Brock’s slam of Douglas shouldn’t have drawn a flag


When 49ers defensive back Tramaine Brock threw Falcons receiver Harry Douglas to the ground late in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s Candlestick Park finale, it seemed to be a penalty — especially in this safety-obsessed era of pro football.

But throwing the player to the ground, as vicious as it may appear, doesn’t constitute unnecessary roughness if it happens before the ball is dead.

It’s a new rule that was applied to the chagrin of the Texans and defensive back Kareem Jackson in overtime of a September 29 game between Houston and Seattle.  Jackson drew a flag for slamming receiver Doug Baldwin to the ground, but the action came after the whistle had blown.

But slamming a runner to the ground becomes a penalty only if the ball is dead.  On Monday night, the ball wasn’t dead when Brock threw Douglas to the ground.

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  1. Two times SF was lined up in the Neutral Zone with no flag; this is after Atlanta was called for the same exact thing. Not that it is clear that the calls favor one or the other team, but the refs don’t have any credibility with the inconsistency that is so apparent. I also find it funny that Trufant can hit a man off the play from blind side but no flag like in the Sherman case two weeks ago. Again, no consistency; no credibility.

    Having said all that; I agree with you that this particular play shouldn’t have drawn a penalty.

  2. I disagree, Brock’s slam of Douglas SHOULD have drawn a flag” because forward progress had clearly ended and that constitutes the end of the play. Brock pushed Douglas backwards several steps before lifting him off the ground, flipping him over and slamming him to the ground.

    RULE 7 Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Scrimmage
    Section 2 Dead Ball
    Article 1: Dead Ball Declared.
    An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended: (b) when a runner is held or otherwise restrained so that
    his forward progress ends

  3. Well the league needs to tell its officials that because fletcher of the eagles got the flag against the cardinals before the whistle.

  4. Why wasn’t Harbaugh flagged for being on the field for that game altering interception and numerous times throughout the game? The game by game rule interpretations and blatant incompetence is ruining this game.

  5. This game was awfully officiated …
    Hitner’s hit on Jackson and Brooks roughing the passer and the PI on the guy covering Boldin were bs as well

  6. Then explain to us the penalty called on the Eagles Bradley Fletcher on Arizona’s WR Jaron Brown for “unnecessary roughness, slamming a player to the ground.” He merely pulled him back and it was hardly a slam, and in no way even close to what Brock did. If the ball carrier is still fighting for yards, which in both plays was the case, no way a flag should be thrown.

  7. “Two times SF was lined up in the Neutral Zone with no flag;”

    Atlanta was lined up offsides literally 50% of the plays in the first half…amazing that it took until the second half to call one.

  8. Yes, but if a player is lifted off the ground and cannot apply leverage in order to protect himself, it would seem to be the very definition of defenseless, and the action should certainly be added to that nebulous list of conditions under which a player is considered defenseless.

    While it may not be against the rules, if the NFL is truly serious about improving safety, the Rules Committee should take a long look at slamming this off-season: this one is a no-brainer.

  9. The inconsistency is ridiculous. Multiple neutral zone infractions as well as offensive holds that never got called on SF, Trufant not getting a flag for the same thing Richard Sherman did recently, bad PI calls… They really need to start cleaning up this officiating mess.

  10. Jim Harabaugh waa on the field during rhe run back…Where was the flag? Should he be fined?

    Why is no flag thrown when the offensive tackles back up on passing plays every before the snap.

  11. what are you saying? there want a flag thrown? you mean there should have been a flag..

    whines cheated all day long what’s new, then they get bitter when they still lose, you can’t body slam ANYONE n this league and it should have been an EJECTION, FLAG and FINE!!!

    done with this corrupt league, its a fargin joke anymore, that last play? yup PI, better rewind your game and have a look, half step early,not looking at anyone but the receiver, defender cannot get there early even if he is making a play on the ball which he clearly didn’t, he didn’t even see the ball coming..

    and listen to these moronic writers, they are completely CLUELESS FFS..

    no more, DONE!

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