Premature to make predictions about Vick’s future

Getty Images

A year ago at this time, many believed that Mike Vick would not return to the Eagles.  In February, he did.

This year, many believe that Vick won’t return to the Eagles.  For now, it’s simply too early to know what will happen.

Vick’s first priority will be to find a starting job.  If he can’t, the question becomes whether he’d be willing to return to Philly as the backup to Nick Foles.

It’s a possibility we’ve been musing about for a couple of months.  Vick publicly has professed his love for Philadelphia; if he’s not going to be a starter anywhere, why not be the backup in Philly?

It was, is, and will be a possibility for Vick.  But it’s too early to make any definitive predictions about Vick’s future.  He wants to start, he’ll choose starting over being a backup, and he’d be crazy to not consider returning to Philly as a backup if no other team is willing to give him anything other than a backup job.