Despite Dallas victory, Eagles have big reason to win tonight


Earlier this week, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said he’ll play his starters on Sunday night even if a Cowboys win transforms next Sunday’s Philadelphia-Dallas game into the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.

With the Panthers now seizing control of the NFC South, the Eagles have a clear reason to try to win tonight, despite the Dallas victory.

While Philly’s playoff hopes ride on beating the Cowboys next Sunday, the Eagles can capture the No. 3 seed by winning out.  Lose tonight, and next week’s game could be for the No. 4 seed only.

It’s suddenly a huge difference.  With the Saints squandering the No. 2 seed (barring a loss by Carolina next Sunday at Atlanta and a New Orleans win over the Bucs), a win by the third-seeded Eagles in the wild-card round would result in a trip to Carolina for the divisional round.  If the Eagles win as the No. 4 seed, they’d have to go to Seattle instead.

And if the Seahawks would lose in the divisional round, the Eagles would then host the NFC title game, with a second-round win.

So the Eagles have plenty of motivation to play to win.  Which should give you plenty of motivation to grab a cheesesteak and dial up NBC at 8:30 p.m. ET on Sunday night.

13 responses to “Despite Dallas victory, Eagles have big reason to win tonight

  1. a lot of “if’s” in this piece, let me give you another one – If may aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

  2. I don’t buy the theory of it making a difference between the seeding for the divisional winners, unless it is for the first round bye. If you want to make it to the Super Bowl you’re going to have to play someone. History says that home field isn’t a guaranteed anything. You see plenty of home teams laying the egg because they’re under more pressure.

  3. Don’t even bother showing up Eagles we’ll have the division locked up but you’re more than welcome to come and us in the playoffs

  4. It makes a world of difference in seeding. If it ended today and Philly had the #4 seed, we have to go play Seattle in Seattle. Very unforgiving game based on advantages. If we take the #3 seed we play in Carolina where its a much better situation.

  5. Yes, it could be huge if the 3 and 4 seed go to the conference championship. I believe Arizona had home-field against Philly a few years back when the 5 and 6 seed went…

  6. I can hear Chip Kelly’s pre-game…

    “Men, we need to win tonight. A win tonight means we can play Carolina in week 2 and not Seattle. We can beat Carolina. Seattle, well our only chance is if someone knocks them off for us, as we don’t have a shot out there in the Northwest. So let’s win tonight and look past both week 17, and our possible Wild Card opponent and worry about when we might have to play Seattle. No go get them”

  7. Nvm if nexts weeks cowboys eagles games somehow ended in a tie.. if the eagles win tonight thwy would have the better record so they would win the division.. if they lose tonight and tie next week the cowboys win the division having a win over the eagles already

  8. Watch the injury report. Chicago’s defense will look to do the same thing to Fools as they did to Rogers. We have seen this decision and the outcome before…nice Chip! Hehe

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