Chiefs defense: “No excuses” for getting rolled by Colts


The Chiefs defense was the main reason why the team started the year 9-0, but their struggles have also been a major reason why the team has gone 2-4 over the last six games. 

It certainly was a major reason for Sunday’s 23-7 loss to the Colts. They gave up 367 yards, didn’t force a turnover and sacked Andrew Luck just once even though the Colts were shorthanded on the offensive line. The Chiefs were missing linebacker Justin Houston again, but players like cornerback Dunta Robinson and safety Quintin Demps said there were “no excuses” to make about their performance. 

Robinson thought it was a reminder that the Chiefs need to do a better job against other winning teams. 

“We gotta look in the mirror and we gotta decide what kind of team we want to be moving forward,” Robinson said, via the Kansas City Star. “Yeah, OK, you dominate Oakland. Yeah, you dominate [Washington]. But what are we going to do when we face other powerhouses? We’re a much better team than we showed today.”

Depending on how things shake out in Week 17, the Chiefs may have a rematch with the Colts in their future. This one would be in Indianapolis and it would offer the Chiefs a chance to prove Robinson right about how good the Chiefs are this season.

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  1. “The Chiefs defense was the main reason why the team started the year 9-0”

    And the fact they played absolutely nobody. Their only win this year against a team with a winning record is Philly, which isn’t saying much.

  2. If KC wins this week, which they wont, they will be the worst 12-4 team in NFL history.

    First round exit on the way.

  3. wtfpft says:
    Dec 23, 2013 11:19 AM

    And the fact they played absolutely nobody. Their only win this year against a team with a winning record is Philly, which isn’t saying much.
    The Mike Vick led Eagles, none the less, who’ve proven to be a shell of the team they are without Vick in the lineup.

    Chiefs schedule will be more challenging next year based on their second place finish, and based on the fact they dont get the 3 gimme games that come with playing the AFC South this year. They will be a 9-7 team at best next season. Mark it down.

  4. The Chiefs are 0-4 against teams with a winning record in the AFC. Three of those losses have come at HOME.

    There’s a solid argument they’re not even the 2nd best team in their division if SD sweeps them like Denver did.

    They have played 5 last place teams – with the NFL schedule, this is the most you can play………and KC is the only team to have done this.

    Complete and total Fraud.

  5. It’s hard to see them winning a wild card playoff game in Cinci or Indy. They look like a one and done team. Of course, Miami has the same awaiting them if they manage to hold onto that last playoff spot.

  6. Ill take the comments that the Chiefs have played a soft schedule. Currently they are the 5 seed. .

    I want these ppl who keep calling the Chiefs a fraud to tell me who in the AFC is definitively better? (besides seeds 1-4, who are rated ahead of kc)

    Tell me the team that is better and ill give you at least 1-3 teams they lost to that they “shouldn’t have”..
    Ill also give you at least 4-6 wins on their schedule that came against weak teams.

    This is the NFL, schedule makes record. If you are good, You beat the teams that you are supposed to and you play in the playoffs. ..end of story

  7. I’m not going to defend Kansas City. But all this praise for Denver is somewhat misplaced.

    San Diego-Both KC & Denver were beaten by SD
    Indy-Both were beaten by Indianapolis

    Winning teams played by Denver not played by KC:
    Baltimore(W)-New England(L)

    BTW last time I checked Dallas has a winning record & like Philly, was beaten by both KC & Denver

  8. the chiefs did not show up to play yesterday, and have plenty of room for improvement in general, but anyone acting like they’re second tier to other playoff teams is fooling themselves. the colts got blown out at home by the rams – every playoff team has multiple losses to their credit. we’ll see how things shake out in a couple of weeks.

  9. shayeezy

    Yes but Indy beat Seattle, San Francisco & Denver. Their home blowout loss to St. Louis is kind of overshadowed by those wins. The AFC is down this year, that’s how a team like KC gets to 11 wins.

  10. The Chiefs D, did what they had to do for me for fantasy (fitting they bottomed out), now no one fears them, case in point McGloin had a relatively good game against them, so i wasnt surprised that Indy had success.

  11. The Chiefs are my team, but they sure look like one and done to me. Still impressed with such a big improvement from last year’s 2-14. Definetly expecting big things from the Chiefs in the future, just not expecting much success in the playoffs this year.

  12. It was a combination of weak teams with backup QB’s and great luck with turnovers.

    If winning regular season games but never winning the Super Bowl is the be all and end all for Chiefs fans, then they’re in good hands with Andy Reid.

  13. If the schedule was reversed, the Chiefs would be on a roll and building toward the playoffs…..What a difference the schedule can make, sometimes.

  14. I love the idiots that say the chiefs are the worst 11-4 team ever. So I guess they must of been the greatest 2-14 team ever last year. In the end it doesn’t matter…your record is what you are. So far the chiefs have beating 1/3 of the league and not many teams in the NFL can say that!!! I’m a huge KC fan, the best part is knowing that this team can improve in almost every posistion in the upcoming seasons. That means this team will only get better. As for scheduling next year Chiefs, broncs, chargers, and raiders play the same schedule except for 2 teams. So stop telling yourself weak schedule this, weak a schedule that. You still have to beat the teams you play. Eagles lost to the Vikes. Indy got crushed by the Rams. The NFL is unpredictable. Chiefs are a success story this year no matter what happens from here on out. GO Chiefs! Haters gonna hate.

  15. The Chiefs record indicates they are an improved team…and the fans should be happy…but I’ve never bought into them as the real deal. They”ve still got a ways to go.

  16. LOL, here is how much strength of schedule means.

    I was thinking to myself, how come Denver has a weaker Strength of Schedule than they Chiefs?

    They play all the same teams except 2, and as stated before, those 2 teams that the Chiefs played that were different are in last place in their division.

    Then it hit me, Denver played the Chiefs (11-4) twice and the Chiefs played the Broncos (12-3) twice.

    So the Broncos made their Strength of Schedule weaker by BEATING the Chiefs.

    Strength of Schedule is a useless stat.

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