Report: O’Brien wants to reduce his NFL buyout


It’s old news that Bill O’Brien’s contract at Penn State has a two-tiered buyout.  It’s new news that O’Brien wants yet another buyout.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, discussions have occurred to reduce the buyout even further than its current levels.

Prior reports indicated that O’Brien’s contract has a $7.73 million buyout for an NFL team, with a price tag of $13 million if he were to leave for another college job.  Schefter pegs the numbers at $6.48 million and $11.08 million, respectively.

Regardless of the specifics, it would be far cheaper for an NFL team to secure O’Brien’s services.  It could still be more than any NFL owner would want to spend, especially since the NFL owner would also have to pay O’Brien — and possibly buy out an existing head coach.

As a result, it makes sense that O’Brien would want to drive the number down.  But what would be in it for Penn State?  If the number was going to be lower, it should have been lower in the first place.  Absent some consideration flowing to the Nittany Lions, there’s no reason to make it cheaper for O’Brien to leave the program in a lurch.

25 responses to “Report: O’Brien wants to reduce his NFL buyout

  1. I would take O’Brien as my HC in a heartbeat. He went into an unwinnable situation at Penn St., and won.

  2. Oh I get it. All that passionate talk about integrity and character that he spewed off after taking the Penn State job flies out the window after more money is on the table. What a joke. Typical Bilicheck protege.

  3. This sickens me. PSU gave him an extension to keep him after the molestation incidents and he had not done anything yet other than not lose every game.

    Hold your ground PSU! Don’t bid against yourself.

  4. How can anybody be surprised by this? Does anybody really think he took the PSU job to rerun honor to the program or something? It’s a stepping stone. Sorry Penn St. The days of Joe Paterno being a lifer are dead. And they aren’t coming back. Speaking of Schiano I hear he likes the PSU job.

  5. Pressing still further to reduce his NFL payout should really help recruits buy into the loyalty-to-the-program pitch O’Brien has been hard-selling.

    Not cool. This does not pass the smell test at all.

  6. The only reason Penn State would negotiate a lower buydown is if it is for 2015. That actually makes sense. Keep him around for at least one more season knowing that he’s gone after next year if he wants to leave.

  7. Fair to say he’s gonna have his pick of about 5 different teams. Him being an east coast guy, my money is he will land in Washington.

  8. Even though I’m not a Penn State fan, in my opinion this will be a huge blow to the football program with all of the stuff that has happened to it. He came in and found a way to win there and start the healing process and put all of the negative attention behind them.

  9. I don’t get why this disgusting Penn State scumbag is even getting talked about as an NFL consideration. Words cannot express how obscene it is that Penn State got a slap on the wrist for the institutional coverup of a known child predator while USC got ravaged due to a single player receiving illegal benefits from someone not affiliated with the school.

  10. This guy had a lot of guts taking that job, after the scandal and the sanctions. Also worked for the best organization in Pro FB, coordinated for one of the best HC and QBs that ever lived. Any team in the NFL would be smart to write him and PState a check. Could be the next great one.

  11. Come on Ziggy Wilf! You wasted way more on Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier. $6.5 million for the rights to secure a good HC is a bargain. I’ll even chip in one Abraham Lincoln.

  12. Ok, so Obrien takes over an almost unwinnable situation and he’s done well.

    His contract demands a massive amount for him to be bought out and move on…

    I don’t think this has anything to do with him wanting to leave. I think he sees the Sabans and Fishers of the college world getting raises to stay after getting overtures from outside teams and he sees this as his chance to drop his buy out lower, get some teams interested and earn the raise he deserves. What reason does Penn St have to give him a raise if they never fear him leaving due to his buy out?

  13. Let him go. Otherwise, he will do this every year to get more money. Might as well get a coach there that might stay. He is going to the NFL, if not this year, definitely next year.

  14. BOB doesn’t need to reduce his buyout. IF BOB is such a great coach, the buyout will be a minor write-off for a desperate team. Good riddance.

  15. rabbi187 says:
    Dec 22, 2013 8:35 PM
    Fair to say he’s gonna have his pick of about 5 different teams. Him being an east coast guy, my money is he will land in Washington.

    Yes please! It might be too expensive for us. Snyder having to buy out Shanahan’s last year at 7m, then buy out BoB, then still have a salary to deal with, but whatever. If Snyder has any sense he should know he can’t keep Shanny. The fanbase is near ready to revolt. If Shanahan stays next season, that alone is going to be enough for people to start cancelling season tix and citing it as the reason.

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