Chargers, Raiders even at 10 as third quarter begins


In a game that featured four second-quarter turnovers, the Chargers and Raiders are tied at 10 apiece early in the third quarter in San Diego.

The Chargers committed three turnovers in the second period, with Philip Rivers losing a fumble and throwing and interception and Keenan Allen fumbling a punt. All 10 Raiders points, including a five-yard Darren McFadden TD run, came off the takeaways.

The Chargers turned their lone takeaway into points, too, with Ryan Mathews’ seven-yard TD run coming two plays after Eric Weddle’s jugging interception.

Rivers completed 10-of-14 passes for 130 yards in the first half, with Oakland’s Matt McGloin connecting on 7-of-13 attempts.

The Chargers (7-7) remain in wild-card contention in the AFC, but they would be eliminated with a loss to Oakland.

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  1. Mike Jenkins knocking the ball out of Matthews’ hand while he was out of bounds is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever seen. I would have benched him if I was Allen. Dumb as it gets.

  2. Hey Raiders fans… Remember when the refs took away your obvious touchdown catch in the end zone?


    Bet that one stung, huh??!!

  3. Fire Mckenzie he turned an 8-8 team into a bottom dwelling scrub team after 2 years of drafts and failed signings.

  4. Wow. The Raiders are just pitiful. That game was painful to even just see, occasionally, this afternoon. It looked like Oakland was on track to rack up a couple hundred yards in penalties. SD looked equally pathetic, but they still won. Oakland is going to have a VERY busy off-season…

  5. the front office will be gone Monday December 30.Mark Davis will carry on his daddy’s legacy as this franchise keeps in chasing its tail .

  6. Well..on display in this game is that the NFL would rather let officiating dictate the outcome of the game than the players.

    Sure, dropped passes, stupid mistakes and poor QB-ing losses games but when officials are making piss-poor calls favoring the opposition, it gets in the player’s heads.

    Congrats to the Chargers for the victory and one more step to the playoffs, but shame on the NFL for determining who should win the football game because it makes the playoff race “more exciting”.

  7. rabidboy:

    All games have some questionable calls (some much worse than others) but for the most part, that game was really well officiated. They let the players battle it out when possible. But, man alive, the Raiders just can’t stay out of their own way. Also, don’t forget that the officiating staff GAVE Oakland two-free downs right there at the end, with that bizarro game clock issue. But they just didn’t have the ability to capitalize on that, even with a powder-puff ball delivered right into the hands of an awaiting receiver, in the endzone.

  8. Dougydougdoug:

    See, your recognition that there are some questionable calls in this football games speaks about the integrity of NFL officiating in general.

    I don’t know how much longer NFL fans can put up with inconsistent officiating and this ridiculous subjectivity with how the rules are applied in a game.

    Rules for pass interference, holding, what is or isn’t having possession of a ball for a catch, illegal contact, etc are becoming so blurred that each week fans have to accept blown or questionable calls as being part of the game.

    That game was a prime example of how the NFL wants to “juice up” the final games of the season with bumped up TV ratings featuring the Chargers and Chiefs dueling for a final playoff birth.

  9. rabidboy:

    We likely agree more than we disagree. But where I’ll politely ask that you remove your tin foil hat, is when you start to infer that there is a malevolent intent. I watched the game, and stand by my original statement that it was particularly well officiated.

    I won’t lump you into the normal Raiders’ fan stereotype; blaming the refs for yet another loss. You are well spoken, and clearly have a greater amount of thought in your head, so, you’re not like the normal Raiders’ fanatic.

    In the end, the Raiders proved that, yet again, they have not moved past their horrible season a few back, where they set the all-time record for most penalties in a season. They just can’t play by the rules. The Raiders were one of the more penalized teams in the league this season. The Chargers were on the other end of that spectrum. So, this game simply reflected those two diverging trends.

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