Report: Garrett out if Cowboys don’t make playoffs


Those inside the Cowboys organization finally have caught up with those outside the Cowboys organization.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the “current expectation” within the Cowboys organization is that coach Jason Garrett and his staff will be fired if the team doesn’t make it to the playoffs.

Folks outside the organization have expected that all year, from the moment Garrett’s brother, John, was pushed off the payroll and Jason was compelled to give up the offensive playcalling duties.

Per Werder, Jones doesn’t want to fire Jason Garrett.  But if Garrett fails for the third time in three years as head coach to make it to the postseason, he’ll be done.

Werder’s report that the entire coaching staff will be fired could close the door on the possibility of Jones hiring Jon Gruden to turn the mess around in Dallas, given that four former Gruden assistants currently are on the staff in Dallas.

Garrett’s fate could be sealed as soon as Sunday.  If the Cowboys lose to the Redskins and the Eagles beat the Bears, there will not be a Third Annual NFC East Championship game in Week 17; Dallas already will be out.

Even if the Cowboys make it to the postseason, we think a termination of Garrett could happen if the Cowboys offer up an embarrassing home loss in the wild-card round.  Again, the Cowboys first have to get to the playoffs before they can lose there.