Jets do their part for Ryan, beat Browns 24-13


The Jets spotted the Browns a 10-0 lead on Sunday and it looked like things could be headed toward the kind of loss that could turn word on the street about his firing into word from a Jets press conference about his firing.

The Jets rallied to tie the game before the half, though, and they rolled over Cleveland in the second half for a 24-13 victory that should help Ryan’s cause if there’s still a decision pending. His defense held the Browns to 283 yards, picked off two passes and sacked Jason Campbell three times, but everyone already knew Ryan can do a good job on that side of the ball.

Offense has been the eternal problem during his tenure with the Jets and it’s success today could help Ryan. The Jets ran for 208 yards, providing the ground and pound that’s been heard more than seen with the Jets in the last couple of years, and Geno Smith played one of the best games of his rookie season. Smith was 20-of-36 for 214 yards and two touchdowns while also running for 48 yards and a touchdown to offer some hope of a strong finish to his rocky rookie season.

Impressing against a 4-11 Browns team may not be enough to save Ryan’s job and shouldn’t stop the Jets from bringing in competition for Smith this offseason, but it did offer some promise of better days before the end of the season. Cleveland didn’t have as much of that on Sunday. Their two first round picks should provide plenty once the offseason does arrive, however.

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  1. They should bring in competition for Smith, and Rex probably needs to go, but it bugs the hell out of me that people want coaches fired after 1 or 2 seasons and players replaced after one. A lot of the greats struggled for a year or two (both coaches and players).

  2. He’ll never get the credit for it because he’s blah, blah, blah but Rex Ryan has done one of the best coaching jobs in the league.

    This team was ranked #32 by ESPN to start the season, and now it’s won 7 games w/ a rookie QB and not a single receiver with even 500 yards.

  3. The bell has tolled for Rex Ryan.

    Rex had a good scapegoat with tannebaum.

    Rex can’t blame it on anyone (except a few injuries).

  4. I agree with the green41563 that 7 wins with a ROOKIE quarterback (especially the overrated Geno Smith) is a good accomplishment….

    …. but…. it’s time.

  5. I’m a Jets fan and all I have to say is ALL 5 years this man has been the HC, the starting QB has been ranked in the bottom 5 of the league at the end of the season, with that being said FIRE THE MAN & GET IT OVER WITH, Excited about the win? It was Browns at home, and ya struggled in the process Rexxy!

  6. He’s turned the defense around, and that’s where you start to build a good team. I do believe the GM may want his guy in there, whomever that may be, but I have a feeling Woody Johnson likes Rex, so it’s not etched in stone he’ll be fired.

  7. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 22, 2013 4:53 PM
    The bell has tolled for Rex Ryan.

    Rex had a good scapegoat with tannebaum.

    Rex can’t blame it on anyone (except a few injuries).

    Question: are most football fans this dumb, or is it a PFT phenomenon? Just how much evidence do people need before they realize that you don’t win in the NFL with bad QB play? Didn’t you just see what happened to the Packers after Rodgers went down? Mike McCarthy suddenly didn’t look like an offensive genius, huh? Do you realize that Bill Belichick’s record is 51-63 without Brady? Do you realize that the Broncos had Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas back in 2011, when they had the #31 passing game in the league?

    What changed? THE QUARTERBACK.

    Ever notice that the majority of the “genius” coaches just happen to have great quarterbacks? Amazing how that works.

  8. This team has major draft picks and will have over $40M to resign Wilkerson and overhaul the offense. Watch Geno with Watkins/Lee and either Nicks or Decker.

    Watch Rex with a growing defense and either Byrd or Jenkins patching the secondary.

    let the man reap the rebuild benefits.

  9. Keep Rex and get some playmakers on offense. The biggest need is at receiver. Cut out the stupid pre snap penalties.

  10. For a guy who has never played in a pro offense prior to this year and a skeleton WR corps, Geno has progressed pretty far in one season. He has looked like a different QB the past few weeks. His confidence is growing and he is seeing the field better. The jets should definitely bring in a veteran QB to compete with him next year but I think it’d be a mistake to draft a QB early in the draft. Give Geno some weapons and some more time to develop,

  11. I love Rex and his Defensive mind and think that it was not his fault for such a crappy offensive team that lack big play personnel, but that is mainly on Tannenbaum. Give him 2 year extension and get him some players on offense and let him finish what he started.

  12. @denverdude7 the Jets have won 7 games this year with a chance to win 8 and finish at 500. All I heard and read before the season started was they would be lucky to win 2 to three games. Hardly pathetic. Great year? No. Better than expected? Yes.

  13. How much koolaid can these Rex fans serve? Probably one of the worst coaches since Tony Dungheap. The guy reached the playoffs his first two years WITH SOMEONE ELSES TEAM. He has gone steadily downhill since. Defensive genius? Yeah, his teams has a good, but not great D. His offense? Pathetic. He’s the HEAD coach, not the defensive coordinator. He named that friggin head case a co-captain. He lobbied for Sanchez to get that ridiculous contract extension. As much as I love to see the NYets play golf during the playoffs, this stiff has got to go.

  14. Horton hears a Who? I believe he will be back with the Browns. These defensive collapses will help the Browns keep Ray and move up in the draft. I hope to God that Bess will not be back. Cooper made catches today that Bess has not all year. And please bring back Edwin Baker.

  15. Keep Rex one more year. Sign Wilkerson long-term with the cap relief from the cutting Holmes and Sanchez. Then spend the early draft picks on offensive weapons to fill the holes at WR and TE.

    Then you give Geno a chance to make stuff happen with these new weapons. If Geno doesn’t pan out, you can let Ryan go and draft your new QB in the following draft, but at the very least you set up that new QB with the offensive weapons selected in this draft. It makes no sense to draft QB’s early in two consecutive drafts.

  16. When Campbell was 8 of 21 with a pick, did anyone else think Chud should have gone to Weeden? Not as a savior, but it really couldn’t have gotten any worse…..

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