Dorin Dickerson says he got knocked out, kept playing

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As the NFL continues to take seriously the issue of concussions, the NFL’s concussion protocol continues to miss players who have suffered head injuries.

The latest example (that we know of) comes from Sunday’s Giants-Lions game.  Via Michael Rothstein of, Lions tight end Dorin Dickerson said he remained in the game after sustaining a concussion.

Specifically, Dickerson says he “got knocked out” during a special-teams play in the fourth quarter.

Got a little concussion,” Dickerson said.  “Should have reported it.  Thought I could get through it.”

A Lions spokesman told Rothstein that Dickerson reported the concussion with 13:46 to play in overtime, after Dickerson dropped a pass and committed holding penalties on consecutive plays.

“I mean, honestly, probably, after we leave here, I probably won’t remember talking to you guys,” Dickerson told reporters.  “I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just telling the truth.”

The truth remains that the NFL needs to find a better way to spot players with concussions and remove them from the field, because the current system isn’t working as well as it should.

It’s also unclear why Dickerson was made available to reporters.  League rules prohibit concussed players from meeting with the media.  Unless the Lions determined Dickerson didn’t have a concussion, he shouldn’t have been talking.

7 responses to “Dorin Dickerson says he got knocked out, kept playing

  1. Maybe Stafford needs to come clean now too….he certainly played like he had a head injury.

  2. A concussion can cost players careers (Jahvid Best) and millions of dollars. Why on earth would a player volunteer such information when they would be penalized for it.

    The short sighted goal of money beats the long term goal of health.

    This is the issue, and likely why dozens of concussions per year go unreported.

  3. Similar to the adderall excuse for PED use, players are now using the concussion excuse for bonehead plays. Here is a tip…if you just got a concussion the best thing you can do for your team and your own safety is to take yourself out of the game. Nobody cares about your toughness when you do things that hurt your team…

  4. Now I see why Buffalo let this guy go, while needing an athletic TE/H-Back…Dude is dumb as a freaking rock. Lol. Way to go, “Scorin’ Dorin!”

  5. The NFL should put breakable capsules inside the players helmets. When there is a force strong enough to be a concussing blow the capsule breaks and colored liquid spills out. Try and hide that!!

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