Could Romo injury save Garrett?

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Packers G.M. Ted Thompson possibly believes Jerry Jones jinxed Tony Romo by recently pointing out that a healthy Romo has helped balance out “some of this inadequacy with some of our personnel.”

Romo, who tweaked his back during Sunday’s win over the Redskins but didn’t leave the game, is now out for the season.  The biggest question is whether this means coach Jason Garrett will be out after the season, if the Cowboys lose the Third Annual NFC East Championship game to Philadelphia.

The Sunday report from Ed Werder of ESPN — with which Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones politely took issue — included a footnote regarding Jerry’s desire to have picked right when selecting Garrett to be the head coach.  The Romo injury gives Jones a way to justify a mulligan for Garrett, providing him with one more chance to start from 0-0 and to finish at something other than .500.

Of course, that analysis assumes the Cowboys will lose to the Eagles on Sunday night.  If veteran Kyle Orton leads a victory, Garrett’s position surely will be secure, regardless of how badly the Cowboys may lose at home in the wild-card round.

Then there’s the possibility that Garrett has had enough of being undermined by an owner/G.M. who many think would secretly like to add head coach to his many titles.

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  1. This smells of a set up. This way Romo doesn’t choke off the last game AND Garrett now has a built in excuse on why he didn’t win the division so he can return next year.

    This smells of a Jerry Jones stunt. But the real winners in this are the rest of the NFC east because now Garrett will be brought back and he is clearly the worse coach in the division.

  2. Well, it’s going to be an interesting offseason regardless. Sean lee is not playing either. The defense/guard position have to be addressed. Thank God we aren’t the Redskins.

  3. Interesting point but the team hasn’t even made an announcement towards the injury yet (4pm central right now) and to have so many reports based off of a rumor is pretty risky. I’d wait until it’s official before you start speculating about other things.

  4. I can’t believe he still has a job. Him and Jim Schwartz are on Marty Morninweg level of head coaching incompetence

  5. It doesn’t matter who coaches them as long as Jerry picks the staff, players, and schemes. After last weeks debacle the only thought I had was “you just know Jerry wants the Cowboys to air it out.”

  6. Garrett should have pulled Romo when he got hurt just like Shanarat should have pulled RGMe last season when he was hurt. Look at all of the flack Shanarat took for that. Garrett is as good as gone, and I’m going to miss him and his inept ways.

  7. Garrett got the job by default didnt he? Somebody clarify for me.
    Romo’s injury actually helps the cowboys. As they will now truly have to prepare for a game instead of winging it like they have done for eons.
    Hey if Orton wins and gets a win in his first wildcard game. Are we going to start talking QB controversy? Funny how Romo has been immuned to it for all these years.

  8. Will Garret be fired? Will Romo’s back get better? Will Jerry take over coaching duties? Join us next week for another episode of “As the Stomach Turns”

  9. Eli on Injured Reserve says:

    Garrett should have pulled Romo when he got hurt just like Shanarat should have pulled RGMe last season when he was hurt.

    Garrett would have to start Romo against the Eagles to come anywhere close to what Shanahan did. It was starting RG3 on a torn up field in the playoffs knowing he probably had a torn ACL that warranted the criticism.

  10. Wonder why Dallas, through garrett, isn’t being honest about the injury? What ‘s the point of this covert nonsense?

  11. I despise the Cowboys, but their fans should strike against going to games as long as JJ is GM. The team has had NO depth for ever, and that’s because they don’t have a real “football guy” running the show. That’s a big reason they always collapse. The Pats have a ton of injuries and they keep clicking along. The Cowboys and Yankees winning are good for their sports. Now I will go throw up.

  12. Let me break this down for you. I know Texas and Texans through many kin who reside there and some that reside locally but continue to be TEXANS. The Cowboys have been a circus act for too long. Texans and circuses should not be in the same sentence. Jerry the Ring Master,the showman,the magician is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He will fire Garrett,guaranteed, and produce a stunning block buster larger than Texas deal to usher in NFL 2014, Cowboy style. It’s gonna be big,huge ! Mr. Jones will make this happen and it will be fun and entertaining.

  13. Hey don’t get me wrong I like Romo, and to be fair you can’t harp on the defensive players they are who they are. You work with what you got. But good coordinators can hide the deficiencies of players. At this stage of the year very few teams have the crews they thought they would have. Its on the coaches play crazy or go home.

  14. Its a major injury to the QB week before a game for the division title. Can we stop the coach speculation a little bit and whether or not a devastating injury “saves” a coach? (who by the way has already been publicly said to be returning next season)

  15. Garrett doesn’t have anything to worry about. Jones will never find anybody else who can say “yes sir, that’s a great idea, sounds good to me, etc. faster than Garrett can.

  16. I don’t think that Jerry could ever run out of stooges, unless of course he comes to himself and realizes that he doesn’t know everything and should delegate to people and fire them if they don’t produce.

  17. We want Tebow, We want Tebow, the showman, the Gm, the Idiot, must not pass up this chance for publicity. Plus, Tebow has already beaten Orton out of a job before.

  18. Hopefully Orton will stink up the game so people can see no matter who is in there Mrs Garrett will not have this team ready to compete. Rob Ryan didn’t get a pass last year after he has 8 starters miss due to injury so Mrs Garrett shouldn’t get a pass either.

  19. Jason Garrett has been a Head Coach for 55 games. To suggest that missing Romo for the last game of the year should have special significance is just crazy. The man will be judged on his body of work and it won’t be nearly enough to save his job.

  20. Tebow sucks…hell no we don’t want him. Pick up Carr, lose the game, fire the coaches, and draft the QB of the future to learn under Romo until he can be cut w/o breaking the bank. The Cowboys will suck for 3 more years minimum…maybe more like 5-6. Witten is getting old. Ware looks done. Sean Lee may not survive another year. Dez is still in the locker room pouting. Murray is just average and injury prone. This ship isn’t gonna unsink anytime soon. Jerrah is gonna have to sell the team or die if they are ever gonna win another championship. That is just reality.

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