Steelers take 38-31 lead late in fourth quarter

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A one-yard TD run by Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has given Pittsburgh a 38-31 lead late in the fourth quarter in Green Bay.

The touchdown came two plays after Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry was flagged for encroachment on a field goal. The penalty gave the Steelers a first down.

The Steelers’ drive started after safety Troy Polamalu forced Packers quarterback Matt Flynn to fumble with less than two minutes left. Brett Keisel recovered for Pittsburgh on the Green Bay 17.

The Packers now have the ball outside the Steelers’ 30-yard line after a long kickoff return by rookie Micah Hyde.

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  1. Congratulations to the steelers for barely beating the Green Bay Packers backup quarterback and 22nd PASS Defense in the NFL.


  2. What an attrocious call on the blocked fg that somehow ended up with the packers getting the ball back.

    IF it was the right call (clark clearly had possession, so it couldnt have been), its a flat out terrible rule

  3. Polamalu and Keisel. Old, slow, and bound to get cut after the season. But wait….fumble and recovery at a very important point of the game? Yea boy. Go Steelers and Go Veteran Leadership!

  4. The touchdown came two plays after Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry was flagged for encroachment on a field goal. The penalty gave the Steelers a first down.”

    Yeah, let that sink in. Only to be outdone by Flynn’s dumb at the end of the game.

  5. The Steelers should have won by 3 TDs and they aren’t very good. Packers need to get someone besides Flynn.

  6. I think it’s great there are so many teams in the playoff hunt with real meaningful games this week and next week.

    Then there are the hapless, tasteless, and soft packers.

  7. It’s so nice to see Vikings fans who didn’t have anything to say about getting destroyed by a vastly superior team come on over here to show us how envious they are about everything we have.

    Also, good game steelers. The better team won.

    Remember that time when Adrian Peterson had 45 yards rushing? Let me guess: He’ll have 1,000 yards next week!

  8. Inexcusable mistakes kept the Packers from winning this game. Credit the Steelers and the football plays they did make to win the game.

    The Packers special teams was a total joke, and has been since Slocum arrived. Hyde bailed him out with that last 70 yard return. Giving up long returns, the penalties, and Nick Perry jumping offsides in that spot are all mistakes traced back to coaching. Good riddance Slocum. I really hope you get that long overdue pink slip.

    On offense, the holding penalties killed drives. I’m convinced that Matt Flynn couldn’t deliver the ball to me if I were wide open 10 yards from him with no one else in the stadium. His arm is weak and he makes terrible reads and doesn’t trust himself enough to quickly read the defense and go through his progressions. Jordy was WIDE OPEN on that last play, but was deadlocked on Boykin from the snap. I suppose that’s the difference between what we are normally used to and a mediocre backup. And I don’t understand how you don’t secure the football on the second to last drive. All critical game situations and all improperly executed.

    BJ Raji needs to grow up before he chooses his next team this offseason. I won’t be sad to see him go. He’s been a ghost since that NFCC game in 2010.

    Anyways, there are more things that are wrong with this team than right. And it doesn’t start or end with Rodgers being out. Some deep soul searching needs to happen this offseason.

    At least the run game is there. Having Harris back will only help. Someone quick who can catch the ball out of the backfield and make the first guy miss.

    With that, GO EAGLES.

  9. What I want to know is if the officials on the field at this game tonight will be fined $100k for complete incompetence and not knowing the rules? How about giving that draft pick back for that BS Roger? Nope. All we’ll get is a useless apology. NFL’s a joke.

  10. That blocked fg was incredibly messed up by the refs. Clark had possession of the ball, was on the ground and had a Packer touching him before he lateralled it anyhow. Refs botched it bad. And then the Steeler coaching staff botched it by not understanding what they could/could not challenge. Had Tomlin argued that Clark was down by contact before the lateral (which IS reviewable) he’d have easily won the challenge.

  11. Uhhhhh, Matt Flynn, Jordy Nelson was wide open on that last play. Not sure why your first look would be to Boykin, and not Nelson.

    Dumb play.

  12. chalk it up to sour grapes, gbtrolls.
    even the refs helped cheese bay out w/awarding a fumble resulting in lacys td (Bell is better).
    stocks plummeted. take a hint from the depression era & find a tall building w/open windows.

  13. The hapless and tasreless Vikings beat these same Steelers over in London.

    What kind of team is the Packers if they lost to the Steelers at home on Lambeau Field?

    The Pack must be even more hapless and tasteless…

    Even Packer fans should be able to admit that, when they sober up- some time after the 1st of the year.

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