Andy Reid may rest his starters in Week 17

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The Chiefs are locked into the fifth seed in the AFC regardless of what happens for them next weekend, so they may not expose some of their starters to the risk of injury when they travel to San Diego.

Andy Reid said Monday, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star, that he is still making up his mind about how to approach the game with the Chargers. Reid noted that he’d had success after resting players for the postseason in the past, so players like Jamaal Charles and Alex Smith may be getting plenty of rest before Kansas City plays in the Wild Card round.

The biggest argument to make for playing the starters for at least some of Week 17 might be the way the Chiefs looked against the Colts on Sunday. It was a listless performance across the board and Reid could opt for ending the regular season on a better note next week.

Reid’s decision could impact more than just the Chiefs. The Chargers are one of the four teams still alive in the race for the sixth playoff spot in the AFC and a win would seem to be more likely when facing second-stringers for the Chiefs.

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  1. Why not… Schwartz rested his entire coaching staff and half the offense yesterday.

    I hope Andy does well. Great story of what hiring a real head coach can do for a team in a short period of time.

  2. That would be a break for the chargers who really could beat them either way. Hopefully the jets are still playing hard for Rex and the bengals go for the bye week.

  3. Do what you want now. Fantasy season is over. Outside of FF and gambling, there is no reason to watch the NFL. It’s a watered down, no defense, spread option ruined game.

  4. did you all feel that? That enormous thud?

    That was the inhabitants of Pittsburgh coming back down to earth after spending the last 2 weeks deluding themselves they actually had a shot.

  5. The real beneficiaries of this may be the Dolphins, not the Chargers.

    If the Dolphins and Ravens both win at 1pm, the Chargers will be eliminated. However, the SD-KC game at 4pm would still determine who goes to the playoffs.

    In that case:
    if SD wins then the Dolphins make it
    if KC wins/ties then the Ravens make it

  6. That’s right Andy. Don’t let the starters play so you can start the playoffs with 2 losses in a row. Brilliant move. Then you will be one and done. Winning this last game will be important mentally for this team who was terrible until this year and who will need momentum going into the playoffs.

  7. He doesn’t want to be 0-5 against AFC teams that have a winning record………without a built in excuse.

  8. He’d look like an idiot if he started them and one of their key players was hurt. This is KC’s best chance at making a run in the playoffs in 20 years, it’s better to play it safe then risk it. It doesn’t make for great football, but nobody can really fault him for doing it.

  9. I’m a Patriots fan and think Bill Belichick has done an outstanding job this season given the circumstances they have faced. But Andy Reid has faced much different and difficult circumstances and he should be applauded for his coaching job this year. Unfortunately the only way to recognize what he’s done is a meaningless coach of the year award. Kudos Coach Reid, best to you and your family this Holiday season.

  10. Reid will rest his players. He is more predictable than the 4 seasons. Thanks for last night, Chip! What a breath of fresh air!!

  11. Play em Andy. It’s still a 16 game season remember ? Give them a chance to rebound from that awful game yesterday. San Diego will be playing their asses off next sun. Why take it off? Get some momentum going INTO the playoffs .

  12. San Diego could be eliminated before the game starts, too. Which would make the game meaningless for both teams — but hugely important for a Miami-Baltimore tiebreaker, if they both win.

    (In case anyone missed it, Baltimore would advance on a two-way tiebreaker, but Miami would advance on a three-way tiebreaker.)

  13. LMAO at Philly fans still hatin’ on Andy. You guys are worse than an ex-girlfriend that won’t move on with her life.
    Let it go already, doesn’t your team have a shot at the playoffs without him?

  14. 12strikes says: Dec 23, 2013 2:48 PM

    “Success resting players in the past”…

    as an Eagles fan I don’t consider 1-4 in NFC championship games success.
    they played NFC championship games a week after resting starters? I didn’t know double byes ever happened.

    I think your point shows he’s had success…he made 5 after resting starters…meaning he WON the game before

  15. The Redskins rested RGIII for the preseason.

    How did that work out for them?

    Resting your starters is a BAD idea, especially when in the past 5 weeks KC has managed to beat Washington and Oakland. Who won’t be mistaken for Denver and Seattle.

    If you asked the players they want to play. So let them. Trying to flip a switch is a dangerous proposition.

  16. The Broncos are gonna go ahead and rest their starters in week 18. Just sayin…

    Correct. They will have a bye.
    Just sayin….

  17. Wether they are 1 and done in the playoffs or not there is a lot to build on with this team that was 2-14 last season people can talk all they want but they are headed in the rite direction

  18. They should rest Jamaal Charles but play the rest of the starters for at least the first half.

    This game is the perfect setting to get Knile Davis some badly needed first team reps at RB heading into the playoffs. The defensive starters need the work just to get back in a groove and get the bad taste of that Colts game out of their mouths. Justin Houston will need some reps to knock off the rust.

  19. I bet John Madden is beside himself with anger and rage that a starter might be sat down during the regular season.

  20. I think all key players should play at least through the first quarter unless posted on the injury list as being questionable.
    There is a definite problem in the secondary that needs to be addressed. The Chiefs for the most part have experienced players in the secondary and I question their level of talent or possibly the play calling for their poor performance.The secondary has been exploited going all the way back to the Texan game and there hasn’t been any adjustments made yet. If this problem isn’t fixed than it’s one and done for the Chiefs in the play-offs.

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