Report of tension between Jason Garrett and Tony Romo


Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo are apparently not seeing eye to eye.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that there’s tension between Garrett and Romo, a troubling sign for the Cowboys, who are still hoping to win their final two games and get to the playoffs.

After the Cowboys blew a huge lead in a loss to the Packers last week, Garrett pointed out that Romo changed the play before he threw a costly interception. Whether Romo’s interception and Garrett’s subsequent criticism are the cause of the tension or a symptom, the two of them are apparently not on the same page.

If Garrett wants to keep his job, he’d be wise to get on the same page with Romo. The reality is that Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones loves Romo, and gave him a contract that locks him in as the team’s franchise quarterback for years to come. If Jones feels like he has to choose between Garrett and Romo, that would be an easy choice: Romo would have a new coach in 2014.

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  1. Garrett needs to win 3 games in a row, not listen to Romo. Garrett is fired if he doesn’t at least win a playoff game. He should tell Romo to do what ever he says to do and he should go down doing it his own way.

  2. I am having a hard time understanding this, as Garrett is nothing but a puppet for Jones right now. He doesn’t call the plays so what can Romo be upset about???

  3. I think that Garrett is fed up with the circus that is the Dallas Cowboys franchise. To a certain degree, I think he’d welcome getting fired. He’ll get his money.. And he can go work somewhere else with less drama. Sure, he’ll probably have to go back to being a OC at best, but more likely a QB coach. But after the soap opera, he might be thinking “a few years in quiet anonymity, he can be back to being a coaching prospect.

  4. Many folks say Garrett “merely” answered a question honestly, and that’s all he’s guilty of.

    I disagree with all those people. Garrett, an Ivy Leaguer, is not so foolish as to not know what he was doing.

    Every (post-game) word out of Garrett’s mouth was to say how his second half game plan was to bleed time … when the fact is the Cowboys ran the ball only 7 times on 30 downs in the second half — despite having an enormous lead and an exceptionally effective ground attack.

    Garrett tried to pin it all on Romo’s one throw – an option Garrett himself made available to Romo in that circumstance. Garrett, was like, my idea was to run it there – but Romo deviated from my intentions and cost us the game.

    Even if it were true, which it wasn’t —– it is one of the most shameful and selfish post-game blame-redistributing I’ve ever seen. How can that man lead men?

    No way.

  5. wow…thought Garrett was the ” boy wonder “. Soooooooooooooooooooo glad he turned the Ravens down as head coach.

  6. Garrett has no control over his team, Jerry Jones makes it impossible for anyone, and no leading coaching candidate will go within miles of Dallas, so that will leave the option of hiring a assistant coach with no head coaching experience or someone from the college ranks. Dallas will not improve unless they get someone to come in, Kick A__ and take names, and finally give this team some heart that they desperately lack. When your leading wideout walks off the field with 2 minutes left in a loss, you lack control of your team and heart.

  7. Paraphrasing Garrett’s post-game comments: “I accept full responsibility. It’s his fault.”

  8. Romo wanted and got more say and thus power/recognition for running the offense. Garret jus t granted him his wish though now Terrible Tony doesn’t like it.

    Romo is like the combine work out wonders, great at times but just not good enough when it counts. There was a reason he went to E. Ill. and was undrafted. I would love to hear form some scouts that saw him out of college.

  9. Romo has always been the problem with the Cowboys even when Wade Phillips was the coach the coach calls the plays to Romo and he throws the interceptions bottom line.

  10. Dose anyone watch the dallas games on here lol yea romo gave up to interceptions that definitely ended the game…but how man points did the defense allow? Romo doesn’t score for the opposing teams..the need to work on the defense

  11. I think in a different light a different team Garrett would be a great coach. It just can’t happen there because there is no structure one week the owner gm has his coaches back next week he has the players back. He has an unhealthy love affair with romo the guy never ever gets called out ever. He’ll call out the only

  12. If I owned the Cowboys, I would pick Romo over Garret, no question.

    Romo is a good player floundering under bad management and coaching. He has made some high profile mistakes in key situations (as has every qb in the league), but has come through brilliantly just as often. His errors pale in comparison the the crucial coaching blunders of the last few seasons.

  13. Jerry made a mistake signing Romo to a big contract. He has proven he crumbles in the big games.

    Garrett is not a real coach. Just a back up NFL QB and shows no leadership as a coach. Jerry created this mess and I look for big changes after the season but with Jerry, don’t expect them to be improvements.

  14. I wonder why they can’t get along? They have a lot in common. For example, they both suck at what they are paid to do.

  15. This is a no-talent team from top to bottom, including the coaching staff.

    Jerry cannot attract top-quality coaching talent after what he did to Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. Jason Garrett is here because he stabbed Wade Phillips (another useless coach) in the back by sandbagging during Wade’s last season. A career backup quarterback as head coach? Give me a break.

    We’re now stuck with Romo for another five years. Does anybody really expect for him to improve? Yes, he holds a lot of Cowboys records, except for win/loss and championships.

    Our defensive team is depending on a bunch of has-beens or never-was players. How are they going to stop anybody?

    Demarco Murray is our “star” running back? What ever happened to the days of Emmitt Smith, Herschel Walker and Tony Dorsett?

  16. Romo mad because his failure was noted. Pick #2 was also on Romo, Beasley correctly sat down on the route when the corner pressed. Don’t recall Romo manning up to that when Beasley took the blame in the press.

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