Report: Raiders rejected Dennis Allen’s request to extend assistants

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Reports linking Jon Gruden to a return to the Raiders are swirling as the season comes to an end and now another reports casts some doubt on Dennis Allen’s future with the organization.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Sunday morning that Raiders owner Mark Davis recently rejected a request from Allen to extend the contracts of assistant coaches on the last year of their deals. That doesn’t mean Allen is absolutely coaching his final games with the Raiders as the team may be keeping their options open with two weeks to go in the season, but it also doesn’t send a particularly positive vibe about Allen’s return.

Allen has been hamstrung by the need to clear out the overpriced and underperforming personnel of the final Al Davis years while also dealing with less than a full complement of draft picks because of past trades. He’s 8-22, though, and the Raiders could end the year on a six-game losing streak with matchups against the Chargers and Broncos still to come.

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  1. He has also wasted Marcel Reece, can’t make adjustments and “Whatever that is” he has been trying to do by inserting Pryor mid-game.

    He will probably be a good coach in a few years, but he needs a few more years of seasoning.

  2. Unless they can land a big fish like Gruden they should keep Allen for at least one more year. There is only so much he can do about the mess Hue Jackson and others left, combined with the injuries. Some stability is in order in lieu of canning another coach after a couple of years.

  3. Chucky is more myth than legend. He was under .500 as a coach, and this is just another ploy to keep his name out there.

  4. I think Allen has done a decent job under perhaps the the worst conditions of any coach in the league. If nothing else, the team comes to play every week. At the same time, that doesn’t mean he would be the best man for the job as the cap dramatically falls off. With a high draft pick and tons of money to spend, you need a different skill set to build the team.

  5. After the purging of players the last two years, the Raiders have the personnel of an expansion team at the moment. Allen needs a little time to build the team. Hopefully the Raiders managment does not stick with the Davis legacy of a new coach every other year. They need a bunch of continuity for awhile

  6. Tuff spot for Coach Allen, but he knew that going into the job. Mr Mark Davis is also in the drivers seat and would love to get Coach Gruden back to right the ship!! I know Mr John Madden would love John back also because of his aggressive style and attitude that is long needed for the team. Coach Allen got some great experience from this with talent he had. Was proud of him for standing up against player problem like Rolando McClain ect!! Coach Allen will get another chance in the league soon!!

  7. Go ahead raiders, fire Allen so he could come back to denver as or DC. Del rio was a one hit wonder and the defense is failing big time in his second year. Broncos won’t even win a playoff game if their defense continues to play bad like they’ve done all year. Jon gruden was the only coach that had the raiders being competitive in the past decade. He shouldn’t have been fired in the first place, the lat al Davis was another jerry jones who refused to adapt to the changes the nfl is enduring in this era. I’m routing for gruden to rejoin the raiders, I want the west to be the best, I’m sick of hearing about how the NFC west can’t be touched.

  8. I personally think DA should go besides that one game Against SD he shows no real emotion and always has the Deer in the headlight look it’s always the same thing every week he flat out gets out coached

  9. Did they really expect any coach to be able to undo the decades of damage done by Al Davis in just a couple of years? I wouldn’t expect it in less than 5.

  10. It’s not about the length of time it takes to undo damage. Listen Hue Jackson was 8-8 with the same ‘mess’ that Mr.Davis left. Now the Raiders are about to endure a 2nd straight two digit loss season. When you purge a roster like that, what do you expect? McKenzie and Davis viewed DA as a transitional coach most likely and now they appear ready to make moves.

  11. Allen isn’t horrible, but he hasn’t proven to be all that good either. Never should’ve fired Hue Jackson. That set this team back years.

    Hue took the offense from 31st to top 10 in his first year here. Raiders were 8-8, 8-8 and improving after Hue’s arrival after years of 4-12, 5-11 type seasons. Now we’re right back to that.

  12. You wonder how some of these people get head coaching jobs. Allen is one of the worst coaches in league in Greg Chiano or Mike Munchak territory. At least with those two, they paid their dues to get a shot, this guy was barely a coordinator or top assistant before the Raiders hired him.

  13. Believe me, I wish Gruden would come back, but my intuition says it aint gonna happen. So at the very least, Allen deserves another year. As many posters have pointed out, what were we to expect from the mess Big Al left behind financially and talentwise? Al never even had a groundskeeper on the payroll according to that SI article a few years ago. It takes a long time to change the culture of a team that had the same GM for 40-50 years. Be patient, fellow Raiders…

  14. Allen and his staff is gone. Mark Davis needs to do a complete sweep and get rid of his sorry ass GM Reggie McKenzie.
    The only reason Gruden is not coach now is that McKenzie is tthreatened by him.
    Baby Davis needs to clean house, or sell the team.

  15. I thought they should have kept Tom Cable. That being said, its all in the past and its time to focus on the present. I have lost faith in Allen and his coaching staff. A small part of me says keep him for stability sake but a big part of me thinks they should make a run at Lovie Smith or maybe someone else who has proven to be a good head coach.

  16. For this of you talking down about Reggie think about this:
    Andre Holmes, Rashaad Jennings, Charles Woodson, Tracy Porter( although he has been beaten a lot this year in coverage), Mike Jennings( playing like version of his old self), Vance Walker, Pat Simms, Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett, Rod Streater and all the other players that have been added at the expense of no salary cap! Let’s be real, he’s doing the et job he can… Like people have said Dennis Allen is getting out- coached on pretty much every down! He is not the answer for this team.. He under utilizes talent I.e Marcel Reece and fails to make adjustments nor does it seem he prepares this team to compete.. I think this is the year to give a New coach a chance.. He is to inexperienced to take on all of these new upcoming 1st and 2nd rounders and develop them and lead them in the right direction.. Watching every press conference since he came aboard I have been unimpressed. It’s the same answers all the time” we didn’t get it done” “we need to execute better” ” we got beat out there” not the answers of a winner. At least when Hue was here he held every player accountable and the touches reflected on that… Ego or no ego that Is exactly what this league is built off of, right? Don’t believe me see Rex Ryan. Hue was a way more ready Coach then DA.. No advocate for Hue but he had this team headed in the right direction and probably oils have done a hell of a lot better if Al Davis didn’t hire that dreadful coordinator Chuck Bresnahan..

  17. Hue Jack assumed that he was on level par with the new owner Mark Davis because of his relationship with Al. He threw the team under the bus after his last game, and didn’t want Davis to hire Mackenzie as his boss… even wanted in on the GM hiring decision. Thus he lost the locker, the owner’s confidence and respect from the incoming GM. He sunk his own boat. If he was really that good, why aint he HC somewhere? Something to ponder.
    Ps.. that offense we ran then was all Al Saunders., not old Hue. He got credit by default.

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