Tony Romo saves the day for Dallas


Whatever else you say about Tony Romo’s career, you can never say it has been dull.

A week after throwing two fourth quarter interceptions in a brutal 37-36 loss to the Packers, Romo rode a roller coaster in the second half against Washington before coming out the other side with a 24-23 lead that kept their hopes of a division title in their hands.

Romo threw an interception in the third quarter to help the Redskins build a 23-14 lead and then suffered some kind of leg injury while evading a rush from Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson. Romo was clearly impacted for the rest of the game, but he completed a pass for a first down to Terrence Williams on the play he got hurt and continued to improvise his way down the field for a Cowboys field goal. The Cowboys got the ball back with 3:39 to play and Romo scrambled again before finding Williams for 51 yards to move them into Washington territory.

They moved the ball all the way inside the five, but DeMarco Murray lost 11 yards on third down to set the Cowboys up for a do-or-die fourth down. Romo threw on the move again, hitting Murray for a touchdown and the defense didn’t let the Redskins pick up a first down to seal the victory.

It was the polar opposite of last week’s late game performance for Romo, as controlled and effective as last week’s was sloppy, and the Cowboys can now win the NFC East if they beat the Eagles next week. The Cowboys are no stranger to being in that position and the outcome next week should make for quite the third act to the Romo show’s 2013 run.

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  1. I don’t think it matters who you cheer for or who your favourite team is. But the power that sports have to captivate an audience is amazng! Im a Cowboys fan and couldnt even wath the plays in the dying seconds! That’s just how incredible this sport is and the power it beholds! GOOOO COWBOYS

  2. Faaaail go the Redskiiiiins…

    Blew the football gaaaame…

    Noooo more excusessss…

    HANG, your head, in shaaaaaame…

  3. I don’t think it matters who you cheer for or who your favourite team is. But the power that sports have to captivate an audience is amazng! Im a Cowboys fan and couldnt even wath the plays in the dying seconds! That’s just how incredible this sport is and the power it beholds! GOOOO COWBOYS

  4. I am very proud of the way the Washington
    Redskins TEAM played today.

    All the players fought together with all their heart and their level of play was outstanding.

    Merry Christmas Washington Redskins and Fans.

  5. The fact that you have to post and get ecstatic about your 100 million dollar QB when he DOESN’T screw up the game at the end, tells you everything you need to know about Romo the QB.

    It’s like being excited your fish can swim. Newsflash – it’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do.

  6. The 100 Million Dollar Quarterback with the highest 4th quarter rating in history does it again. General Manager Jones has three rings, built one Dynasty and has finalized touches on another one. A few tweaks here, a tweak there by him and BAM! Playoffs. The Super Bowl run began today. Coach Garrett, a Princeton University grad, is by all accounts the most intelligent coach in the NFL. He will guide and mentor this team all the way to the championship game in New York. America’s Team.

  7. Total BS. It came down to officiating. Non calls all day, like when the Dallas LG tackled his defender on the long Romo pass in the 4th. Two consecutive non calls for PI at the end, and one earlier. The refs decided this game, plain and simple.

  8. The REDSKINS are without a doubt ..

    the biggest JOKE ever in the NFL.

    Tony Romo – best player out there.
    London Fletcher – one hell’va football player.

  9. You guys are funny(read: delusional). Yeah Tony Romo is amazing. He deserves ALL the credit for needing a 4th and goal to beat a 3-12 team starting a backup quarterback. Hahahahaha thats great. I think Cowboys fans live in Jerruh’s world with him. Some people need a reality check.

  10. Great comeback by the cowgirls. Probably all for not.

    Congrats to the Minnysoda vikqueens on their 3rd double digit lose season of the past 4.

  11. Why do we have to watch Mike Shanahan for the rest of the season if we know he is gone?

    Why not fire his ass right now and show some aspect of the franchise that you, as an owner, will not allow to become a joke.

  12. Jerry did NOT build those Superbowl teams. Jimmy Johnson did and the reason he left is because Jerry tried to take all the credit for doing so.

    I’ve always enjoyed the people who say Romo is nothing more than a backup and such. You know who else has or had a history of bad INTs? Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. If it’s all on your shoulders you’re going to fail every now and then.

  13. Ummm At 3 and 11 with a completely inexperienced QB, who all did you think would win this game? Hardly gets the burden off of Romo!

  14. Did u see the look on Dan Snyders face when Romo threw the TD to Murray?



    Hail To Tony Romo

  15. As a lifelong Cowboy fan here are the things that surprise me: Winning a game they should win (like today). Beating a really good team (has not happened this year). Not losing in a dramatic painful fashion (could be next Sunday). At this point I’m basically surprised when the DON’T screw up!
    While I wish my team was better they just are not. 109-111 since 2000.
    Keep thinking Romo is the guy, he is not. Nice stat guy but zero leadership skills. Hope I’m wrong about next week.

  16. Not a hater or anything but I am curious as to why the media, who has seemingly spent the last several years tearing down romo every chance they get, are now falling all over themselves to defend him? Tv, radio and the Internet are lousy with romo apologists this week.


  18. I love how beating a 3-11 team by 1 point suddenly washes away Romo’s years of inconsistent and bad play in December. The commentators on Fox could barely contain themselves the whole game about how amazing Romo was-I thought we flashed head to the Super Bowl. At one point he had seemingly a minute in the pocket and threw to a wide open WR and they were raving about it. I would hope my franchise QB could hit a wide open target with that much time but the media has to make the expected plays and turn them in to something more with Romo. And that 4th down play was more about bad defense than great QB play- they let the RB leak out uncontested and then wonder downfield to the goal line. I am glad I root for a team with higher standards than the ‘Boys.

  19. So when Romo throws 4 picks next week,and they gag up yet another one and lose to the Eagles they will then have lost to each team in the division on the last game of the year,while needing a victory to make the playoffs. At least they’re charitable and spread the meltdown’s around the division….

  20. Eagles are comin & bringin hell with them….Trent Cole will knock Romo out of the game!!!!! then again keep him in for the picks he’ll throw….

  21. Shouldn’t the Redskins have added more to rush Romo? Allowing him to run around rather than put pressure on him – he goes down like tissue paper – is suicidal.

  22. I love the guy in the media who prefaced his question to Shanahan with, “Since this is probably your last press conference at home as the Washington coach,” lol. Classic.

  23. If I were a great coach Washington with it’s meddling owner would be the last place I would want to coach.Dan Snyder should hire good coaches and then let them alone and build a winner instead of trading a boat load of high draft picks for one over rated QB.

  24. Please..nothing this guy can do will ever be enough, even if he wins the Superbowl. He plays hurt, he is undrafted.
    23 come from behind victories since 2006. Only surpassed by Peyton Manning with 25. In the Cowboy’s 7 losses 17 TDs and 3 INTS.

  25. I bash the Cowboy organization all the time, but I’m a Romo supporter. Gutsy win today but I still think Jason Garrett needs to go. He will waste another season of your star player’s careers before it is all said and done.

  26. Next week’s choke against the Eagles is gonna be so bad, some Cowboy fan in yonder Texas is gonna sucker punch their momma right in the kisser…it aint going to be pretty

  27. Tony Romo has more comeback wins blah, blah, blah. Tony Romo has the highest QB rating in september in NFL history- blah, blah, blah-
    Here is a stat- Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Stan Humphries, Jay Fiedler,
    Jeff Hostetler , Jay Schroeder & last but not least Cordell Stewart- ALL have better career winning percentages than Tony Romo. Winning is all that matters, Romo is not a winner.

  28. So does Jerry Jones think the Cowboys actually won? I think the Redskins got a moral victory. Dallas had more points, but today was a sign of things to come for Washington.

  29. The redskins have to be the worst team in the league by far this year. This is suppose to be there biggest rivalry. Well they can’t handle any kind of pressure from the owner to the coach. Sorry to there good fans, they do not deserve either of them….

  30. I wonder if Mike Shanahan still believes (or ever believed) that someone will actually trade a first rounder for Kirk Cousins in a draft that appears to be deep at QB?

  31. This game was simply a stay of execution for the Cowboys.

    I would be very surprised if Dallas stays within 21 points of the Eagles next week.

    Either way, the winner is one and done in the playoffs.

  32. Romo once again teases the Cowboy fans with a clutch performance one week after that disaster against the Packers.

    He is like a hot girlfriend that you just can’t bring yourself to leave, even though she keeps cheating on you.

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