defense is LEGIT. They won the football game for Arizona, despite one of the worst offensive performances you’ll see. Seattle is still the class of the NFC, but clearly they are “beatable”.

    Hats off to both defenses on a great game, shame on both quarterbacks for playing the way they did.

  10. Better put those division winning, number 1 playoff seeding, Super Bowl thoughts on ice.

    Go Rams next week

  11. It wasn’t an interception because the ball also hit the turf. Just like it wasn’t a touchdown by Golden Tate because he never caught the ball a year ago against the Packers. Refs blew the call, but the Cards were on top by 7. That call didn’t decide the game, Floyd’s TD did.

  12. Excuses will now hit the boards harder than a category 5 hurricane. Seahawks never lose.. the refs just rob them

  13. Two losses in last three games against playoff caliber division opponents? Doesn’t sound like the best team in football to me. Not even close.

  14. Cardinals Defense played lights out. Congratulations! Seattle still controls homefield with a win next week. Go HAWKS!

  15. That was the worst officiating since the Pittsburgh/Seahawks Super Bowl fix. Both defenses WERE great and the Seahawks offense WAS flat, but the deciding factor was the troop of blind zebras.

  16. I love Hawks fan whining about “being screwed by the refs” when the burden of proof for a replay to overrule a play is “indisputable evidence” you didn’t have that on either play, the refs made the right calls based on that.

  17. I told everyone at the beginning of the season (on that infamous, dead board)…. that the Cardinals were going to have a good season.

  18. The call at the end was almost certainly a bad one, but the Seahawks had many chances to blow out the Cards and couldn’t capitalize.

    If I understand the playoff scenarios correctly, the Cards and Niners can both make it. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think this game cemented the NFC West as the best division in football. If the Rams hadn’t lost their QB, you could be looking at four teams with winning records.

  19. Any given Sunday. A football should not legally be allowed to bounce that high off of a forearm!!

    Also the Adderall comments are really stupid, like really stupid, like lowest common denominator stupid. Then again that’s football fans for you. Will bring up any little thing that a team has done, forever.

    45 years and counting of bringing up Philadelphia and santa.

  20. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean the season is over. You still have the inside track to homefield advantage in the playoffs. Suck it up, move on. No use whining about it.

  21. Great game to watch, especially being a Cards fan.. couldn’t be prouder or more excited.

    The couple replays may be disputable but our defense is not. The goal line stand and the three and outs Wilson had were giant. Dansby and Washington are playing scary good right now.

    Here’s to hoping three NFC west teams make the playoffs. Cheers!

  22. remember when hawks fans made fun of the niners cuz we were tied with the cardinals at 6-4. no1 making fun of the cardinals anymore.

  23. Now the Niners just have to beat Atlanta. If they can’t do that, don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

  24. They were, to borrow a phrase, offsetting calls: first the PAT call against the Cards was ridiculous. Second the bounce for the interception was questionable. Calls even out.

  25. Panning camera shots of faces of the SheChicken fair-weather faithful were awesome.

    Not surprise or agony or disgust, just slack-jawed amazement watching their birds get eaten by some others.

  26. Congrats to Arizona, but don’t expect much from the Rams next week. They have ” players” but not enough “playmakers”. I still expect 49ers and Pats in the Super Bowl.

  27. Pete Carroll’s idea to shut down the offense ever since clinching a playoff spot is going to come back and ruin this team. Bad, overly conservative play calling + Wilson’s worst game of the season + a good az defense and they were lucky to even be in it at the end. They better open the offense back up next week or they’re gonna lose again. Pathetic coaching.

  28. Love Seahawk guy complaining about calls…

    Your team has been mugging people and getting away with it this whole year.

    Oh yeah, remember the “fail mary”.

    That hit the guys arm to. Slow it down and watch, I bet he has a strawberry on that arm as well.

    Seahawks got beat at their own game!!!!

    Wear it!

  29. It is better to be lucky than to be good. All season the Seahawks were lucky, winning close games against the Rams, Panthers, Bucs and Texans. Today their luck ran out, and they showed that they are pretenders, rather than contenders for the Lombardi Trophy. Seahawk fans must be worried sick, because they thought this is their year, and they may be disappointed once again.

  30. Should never blame the refs in a close game, if your team should have won they should have played better.
    AZ played great defense, their offense was enough to get the job done.
    Seattle had better special teams and defense, the offense simply wasn’t good enough.
    Congrats to AZ.

  31. Bad call at the end, but Seattle played lousy and IMO, did not deserve the win. When you can not score anything with a 1st down on the 3 yrd line, you should not win. Defense kept Seattle in game, but offense is not playing well at all. Am a Hawks fan but feel like they thought they had this thing in the bag and did not bother to show up to play. Keep on playing like this and the playoff run will be not much of a run at all.

  32. I will say this though.. It is a complete travesty that the NFC North or East gets to send a team to the playoffs and AZ will likely miss out. You can count a couple AFC teams in there too that will go

  33. Wilson better smarten up. He’s been bailed out by the defense, Lynch, and some great catches by recievers this year…and even then, walked the line sometimes with decidedly average performances (TEN/STL/HOU etc).

    Today was the worst obviously…100 yards of passing an only 2 rushing attempts. Its not play calling, its poor execution and WIlson holding the ball too long, and then making bad throws.

    The defense kept Seattle in it, 4 INT’s. One good pass by Palmer, with a good catch by Floyd, is all that it took.

    In one sense, good to lose like this, but if he doesn’t smarten up quickly, he could be responsible for choking this great season away.

  34. Congrats to Cards!

    Best defense outside of Seattle in the NFL – maybe Carolina.

    Got screwed by the refs at the end but Cards deserved it. Just too bad we didn’t get to see RW attempt the comeback.

  35. If you can only manage 10 points at home…you should lose.
    If you can only manage 10 points AND you intercept the other team four times…you definitely, should lose.

  36. Great run Seahawks. Didn’t lose at home for two years – that’s something to be proud of! We had to lose sometime and today was the game.

    Terrible call at the end, but we put ourselves in that position. Hats off to the Cards. They gave it to us good.

  37. Shame that people actually look at that “controversial call” as the deciding factor in the game instead of saying “congrats” to AZ for a much deserved victory, but we shouldn’t expect much from obnoxious, arrogant Shehawks fans.

  38. It’s not that Seattle played bad, the Cards just played lights out. A couple of Palmer’s INTs were unlucky tipped balls. Seattle has a heck of a secondary. I think the last call was *probably* wrong, but even so, Seattle needed 7 points to tie. Very close one, it’s possible it did hit his arm and bounce up. Cards could beat anyone in the NFL.

  39. “It is not physically possible for that to be an interception. For that trajectory it had to hit the ground”

    the trajectory of the ball was going down at an angle, there is no way if that ball hit the ground it would have bounced that high and backwards, it bounced off his forearm. Right call.

  40. Shehawk fans just remember who was the 1st to beat your ass at home
    Let’s say it together THE ARIZONA CARDINALS!!!!!!!

  41. The Seahawks benefited by one of the worst calls in NFL history last year on Monday Night Football. So I don’t feel bad at all that a call went against them.

  42. So Petey was losing to the Niners still a “blessing”? LOL could of had the Division by now but you were brought down to earth you got lucky in more than a few games this year Panthers,texans and Bucs to name a few.

  43. Congratulations to Brentson Buckner from a loyal Panther fan. I guess your not “trash” after all.

  44. Where was that 12th man at? Speakers not working? I could hear Crickets it was so quiet in that stadium. I know with how bad your offense is It would of put me to sleep too


  45. Seattle should have 5 losses and be in third place behind the Niners and the Cards..Luck ran out chumps..Should have lost to the Panthers Texans Rams and Bucs..Haha couodnt of happened to a better bunch of guys.

  46. Seahawks threw the game. Think about it. Niners and Cards in the hunt for that wildcard spot. Their hoping now either the Niners lose to the falcons who have nothing to lose in a rematch at home of last years playoff or the Niners end up losing to the Cards at Arziona which will be the tiebreaker for the wildcard spot. Idk just my own theory.

  47. pacificnw7722 says: Dec 22, 2013 7:25 PM

    Hats off to the Cards defense they are for real. However, the ball HIT THE GROUND!


    It was an interception, just like the tate catch last year against the Packers was a TD. Just ask the refs. hahahahaaa

  48. russell wilson is a below average qb and only relys on the cardinal def losing containment on pass plays. in the pocket hes not a good qb

  49. My take homes on this game:

    1. Cardinals are actually pretty good. They did not get that many breaks in this game and lost the turnover battle and still won. Not a fluky win by any means.
    2. Seahawks defense is outstanding, but can be a little soft against the run at times. Sherman is not a good tackler and sometimes their players overcommit.
    3. Seahawks pass defense is of course great, but they do play on the edge of a penalty a lot. If some of those calls go against them at key moments, that can hurt them.
    4. If you can stop the Seahawk run game, their passing offense is only so-so.

    Seahawks are still the team to beat in the NFC, but this game showed there are some chinks in the armor, and I do not think they would automatically be the favorite against the Broncos or Patriots in a superbowl matchup.

  50. meatheadsmakemelaugh says:
    Dec 22, 2013 7:48 PM
    Love Seahawk guy complaining about calls…

    Your team has been mugging people and getting away with it this whole year.

    Oh yeah, remember the “fail mary”.

    That hit the guys arm to. Slow it down and watch, I bet he has a strawberry on that arm as well.

    Seahawks got beat at their own game!!!!

    Wear it!
    I have ran it in slow motion several times. What I see is both players in the air and both players have their hand on the ball when they touch ground.
    Tie goes to the offense.
    The league even stated that it was a good call.

  51. Seattle fans have no business crying about the refs making a call to decide a game. You only made the playoffs last year on one of the worst calls anyone has ever seen in that Green Bay game.

  52. Give AZ credit they balled out today. Aint the end of the world for the Hawks just part of the road karma plays. We miss a chip shot fg,RW has his first real terrible game and our D can’t finish. I addition we have over 100 yards in penalties with two real stupid PF’s along with a couple bad calls and thus a loss. Better to be 12-3 and in the playoffs than 10-5 and still out. GO HAWKS!!⸮!!!

  53. Don’t see the majority of the Seahawk fans complaining about the last call, only 9ers fans and other usual suspects, wishing their team was in the same position as Seattle, making things up.

    Also, the season isn’t quite over. SF still has to win tomorrow, and then beat the same ARI on the road next week. And as far as fortunate calls, the 9er’s fans should remember the Saints game.

    Seattle can get back on track on offense with the Rams next week, and if they do, a week off to regroup before hopefully 2 more home games.

    Bottomline; the team has earned the position to have a mulligan like this, through the first 14 weeks of solid play.

    And if they are going to sputter, better sputtering now then choking in the playoffs. Somehow winning today after that bad offensive effort, then playing halfassed next week in a meaningless game, would’ve set them up with false confidence in the divisional game.

    Now, next week’s game still means everything (assuming SF wins tomorrow), and the poor performances on offense this week can be worked on….so the focus needs to be there, and the reward being the next week off.

    If they lose two in a row at home and SF does what they need to do, SEA deserve to play on the road in the playoffs.

  54. @norcal mafia….SHOULD have lost….that your argument? They did NOT lost those games you say they should have. If that’s what you got>>>>?

    @ red and gold hit man….below average QB? tonite, yes, but luckily, the rest of the year matters.

    Lots of 49er fans squealing here..almost funny.

  55. Terrible showing by Seattle. But someone still has the playoffs locked down.

    AZ is a good squad and nothing would make life better than AZ beating SF next week and sending the liberal a** pounders home for the year

  56. Seattle D did their job. The loss is on the offense, but can everyone relax on Seattle being untouchable. I been saying this all season. I never seen a fan base act like the lombardi trophy is already sitting in their possession.

  57. Zero chance SF will loose a game to the Cards with playoffs on the line. Frankly SF is playing better then both the hawks and cards right now.

  58. So that was one of those tough, weird divisional games that stayed close all the way through. Still Seattle should’ve had a chance to see if Wilson could answer the Palmer to Floyd TD. But the Refs decided to go full retard and pretend they could not tell. It was pretty clear in that other angle from the sideline that the ball hit more turf then arm.

    But what really surprised me out of this game was Beast mode was Least mode today. No one has really run on us all year long but I figured Marshon Lynch at home would be productive enough to keep AZ pass rush off Russel Willson…But Wilson had it pretty rough all day. I really don’t think it’s all on Wilson about the way the offense played. It was on the OL and RBs and esp ((Turbin)) (C’mon man! How do you hold the ball out from your body like that running it out, coughing it up after you almost did just that the first time? Derp!

    Wow is there a lot of gloating from the 49’ers and other fans bases from different teams. Has Seattle taken the place of the Pats for the most team fans love to hate?

  59. It was the refs. There were injuries. Blown call. It would have been different if we had Percy Harvin. The ball touched the ground.

    And these people call MY team the whiners???


  60. For all the Seahawks fans complaining about the “bad call”, first of all, Cardinals dealt with that a few weeks ago against the Eagles, second of all, Sherman was interfering with Fitz all game and only 2 were called, third, we got screwed on the blocked punt penalty, and fourth, even it it was ruled incomplete, there is no guarantee you would have won. You were down 7 so the best you could have done would have tied it, and the way Arizona’s Defense played all game what made you think you could drive down the field and score. Quit whining and accept the loss and give credit where it’s due. We aren’t the same team you played last year or even earlier this year. This Cardinals team is legit!
    Go Cards!

  61. And the last time the seahawks played the rams the rams DOMINATED them too. They had one missed coverage which allowed the hawks to double their yards for the day. Lets hope.

  62. Even if that call was bad (which it wasn’t, wtf was that guy trying to do anyway? He wasnt even close to catching that) The only reason the hawks made the playoffs last year was because of their free win against greenbay. Everyone has to deal with it.

  63. WOW !!
    The 49ers are SURGING at the Same time the Seahawks are starting to CRUMBLE !!

    Great timing by the 49ers !!

    Super Bowl, HERE WE COME !!!

  64. Darrell Bevell couldn’t figure out how to give Wilson more room to run”( and the running game disappeared in the second half.

    The defense had another strong showing, but overall there were more than 100 yards of penalties called against the Seahawks in the game, and that proved costly.

  65. All you idiots saying the Seahawks fans are whiners and so much for unbeatable and here come the Rams! Get a clue in life! The Seahawks are still going to the Super Bowl! 49whiner fans are the ones doing all the bitching! I sure hope they make it to the NFC championship game so we can kick their ass again! All you other NFC teams, better luck next year!

  66. The seahawks are an unbelievably talented team but there so wildly inconsistent … They constantly play down to the level of their opponents ,I mean having to go to overtime to beat the bucs the titans and barely squeaking by the rams and the Texans ? The so called best team in the league doesn’t do that … At least the 9ers beat the teams their supposed to beat in a normally convincing fashion

  67. The Hawks need their receiving core healthy and stat. They also need to be willing to abandon the run if needed. They committed themselves too much to the run and consequently got dominated in time of possession. You could tell their D-Line was absolutely gassed at the end of the game.

    The refs flat out blew the end of game call. I have a 80″ TV and you can clearly see brown (ball) on green (turf). I hate that they let that be the decider.

  68. One of the only games I missed in my picks this week. Funny thing is I had this gut feeling az was gonna play us tough like that.

    That wasnt just a bad game by the hawks. The cards played tough and hung in there. When the dust settled, they had made the most plays and came out with a win.

    Goes to show the nfc west is possibly the toughest division in football right now. Even the rams arent a joke.

  69. Great defensive battle!! Nothing against the hawks,even have hawks fans as friends but sheesh a lot of people talk to much smack..happy holidays that is all

  70. baglini3 says: Dec 22, 2013 8:52 PM
    Seattle fans have no business crying about the refs making a call to decide a game. You only made the playoffs last year on one of the worst calls anyone has ever seen in that Green Bay game.


    News flash genius, we didnt make it to the playoffs cuz of that game. But hey dont let reality get in the way of a decent comment.

    Bad calls happen all the time. Turns out that Sea/GB game had a few bad calls. Gb wouldve never had a touchdown that game if it wasnt for a PI that never happened. This is old news though. I dont wanna dwell on it like you.

    Doesnt matter what team’s fan you are, everyone probably has a story to tell about how the refs screwed something up. The doug baldwin pop fly didnt cost us the game, but it was a horrible call. No matter who you root for, logic tells you, that ball probably hit the ground.

  71. seattlesue427 says:
    Dec 22, 2013 7:32 PM
    That was the worst officiating since the Pittsburgh/Seahawks Super Bowl fix. Both defenses WERE great and the Seahawks offense WAS flat, but the deciding factor was the troop of blind zebras.


    Wahhhhhhhhh. Fail Mary so sit down and be quiet.

    Like I said a couple weeks ago. Seattle will eventually get beat AT home by someone and the 12th man mystique will no longer be that big of a deal.

    The jig is up Seahawk fans. The refs are finally starting to pay closer attention to how the secondary holds and interferes with receivers constantly.

    Even on AZ’s final TD, the WR was being held and arm barred. No call. No matter, it was an amazing catch and the nail in coffin of the insurmountable 12 man advantage.

    Midget Wilson is rather mediocre when he has to throw from the pocket. And Sherman is kind of a pansy. Good team but certainly not doing that well down the home stretch.

    NFC Teams that are playing well down the home stretch:

    I think SEA is vulnerable at home and any one of the three teams listed above can beat them at home right now.

  72. Apparently it’s pretty unlikely that three NFC West teams will be making the playoffs. If the Cardinals or Niners miss out, it’s certainly a shame because both have been playing well the last few weeks.

    If the top twelve teams (by record) made the post season, here’s how it’d shake out (if it ended today):

    1. Broncos
    2. Seahawks
    3. Patriots
    4. Chiefs
    5. Panthers
    6. Bengals
    7. Colts
    8. 49ers
    9. Cardinals
    10. Saints
    11. Eagles
    12. Ravens

    (I didn’t put too much thought into the order past record, so don’t overthink it.)

    The NFC North would miss the post season, and the NFC East might also depending on how tie breakers would work.

  73. Congrats to Arizona for the win.

    And now for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    The good…NFC West is definitely the best division in football.

    The bad…fans’ overreaction to the first loss in two years by the Seahawks in Seattle. Heck, Joe Dimaggio started a 16 game hitting streak after he went hitless for the first time in 56 games.

    The ugly…Seahawk haters that love to jump all over Seattle for the loss. Dudes, it just one game and according the Peter King of Sports Illustrated the Seattle is STILL NUMBER ONE.
    Get over it.

  74. Pete Carroll’s decision to play his starters longer than average in preseason games may have come back and bitten him. The only exception was Marshawn Lynch, who hardly played in preseason. It is a long 16 game regular season. Physical and mental fatigue, and injuries are catching up with the Seahawks.

  75. Whining about the refs, that’s the way it works out here in Seattle…I thought it had peaked after the Superbowl, but nah… it keeps on plowing along. They’re even worse that Ravens fans

  76. Here’s some stats for you Seahawk haters:
    Seattle’s three losses this year have been for a TOTAL of 15 points. They have never been blown out by any team in the last two years, pre-season included. Russell Wilson holds the record for most wins in his first two years than any QB EVER. Since RW became the QB for Seattle, they have never lost a game by more than 7 points. Seahawks special teams have allowed less than 25 punt return yards ALL season. I wouldn’t count the Seahawks out, nor would I assume that one close game indicates a “slump”. Go Hawks!

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