Frazier has Peterson’s support, but hasn’t talked to boss

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With Vikings coach Leslie Frazier’s future in doubt in Minnesota, there are conversations he needs to have with his bosses.

But he’s not having them for another week.

Via Ben Goessling of, Frazier said he hasn’t had any talks with ownership before the final game of a 4-10-1 season gone wrong.

“I think for our players, it’s important that they focus on the task,” Frazier said. “That’s what I’m asking them to do, and I need to do the same thing. It’s very, very important if you want to have a chance to win these games down the stretch that I stay focused on what’s involved with leading our team and I want them to follow. It’s important I handle it the right way.”

Frazier has at least one strong proponent, as running back Adrian Peterson said he wanted to play for Frazier “for the rest of my career,” and that he’d go to ownership to lobby for Frazier.

“I’m not an individual that’s looking for dramatic change,” Peterson said. “It would hurt if he leaves.”

Asked about Peterson’s support, Frazier showed some emotion and replied: “He’s a special player, a special guy.”

The emotion might be because he knows his time is drawing short, and not even an endorsement from his best player is expected to save him.

36 responses to “Frazier has Peterson’s support, but hasn’t talked to boss

  1. Is Frazier a bad coach? No.

    Is Frazier a good coach? Unknown.

    Does Frazier lack the perceived fire-in-the-belly? Yes.

    If Vikings leadership is to replace Frazier, they need to be careful to not hire someone who is fiery simply because the Vikings have lacked that for years.

    I still see the issue being on the field; the product is poor in many places. A better coach may account for a win or two this season. It is not enough to get the Vikings in the playoff hunt.

  2. I think Frazier should be given one last chance. If they can just get a few key pieces in the draft and FA, this is a team that can make a lot noise. Peope were talking about Frazier as coach of the year last year now they want him fired? Come on.

  3. Frazier’s record and accomplishments speak for themselves.

    He deserves a big long term contract.

    I hope he continues to coach the vikings for another 10 years.

  4. There are very few coaches as accomplished as Frazier. Let this guy play it out and why aren’t we talking extension? Keep him in Minnesota.

  5. Wow, support from the current MVP who wasn’t even the best back in his own division this year! You could say that was caused by bad coaching and player moves at QB. 1-Forte, 2-Lacy, 3-Bush, 4 best-Peterson. After reviewing total yards and TD’s, please look at turnovers.

  6. As a vikes fan I love frazier but you have to question his fire. He’s a soft spoken well mannered human being. Unfotunately those traits don’t traditionally translate to getting the most out of spoiled pro players that neeed a good butt kickin from a stern coach.

    Ill be ok if they decided to keep him but excited for next year if they replace him with someone who is a little more fiery.

  7. I’m a Frazier supporter, but the problem is, he and/or Spielman have not done a good enough job of addressing the QB situation and they’ve given Ponder way too much rope IMO.

    The fact is, teams need decent-to-good QB play to compete nowadays and the Vikings haven’t consistently competed b/c of that.

  8. Peterson endorsing him doesn’t help his cause since Spielman would rather trade Peterson than keep him. So the question becomes, does Matt Asiata support Frazier?

    Now that Ziggy Wilf is done fleecing his NJ business partners, he might have time to look into the performance of the football team he owns. He should start and end his analysis with Spielman.

  9. Frazier is a nice guy. Hate to see anybody get fired, but after his postgame comments yesterday it makes me wonder. If he really thinks his team played as hard as it could, then the Vikings have much bigger problems than a new coach, a new QB, etc. As a fan of another NFC North team, I would want my coach to say we sucked yesterday and that nobody played well. You can’t be the players best friend and their head coach. Hold somebody accountable.

  10. Frazier supporters fail to realize that football is a winner take all game and the goal of an NFL team is to win a Super Bowl. They don’t hand out Lombardi trophies for being a nice guy the trophies go to the winners.

    Frazier is not a winner his record proves that.

  11. I don’t buy into the “Fire in the Belly” type of coach, look at Bill Belechick, Tony Dungy etc…They have SB rings. What I do believe in, is getting the right coaches around you to help win and that is just not happening here. Everyone is all up in arms about the quarterback play. We are ranked 12th in total offense and 1st in kickoff returns, which are not bad stats, but yet nobody is mentioning that they are ranked 31st in total defense!!! We need to get rid of the DC and bring in someone with better credentials or just get rid of everyone and start new…sorry AP.

  12. As ugly as his games have been, Leslie Frazier’s team hadn’t quit on him all year. They played hard, lost 5 games in the final minute, etc. However, this was a bad game, and if he had any hope of returning next year, he may have just punched his ticket out the door with this terrible game.

  13. Frazier may have his faults, but at least he knows how to manage the clock at the end of the game unlike his chubby cohort to the east.

  14. Frazier needs to leave and take every single coach with him. This team needs a HC that will get the most out of every player.

    With that said, they also need to get rid of Cook, Raymond, Robinson, Sherels, and Blanton. Those guys couldn’t cover my dead grandma.

    Anything less than a entirely new coaching staff, a true QB, and some actual good DB’s next year will be a failure. Let Ponder, Cassel, and Freeman walk, go out and get a QB in free agency, and draft an actual franchise QB to sit behind that veteran for a year or two then take over. Do it right for a change.

    I am a Vikings fan, but I see other Vikings fans on here bashing Rodgers. Bash all you want, but we haven’t had a QB like that in forever, if ever. If Rodgers was on the Vikings with AD, this team would be a SB contender every year. Team don’t dare stack the line with Rodgers throwing the ball, he will eat you up.

  15. So if Frazier gets fired, do the Vikings have to interview another black coach? Or can they just say I told you so and interview a coach for his qualifications, and not his skin color?

  16. They can bring back Bud Grant and still the only Lombardi they’ll ever have in MN is if the NFL holds the SB in the new MN “monument to their stupidity” after it completed.

    Nuff said!!!

  17. If they fire Frazier and not spielman its a crime. There is no chance frazier believed on his own that ponder was his best chance to win mid season, and he also didn’t and Josh Freeman.. I for one respect his humble demeanor and refusal to throw his players under the bus like all those “fiery” coaches who curse their brains out that most fans seem to want. I admire the good example he is to his players and even for kids who watch the games. His willingness to stick with his coordinators can either be viewed as idiocy or loyalty. Either way it will be his downfall.

  18. NFC fans agree 100 %. Zygi should keep Frazier, Spielman, Ponder, Freeman, Musgrave, and the entire coaching staff a couple more years so he can concentrate more on his NJ real estate business

  19. While I like Frazier personally, his tenure as head coach needs to end this year.

    For the first time in team history, the Vikings will have posted three double-digit loss seasons within a four year span.

    The coaches have just not had their players ready to play on a consistent basis this year. The OL is in desperate need of an upgrade in the middle. The defensive line has talent, but Williams and Allen are on the way out, and Sharif Floyd hasn’t shown much this year. The secondary was bad to begin with, and it took the coaches far to long to realize that Josh Robinson can’t play CB, and that Xavier Rhodes can.

    Finally, the quarterback carousel has regressed into a joke. The signing of Josh Freeman was idiotic, and the decision to play him against the Giants was even worse. Ponder needs better coaching than he’s gotten in Minnesota, and while Cassel is an upgrade, he is NOT the long-term answer.

    Frazier may be a nice guy, but his team has woefully underperformed this year. It’s time for new coaching, and quite frankly a better front office. Frazier and his coaching staff should be gone. Spielman is very much a hit and miss GM, and his misses at the QB position are killing this team.

  20. Frazier won 3 games during the Packers Super Bowl winning season of 2010.

    He won 3 games the following season in 2011.

    This season he achieved 4 wins and has the vikings going in the right direction.

    Leslie deserves a long term extension.

    Given a chance with a last place schedule next season, he might get the vikings 6 or even 7 wins.

  21. “peterson’s support”?!?

    Isn’t that having multiple children and never visiting them?!?

    I’ll pass on “peterson’s support”.

  22. It’s not Frazier that needs to go It’s muskgrave He can’t make a phone call no less play calls. We need a better offensive play caller. That said the defense has to get better. I know we had a lot of injuries and maybe next year we will see them at full strength.

  23. Frazier and the OC coach needs to step up. One more year with a change in play calling and remember the guys are in the NFL, not college. If they can’t do the job get rid of them. Most of the problem this year was limited play calling and a bad Defensive coach. Fire him. No consistency there at all. Just in certain games. He needs to go. Take a second look at the QB coach. Ponder needs a year or two as a back up or trade him. We need a QB with that competitive drive. Ponder doesn’t have that yet. Cassel is too much business as usual. No fire. Replace him. Just my opinion.

  24. Vikings fans. Unless your name is Bud Grant you need to be replaced every 3 years. Ask the players to win a whole different offense. Heck Dennis Green took the Vikings to the play-offs almost every year and was still hated and blamed for everything.

    Frazier has one year left. Let him ride it out and change a few other things. Just because you’re not a hot headed coach who needs to run up and down the field screaming at the refs and players doesn’t mean you don’t have fire in your belly.

    Whatever happens will happen.

  25. Frazier has the support of Peterson. In fact, Peterson said “Coach Frazier is like a son to me.”

  26. Frazier sucks, just look at the facts. 3-13, 10-6, & 4-11-1 and the only reason that 10-6 came about was riding a historic 8 week run by AP, no other RB in history was put up numbers like he did or ever will again.

    Frazier, the staff, and Peterson need to be sent packing, I know the thought of Peterson leaving makes some upset but the next 2-3 yrs will be spent outside in the rain & snow, not his specialty. Trade him now while we came, a 2 & 3 this yr, & a 1 or 2 next yr sounds about right.

    Draft a QB if one of the top 3 are there or go defense @ 1 then fill holes @ OG, LB, DE, & RB. Look at CB, FS, and a vet QB, that combined with what they already have on roster should put them in the playoffs

  27. AP was asked if he supports Leslie and he said “of course I do. I support all my baby mamas.”

    AP wants out of Minny badly. Another 4 win season next year and he’ll finish out his career in Texas. Or maybe he’ll jump ship to GB where he can play backup to Lacy, Starks, and Kuhn.

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