Stephen Jones confronts Werder over Garrett story


On Sunday morning, Ed Werder of ESPN reported that the expectation in the Cowboys’ organization is that coach Jason Garrett will be fired if the team fails to make it to the playoffs.

After the thrilling, come-from-behind Week 16 win over Washington, Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones confronted Werder in the locker room.

Per a source with knowledge of the exchange, Stephen Jones told Werder that, if he has a source who is providing information on the head coach’s status and the source’s name isn’t Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones, the story is “BS”.

Another source said that it wasn’t a loud or hostile exchange.  Stephen Jones quietly pulled Werder aside and shared that perspective.

Reached for comment by PFT, Werder had this to say:  “Stephen and I had a brief conversation in the Cowboys locker room about my report earlier in the day.  I stand by what I reported and that’s really all there is to it.”

Most believe that Garrett will indeed be fired if the Cowboys fail to make it to the playoffs.  Whether they make it will be determined next Sunday, when the Eagles come to town for the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.