Romo says he has a back injury


The tie has been broken.  We think.

Via Ed Werder of ESPN, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo emerged from Sunday’s win over the Redskins with a back injury.  Coach Jason Garrett said it’s a foot injury.

So what do you have to say about it, Tony?

“It was my back,” Romo told reporters after the game regarding an injury that caused him to not miss any time. “I tweaked it in the game and then for whatever reason then, the twist or whatever it was, definitely just made it not feel comfortable.”

The team also has advised PFT that Romo’s back tightened up during the game.  Romo also was asked whether the back was bothering him coming in to the game, given that Jones suggested Romo had a pre-existing back problem.

“A little bit but nothing where I thought it was gonna be a major thing,” Romo said. “[I] think I took a hit which kind of triggered it. And then one time whatever the kid did on that one play, really sent a . . . just didn’t make it feel very comfortable. But it’s a completely in a different spot than the back stuff I had last year so that’s a good thing.”

Curiously, Romo wasn’t listed on the injury report as having a back injury. Next week, he likely will be.