Chiefs in trouble vs. Colts


The Chiefs’ AFC West-title hopes are flickering.

After falling behind 7-0 to begin the game, the visiting Colts have reeled off 23 straight points to take a 23-7 lead with a little more than five minutes left in the game.

A promising Kansas City fourth-quarter drive ended when Alex Smith was intercepted in the endzone by Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman. The pass, which was intended for tight end Anthony Fasano, was underthrown.

Colts tailback Donald Brown has scored both of Indianapolis’ touchdowns, with his 51-yard run extending the Colts’ lead to 20-7 early in the third quarter.

A Chiefs loss, coupled with a Broncos win at Houston, would give Denver the AFC West championship. The Broncos lead the Texans 23-13 in the fourth quarter.

10 responses to “Chiefs in trouble vs. Colts

  1. KC already peaked somewhere in early November. Being a one and done in the playoffs is still better than not making the playoffs. They’re just not ready to beat quality competition.

  2. Jeff Tripplet, giving Cincy a touchdown and “big Mo” after a great goal line stand by the Colts at the end of the first half a couple of weeks ago, is being shown as affecting the Colts playoff seeding!

  3. For how much criticism this Colts team has faced they are likely:
    -Going to finish 11-5
    -Sweep their division (6-0)
    -Could finish 7-3 over their last 10 (despite some slow starts that people seem overly fascinated with)
    -Have beat 4 current Playoff Teams (including Denver, Seattle, SF, and now KC)
    -Luck will lock up the most Passing Yds ANY QB ever had in their 1st 2 seasons
    -Allowed only 10 TOTAL points the last 2 weeks

    They’re a formidable team. Time to maybe start treating them as such. Not saying they are a threat to make a deep run, but if they get hot going into January they have shown they can hang with the best… because they have.

  4. If the NFL don’t legalize stickum over the next 2 weeks the Chiefs are in trouble going into the playoffs because their receivers can’t catch.

  5. Fat Andy got completely outcoached today.

    Bob Sutton is turning into a fraud before our very eyes also. Anyone who keeps trotting Kendrick Lewis out there should be let go.

    Alex Smith remains average, to bad, against good teams. Please no extension for this guy.

  6. Get use to it Chief fans. This is the Fat Walrus’ MO. build you up, then break your hearts. Look how many years he kept McFlabby around as his quarterback?

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