Peyton Manning reaches 51 TD passes, Broncos clinch AFC West


Peyton Manning once again owns the NFL record for touchdown passes in a season.

Manning threw four touchdown passes today, giving him 51 for the season, topping Tom Brady’s former single-season record of 50, set in 2007. Manning previously owned the record for three years, having thrown 49 touchdown passes in 2004.

With Manning’s passing leading the way, the Broncos easily beat the Texans, and with the win (and the Chiefs’ loss to the Colts), the Broncos have clinched the AFC West. If the Patriots lose to the Ravens, the Broncos will also clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

It was a great game for Manning, who had a whopping 296 passing yards in the first half, and the record-setting performance caps a great season for Manning, who will almost certainly win the fifth MVP award of his NFL career. The big question facing Manning now is whether he can also win his second Super Bowl ring.

82 responses to “Peyton Manning reaches 51 TD passes, Broncos clinch AFC West

  1. That’s cute. We all love the comeback story, the neck injury, and the regular season hoopla.
    Sadly when it comes to crunch time in January it will be too late and too cold for the old man. Enjoy it while you can, but the hardware that counts this winter will be Absent on Peyton Mannings finger

  2. Very fitting that he broke it with a useless TD while running up the score late in the 4th with a 3 score lead. Stay classy Peyton.

  3. And, probably another one and done as a #1 seed in the playoffs, to add to his already NFL record for one and dones!

  4. The record breaker was a pretty throw…but…

    The one to decker was not a touchdown. It was so clearly not a touchdown it confirms the nfl is having its worst year of officiating ever. It was one of the most clear cut non catches of the year because he bobbled the ball. Decker also clearly pushed off on the other one. No call…unreal. I’m sure manning would have broken the record anyways but wow, the officiating is terrible.

  5. Great achievement for one of the greatest to ever play the game. It’s amazing he is performing at such a high level, especially considering only a few years ago there were doubts about him ever playing again. Enjoy it while it lasts everyone because players like Peyton don’t come around often. The game is a lot better with him in it.

    Now queue all the haters spewing their mindless drivel and ill will.

  6. Nothing short of incredible. I hope the pats win this weekend so he has something to play for next week. I’d love a rematch against them in the playoffs at our house. It’s good to see 1 of TB records fall to a QB who does it the right way ( without having to cheat )

  7. Congrats to Peyton on another MVP season.

    Congrats also to the Minnysoda vikqueens and their 3rd double digit lose season in the past 4.

    Their 53 straight seasons of being irrelevant remains intact.

  8. Amazing for many reasons.

    I don’t mean to count the chickens before the eggs hatch, but the Broncos now have scored 572 points as a team and only need to score 18 points to best the 589 points the Pats scored.

    Peyton only needs 266 passing yards to set the single season record for most passing yards in a season.

    If these two things happen next week, then in ONE season, a team and QB will have scored the most points as a team, thrown for the most passing TD’s and passing yards all in the same season.

    Now that would be an achievement.

  9. congrats Peyton! u da man! Best QB to ever do it in my opinion and i’m a Steelers fan. Now go win the Super Bowl and shut all the haters up once and for all!


  10. Another regular season phony stat nobody cares about. 9-11 in the postseason. Sorry, truth hurts.

  11. No matter how you feel about Manning, he is fun to watch and one of the greatest of all time.

    Nice job today.

  12. Peyton Manning has a lot of haters, but I don’t know how you cannot give incredible respect to the guy for not only having the greatest season of all time for a QB, but also doing it at 37 years old coming off major neck surgery. Not to mention keeping his teams in the playoff hunt every season.

    Knock him for the playoff losses all you want, but I’m sure you could find some fans in Jacksonville, Buffalo, San Diego, Minnesota, Houston, Dallas, Cleveland, Tennesee, Oakland, Detroit, Tampa Bay, St Louis, and Arizona who’d love to be a competitive playoff team year in, year out.

  13. I love the whole “Gift from Goodell” and “it doesn’t matter unless he wins the SB.”

    Yes Goodell phones the replay booth to tell them to call it a TD, and no, Brady didn’t win the SB he set the record either.

    This is a product of the new rules being geared towards offense though, and expect this record to fall over and over again.

  14. It’s amazing that when Brady broke the record everyone hated and claimed he just ran the scores up. But manning did the same thing yet everyone is head over heals for him, got to love the double standards of Patriot hating hypocrites.

  15. Peyton understands that he will be in the Hall of Fame.
    He also understands that to be considered the greatest quarterback of all time will take more than one Super Bowl win.

  16. Good to see an * record drop. I love reading all the butt hurt pats fans crying about Manning running up the score on teams. Really? How many 50 burgers did you drop on teams in 07? A franchise tainted by CHEATERS and you call Payton classless? This team and it’s fans are a joke.

  17. I usually wouldn’t say anything negative about Manning because I think he is a class person and great player.

    This game was over when he had 49 TD’s. I couldn’t believe looking back here and seeing he now has 51. That is the definition of shameless stat stuffing in meaningless time.

    Guess we will see how things go down in the playoffs.

  18. Classless, bush league way to get a record! Up 17 with 4 minutes to go in the game and you throw a pass!!!! I’m sure he will be throwing his butt off next week to get the single season passing yardage record! What little respect I had for the man has been lost! I’m sure I’ll be called a hater and catch a lot of crap from all the Manning lovers out there! I have never seen a guy stay in a blowout game as much as I’ve seen #18 do it this year!

  19. I’ve heard enough crap already. In case you don’t remember, in 2007, Brady and Moss CONTINUALLY played after the games were already decided. He threw bomb after bomb trying to beat Manning’s record. Get your facts straight before posting please!

  20. So a stat that breaks a record trumps the rules of the game? Even after review? #50 was not a touchdown.

    I’m not a patriots fan. I have stated many times the broncos are locks for super bowl champions since they signed welker…but come on. Officiating is out of control.

  21. A couple of things…look at the replay on the TD to Decker. 3 feet in bounds people…there is no conspiracy.

    As for the poster who said Brady never never kept throwing the ball up by 30…did you just start watching football??? Go back to the year Brady set the record in 2007…lot of garbage time TDs there and he still needed the 16th game to set the record.

  22. Is everybody going to ignore the fact that they’re airing it out up by 10 points and still throwing 2 TD passes at the end of the game? The 07 Pats got crucified on here for doing that…

  23. Another BOGUS, phony NFL offensive record goes down. All of these records since the rule changes that legislate against the defense need an astirisk as surely as the baseball records in the steroid era.

  24. It’s very fitting that Peyton is having such a great year considering he should be just getting out of jail if the good ol boys hadn’t buried his sexual assault case.

  25. Peypey gets meaningless stats should be the headline. Any solid team could run up scores, it’s just this classless organization chooses to do it when the games are over. They’re lucky Peypey didn’t get hurt. One and done, but a record no one cares about. Anyone but Peypey would take a SB over personal stats.

  26. Dude comes back from serious health issues, leaves his long-time home in Indy, and doesn’t miss a beat.

  27. Lifelong Saints/Pats fan…

    I’m glad he’s got this record; hope he breaks Brees’ record next week…

    Oh, and this BS about post season as a criticism of his game, I state this argument…

    Compare the Pats season when Brady was lost for the season vs when the Colts lost Manning for the season…

    He is the greatest quarterback of all time.

  28. All the Peyton Manning Haters suck it up where the sun does not shine… I read a lot about his 9-11 playoff record from haters. It is always difficult to win road games and he had to play the yucky pats on the road in most of the playoff losses. Tom Brady could not win here in 2006 playoff game.Drew Brees who despite having the best stats can’t win most of the regular reason road games (leave alone playoffs). What is Tom Brady’s post season record after they were caught cheating. I believe it might not even be 9-11.
    Manning would have won more SB had colts had a better defense during 2003-2005 and had the pats not been cheating during that period.
    I wish he wins one more SB, even if he does not I will be grateful that he played at such a high level after 4 neck surgeries and at the age of 37 years.
    Haters enjoy him making some of the best QB plays ever. I know the hate is coz he is not on their team and will never be.

  29. I’m not a pats fan or broncos fan. (Sadly I’m a lions fan) but you sound like a 12 year old girl when you try to defend one and bash the other fan base, QB, SB wins ect. Don’t know who the greatest QB is of all time but I’d like to think I’m mature enough to appreciate great play from great players. Let the fan boy bashing begin!

  30. Poor Manning! he’s gonna have all the records and maybe just one ring! He’s Dan Marino all over again! Always seemed to make a mistake when the chips were down.

  31. Oh I forgot!! When Gong went down, I said online that if the Pats won 12 games, Belichick should be Coach of the Year and Brady should be MVP. They started the season having lost their top 2 Pro Bowl receivers. Then they lost 3 other Pro Bowler–Wilfork, Gronk and Mayo. Plus they lost other starters too!

    But, Brady just strapped the team on his back and carried the team to 11 wins (hopefully 12) . An were it not for the refs, they’d end up 14-2!

    This is easily BB’s best coaching job and Brad year as their QB and leader. He’s truly been the MOST VALUABLE player!

  32. Nobody ever chased the record as hard as Brady did when he got the 50. That was a year after Belicheat got busted. And they were on a mission to rub it in other teams faces. The FU year as Bill Simmons called it. They would be up 30 and running the no huddle.

  33. you just dont throw bombs when up 35-13 at the end of the game. I agree it is classless

    And the argument that Brady did it so that makes it ok doesn’t work to make it classy

  34. “Compare the Pats season when Brady was lost for the season vs when the Colts lost Manning for the season…”

    You mean the season the Colts tanked so they could get the #1 draft pick and Andrew Luck?

  35. The jealous Forsburglar aka Miller’s Piss Boy came out of the closet just in time to say Von Boyage. Hadn’t heard from him since the Peyton collapse in Foxboro last month.

  36. Who know with all these records being broken quite frequently now with these new rules favoring offenses. It really makes you think how good of a passer Marino was and the numbers he would have put up today.

    The best qb play I have seen in the last 10 years has to be with the top three in Rodgers, Brady, and Manning.

    And although Manning will surely get the TD record and possibly passing record I think Rodgers’s 2011 season was the best of the three followed by Brady’s 07 campaign and Manning’s this year.

    Rodgers that year was flat out in the zone for 14 games of the 16 and the final game he didn’t even play and ofcourse that would have been different if they were still in contention for a perfect season ala Brady. That’s the one knock Brady has that the other two don’t. Week in week out he had to take everyone’s best shot and they only get tougher after week 10 as everyone’s gunning for you.

    Rodgers 45 Td’s to only 6 int with the highest passer rating of 122.5 in 15 games and Brady’s 50 Td’s to 8 ints with the first and only 16-0 regular season were incredible. Manning should hit 53-55 and is at 10 ints and may stay there or add one to that list is another incredible year for a guy at 37 and coming off injury. But the only knock that I find is that this years Broncos team will have all the offensive records yet they had only to play three teams with a winning percentage above 500 and they could only beat one team twice and that was the Cheifs.

    The best pure qb play in one season I have seen in recent memory has got to be Rodgers 11 season.

  37. Running the score up? Are you kidding?? Should Denver should have ran the ball after up 24 points on the Pats this season? Sorry, The game is over when the clock reaches 0.00. Let the haters hate.

  38. Peyton is great, and has had an amazing season surrounded by one of the most talented supporting casts any team has ever created in the salary cap generation (good luck with that when all those deferred bonuses come up at the same time). But I seem to recall Tom Brady doing the same thing a few years ago. And during each game, and for the whole week after each game, I heard nothing but allegations of running up scores and being classless for doing so. Now, when Peyton does it, he’s somehow an amazing football saint to be admired to all history?!

    Yes, both players (and their supporting teams) were amazing. No, neither is classless for pursuing perfection and coming so close. But I really have to wonder why Peyton is so beloved and Brady is so maligned for doing EXACTLY the same thing.

    And if you ask Brady what the best thing was about the 2007 season, it won’t be that he broke the record for most TD passes in a single season. It will be that he won every game in the regular season. So, how do you like those apples, Peyton?

  39. What Brady has done this year is more impressive than what Manning has done. To be only one game back of the broncos speaks volumes of the greatness of
    Brady. Brady also has a 10-4 record vs. Manning. And honestly ask yourself this question. “One drive to win a big game and who’s your qb out of the two.”

    Check mate

  40. I don’t get all the “the game was over and he was padding his stats!” comments.

    First of all: You play to win the game.
    Hellooooo! You PLAY to WIN the GAME!

    There’s no mercy rule in Football.

    Second of all: Does it matter?
    Do you think the Browns or the Jaguars can run up the score? It isn’t that they choose not to. It’s that they CAN’T.

    Thirdly: Do you think it’s possible to throw 51 TD passes in one season without some really lopsided scores?

    Instead of looking for bizarre qualifiers to put on this record achievement, just give him a round of applause. It’s an amazing feat.

  41. @detectivejimmymcnulty:

    For a guy with the word detective in his name, not alot of deductive reasoning happening with you.

    “Gift from Goodell” is a catch all phrase that is easily relative to this situation. Just like Ray Lewis last year, the NFL strives for story lines.
    What a great story line it is for Manning to break the record he lost to his arch rival.

    He’s got a team full of likely PRO bowlers at Offensive skill positions. He should have broken the record last week. There is no doubt he would break the record and I don’t really care. That’s what records are for.

    The first Decker TD was OBVIOUS Offensive PI. there is no debating that.
    The 2nd one was absurd. I love how 1 guy on here say three feet in bounds. He didn’t control the ball INBOUNDS or even out of after he stepped out of bounds.
    They handed Denver those TD’s . Disgusting.
    Every one in Denver knows it too, it just doesn’t fit with the STORY LINE…

  42. He’s the most over-rated QB I’ve ever seen, in over 50 years of watching pro football. Also, not a single article today about how the Patriots and Tom Brady completely dismantled the Super Bowl Champs on their own field; obviously not as interesting as how they got screwed in Miami last week by the Officials.

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