Panthers hanging onto lead over Saints in monsoon


The Saints are getting sick of answering questions about playing in the weather, but they’re only going to get more after the extreme conditions in Charlotte.

The Saints offense has stalled in a third-quarter monsoon, unable to get anything going offensively as they trail the Panthers 10-6.

Frankly, it would be hard for anyone to do much, and the Panthers were fortunate to get a field goal in the torrential downpour (which is about to let up a bit). 

If conditions clear, the Saints are going to have a chance. The Panthers still haven’t converted a third down today, but interceptions by linebackers Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly have allowed them to stay in it.

9 responses to “Panthers hanging onto lead over Saints in monsoon

  1. I really think Favre, Brady, and Marino don’t get enough credit for having amazing careers while playing their home games in open air stadiums. Would Peyton still have amazing numbers if he didn’t spend the majority of his home games indoors? Sure. Would they be what they are? Doubtful.

  2. Garbage. Lost EXACTLY the same way we did against NE. Done with this season. Saints arent doing Sh!t and dont deserve the division. Congrats panthers. Clearly the better team. Maybe its because their QB doenst have a strangle hold on the Cap.

  3. Maybe its because their QB doenst have a strangle hold on the Cap.

    1) Cam will here in a year or two

    2) It has a lot more to do with the Saints being like Peyton’s Colts. If Brees isn’t tearing it up they don’t have a run game to lean on.

  4. Saints are garbage but you were killed by them just 2 weeks ago, hilarious.

    Newsflash: Carolina’s offense didn’t look too hot today either. This team has early playoff exit written all over it.

  5. Were So garbage we monkey stomped y’all into a fetal 2 position 2 weeks ago. We outgained you in rushing and passing and made yall go 0-9 on 3rd down. Not really dominating us. Seems like y’all aren’t that great on the road either. Don’t count your eggs till they hatch. Well see you in the playoffs

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