Falcons fighting hard in big game for 49ers


The 49ers have everything to play for and the Falcons have nothing to play for. But you wouldn’t know it from watching the start of this game.

Atlanta jumped out to a 7-3 lead in the second quarter on a Steven Jackson touchdown run, showing that the Falcons aren’t going down without a fight. The drive was set up by a huge play on third-and-long, when Matt Ryan felt the pocket collapse, stepped up and fired a pass to receiver Drew Davis, who raced down the field all the way to the 5-yard line for a 59-yard gain.

The touchdown was preceded by San Francisco safety Donte Whitner getting flagged for a hit on a defenseless receiver (Jackson), even though Whitner appeared to turn and lead with his shoulder. Whitner then got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for arguing the call.

The 49ers had one solid drive offensively, resulting in a Phil Dawson 49-yard field goal, but for the most part the Falcons’ defense has held San Francisco’s offense in check. You wouldn’t know from watching this game that the 49ers have one of the best records in the NFL, and the Falcons have one of the worst.

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  1. The Falcons DO having something to play (by losing) for: a better slot in the draft. They would draft #6 if May were today. The Scarlet Speedster Jadaveon Clowney will cure the illness. 😀

  2. Looks like whitner has lost the benefit of the doubt when it comes to refs. The whole “hinter” thing may have cause Goodell to put him on the naughty list. Also i think the niners may want to look to FA for a quality #2 TE to run what their scheme. McDonald isnt getting it done at all.

  3. Call the police because the 49ers got robbed on that call.

    That was horrible. Basically, if you hit someone hard, not below the waist, you have a very good chance of drawing a penalty. Wooow

  4. Mr. Roger, your NFL is really staring to blow. That was a perfect hard hit, that because of your 70 year old ref whom missed it, you’ll need to back him up with one of your baloney 15,000 fines.

    Go be the commissioner of the NBA. Shame on you!

  5. I get that the NFL is trying to make the game safer or appear to be safer…but flags on these defenseless players should be thrown with caution. Fine the guy if they miss out on throwing the flag but do not throw a flag unless it is extremely obvious. The game is too fast for a ref to be sure on hits because they look different at each angle. It looks like a flag is being thrown on any big hit where a player is leveled.

  6. Its the NFL now, its the violence of the hit that is policed and not the hit itself. Non-violent helmet to helmet collisions get missed all the time, and violent hits leading with the shoulder get flagged all the time. It sucks to watch.

  7. I’d love to see the Falcons spank the Whiners! Jim Hotbags face as he walked off the field at halftime was so funny! Imagine that – these crummy Whiners are struggling to even look competitive against the 4-10 Falcons!!

  8. pgilbert2013 says: Dec 23, 2013 9:48 PM

    Very frustrated with your offensive play calling. Lets just run it down their thoughts.
    Cerveza has been going down my thoughts all evening.

  9. Whitener is a real stupid windbag. Everyone in the world and their sisters know the rule about defenseless receivers, and yet he head to display his foolish macho attitude. Instead of just tackling the receiver and getting him down, he leveled him. This is not just stupid, it is in fact cowardly of him to blindside the receiver.

  10. If the 49ers are getting robbed, its about time they got robbed after they have led a charmed life with the officials giving them so many freebies over the past few seasons.

    Karma is a fickle girl and she doesn’t shine for the 49ers anymore. Hopefully, the 49ers lose as that will really give the NFL and the betting interests a huge game next week against the Cards. Even you dense 49er fans might begin to get an idea why your gangsta team is no longer getting your freebie calls right now.

    And 49er fans, please try not to beat up and murder anymore fans who look at you funny just because you look funny and strange.

  11. 9er fan here. PLEASE get Jerry Rice out of the booth! We all know you were a great receiver so you don’t have to keep reminding us.


  12. 5x is the typical stupid niner fan who clings to his 5 SB wins even though it means nothing in today’s game, and waits until the game is over to crow. You will get yours from any good team. Your team is mediocre/good.

  13. Panthers fans…watch out, if they played that well against 49ers, you guys don’t have a chance. You are NO WHERE near the caliber of that team.

    Damn…my weekend just got better!!

  14. Even the announcers were disgusted about the pass interference call that the 49ers got. Must have paid the refs to make sure they get a W at the last home game

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