Titans get first division win of year, beat Jags 20-16


In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t mean much. But a win is a win.

The Titans came back to beat the Jaguars 20-16 Sunday, earning their first AFC South win of the year in the process.

The Titans improved to 6-9 with the win, which may or may not save Mike Munchak’s job.

The Titans came back after a 13-6 halftime deficit and trailed 16-6 before they started moving, taking the lead on a Ryan Fitzpatrick pass to Nate Washington (after Shonn Greene got them close with a short touchdown run).

The Jaguars have played well in the second half, but simply have run out of players, as they prepare to reload for next year.

3 responses to “Titans get first division win of year, beat Jags 20-16

  1. As a Jags fan who lives down here…

    If you guys have heard the praise being given to Gus Bradley by our local HOMERS…for getting a few wins against some PATHETIC teams after we started out 0-8….

    and the praise being given to our also 1st year GM for the play of his rookie draft choices…

    Then perhaps Mike Munchak – coaching a team that is :
    Out of Playoffs
    Nothing to Play for
    On the Road
    Losing in 2nd Half

    Perhaps Mike Munchak deserves COACH OF THE YEAR HONORS

  2. Hey Jags fan, I used to live in Jax, so the fact that they are actually paying attention to the Jags is something. And the Jags have very little talent, yet surprisingly, they have been competitive in a lot a games this year. So I would give Bradley some credit there. The fact that they aren’t the worst team in the league is saying something too. They should trade MJD asap because he is wearing down.

    As far as the Titans, no, Munchak needs to go. Way too much talent on that team to be this mediocre every year. Some guys are meant to be assistant coaches, nothing wrong with that. Munchak is one of those guys.

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